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It’s difficult to find an alternative format for MARKETPLACE E-COMMERCE STARTUPS which are expanding faster than marketplaces. At Brisk Logic, we’ve launched and expanded marketplace platforms for over 20 years. 

But now more than ever we witness the real growth of exciting marketplace startups that allow us to look at the E-commerce industry from a fresh viewpoint.

In this article, we’ll examine a selection of outstanding startup companies and how they use the market model to realize their business plans. 

The way they present their proposition of value, the challenges they solve for their customers and the industry they choose to establish their business are extremely impressive. 

All of these elements can help set the stage for trends in E-commerce for 2023 and will, in all likelihood give you some insight to consider for your market-facing start-up.


Major shifts in custom marketplace development

In the field of custom-designed E-commerce development, We have seen frequent patterns over the past few years that indicate the direction the entire industry is working toward. We are sad to admit that the reality is that nobody requires a marketplace that offers everything to all. 

Marketplaces as a model for business provide a unique opportunity to reach out to specific groups and solve specific issues and now is the perfect moment to harness these abilities to their fullest. Let’s look at how the development of marketplaces has changed in recent years.

We will now take a look at the emergence of marketplaces with branded products and the changes they’re introducing in the world of E-commerce.

A New Beginning for Livestream shopping

We’ve all seen TV commercials where vacuum cleaners miraculously cleared the sofa, and you could purchase it at a discount as the commercial played. This was the precursor to the current trend of Livestream shopping, also known as live shopping. It’s gained a lot of traction due to the rise of social media, and companies worldwide have begun to adopt it as a brand new sales channel to advertise and sell their products.

The creators of buy with the internet-based shopping Livestream platform saw the growth potential and embraced the model of a marketplace to connect retailers, and brands as well as influencers, experts, and brands. The platform permits hosting live shopping events and streamlines the sales process. Live viewing products in action can increase sales. Additionally, the trustworthiness of the person running the Life stream enhances the conversion rate dramatically.

Space-as-a-service model

A marketplace is an incredibly unique form of E-commerce that allows businesses to think outside the box. An excellent example of such business-oriented ideation is the Shear Share application. To become the most powerful engine for jobs and create wealth for the beauty and barber industry, Shear Share’s co-founders were determined to change the way barbershops and salons operate their businesses and provided the most important resource – space.

Shear Share marketplace allows small-scale companies to provide the space they don’t require in salons to professionals in the local area and also earn a new source of income. With the brand new model of space-as-a-service and the automated process, The startup makes sure that collaboration is flexible and efficient for all parties involved.


The status quo is being challenged

The challenge of changing the ways things are structured is among the essential qualities that innovative entrepreneurs must possess. as the businesses below demonstrate the benefits of a marketplace business model that lets you accomplish this across all sectors and domains.

New industries are transforming the established industries

The industry of heavy equipment is a huge and serious industry that is governed by strict regulations and rules. But, there’s an organization that is pushing the norm of the methods used to acquire heavy equipment by various businesses. 

Boom and Bucket is an equipment market run by experts in the field who know the details of this industry and are determined to alter the method by which used equipment is used and sold.

In the Boom & Bucket marketplace, buyers can browse through a variety of categories for bulldozers wheel loaders, excavators and many other machines. Due to the precise checks, the quality of used equipment is monitored and access to financing and warranty services are available.

 The ability to drive is among the group’s valued values, which allows them to provide customer service with a sense of enthusiasm and a positive attitude.


Changes in common practices

Do you know of any activity that isn’t possible to find a coach or a consulting partner for? It’s not true according to that the Leland group which has created a marketplace for talented people. They also help clients access the instruction and coaching they need to meet the goals of their education and career. The only thing you have to do to get coaching identifies the abilities you require as well as your budget and prior experience. they’ll suggest the best suitable mentors to you.

While many similar EdTech marketplaces allow you to locate a tutor for particular subject areas, Leland allows you to select from a variety of subjects, skills as well as domains. Leland connects teachers and students across the globe and creates a cool community of people who help each other to grow.


New customer behavior is introduced to the market

Are you planning to sell used and new shipping containers?

 However unusual it may sound, you can. Boxhub  is a popular marketplace that lets people purchase and sell containers within their neighborhood. Containers are useful for moving homes or when extra storage space is required. They can also be transformed into a tiny office, farm, home or even storefront.

Since the company introduces an entirely new method of using various types of containers for homes On their website they explain in detail the purpose of shipping containers as well as the different types of containers that are available and how to utilize them. The process of placing an order is easy. Enter your zip code then the software will display the containers available in the area you reside in.

Technology that matches buyers and sellers

Connecting the right people to the right vendors is the objective of every marketplace. Whatever industry it works in. To make sure that this connection is quick and efficient, certain platforms create unique technology that is incorporated into their proposition after.

To illustrate a situation take a look at REPOWER which is a marketplace that allows logistics companies to find equipment capacity efficiently. The REPOWER team utilizes Digital Equipment Matching technology that lets transportation companies be able to access on demand the equipment that is available near. Your assets are worth it and valuable, according to REPOWER. REPOWER team, and offer transportation companies an excellent opportunity to work together and utilize assets efficiently.

Innovative product designs

An alternative to rethink the model of the marketplace is to use it as a marketplace that can be used to sell a range of unusual and digital types of goods and services. It was not thought of by anyone that this was feasible However, the companies below recognized the challenges within their respective fields and now operate successful marketplace businesses.

Selling IP licenses

The layer is an online marketplace platform that allows IP licensing within the game industry. The company aims to enable all worldwide games to collaborate with the most talented creators, from characters and brands to storytellers and stars. Layer helps match IP profiles to game profiles based on a variety of factors, such as commercial or audience as well as objective. 

Layer facilitates communication between the two parties when it comes to preparing proposals and speeds up the overall licensing process.

The Layer’s co-founders claim that they were avid gamers since childhood, and they wish for the industry to run efficiently, with greater efficiency and to bring happiness to everyone around the globe. Another excellent example of how to create an enterprise successfully, you have to choose an activity you are passionate about.

The marketplace of discounted prices

Imagine an online marketplace where you could shop for discounts. No? Take the look at Convoy. Its goal is to help small companies optimize their expenditure on online products, The Convoy lets users choose the products their team utilizes and lower the monthly subscription costs.

In terms of their monetization strategy The deal is straightforward: if you use the Convoy team negotiates discounts on your behalf and they can get an enviable portion to themselves. For instance, from the 22% discount overall the Convoy team will get about 2 per cent.


A recent study from Kantar has revealed it is seventy-seven per cent of consumers are expecting companies to assist during the outbreak of covid, and that this expectation is likely to be for the foreseeable future. Although multi-vendor marketplaces are trending towards branded marketplaces, the most successful businesses are those that get to the forefront and have strong brand awareness. The popularity of supporting consumption is increasing and this means that businesses with a positive impact will continue to receive support from their customers.

Clean energy is available at your fingertips

What do you think of the idea that you can arrange all the elements of your business’s use of renewable energy in a couple of steps using an easy interface? And what if we inform you that this revolutionary concept is already in place? RenevaFi can be described as an internet-based marketplace which permits companies and utilities to purchase green energy straight from power sources.

On the site you can purchase renewable energy using a touchscreen in just four easy steps: identify your energy requirements and then conduct a competitive auction that is based on RenevaFi’s patent-pending technology, evaluate proposals, and then download the contract you want to customize as a beginning to a green energy source. The goal of the company will make sustainable energy contracts easier, less expensive and less risky and deserves a lot of respect.

A new cultural movement is beginning

There’s room to improve in every industry or occupation, no matter when it was created in the past. A great idea and a bold initiative could bring it back to existence. Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening in the Cobblers market. The business offers professional repair of premium sneakers as well as top-quality leather products, such as men’s and women’s bags, shoes and leather clothes.

The Cobblers team is developing a fresh, innovative, more thoughtful way of upcycling high-end footwear and leather goods. Conscious consumption is extremely popular at present, and the company is growing rapidly across the USA. To make their argument more evident the Cobblers state that for each of the distinctive items they repair, they create memories that are associated with the items last longer.


This article was a review of companies that examined the business model of marketplaces with a fresh perspective and saw a chance for connecting people to transform the way industries operate and also sell unique kinds of products and services.

What connects all of these businesses? Although they are in different sectors and interact with diverse groups, the distinct background of each market is the thing that all have the same. There’s a reason behind every app on the market and they all provide a clear explanation of the reasons behind why they created their companies at all in the first place.

Find out more about how to start a market MVP, contact us to discuss the development of your idea and then let the world know that you’ve got it!


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