A simplified approach to omnichannel retail in 2023

Omnichannel retail

Omnichannel retailing is an entirely integrated method of commerce that gives customers a seamless user experience throughout all the channels and the various touchpoints.


Omnichannel retailing allows retailers to get customers to where they’d like to purchase their products.


True omnichannel shopping extends beyond brick-and-mortar stores to mobile browsing, online marketplaces, and social media sites, as well as where your customers go online by retargeting advertisements.


Customers are spending greater on brands that have an omnichannel strategy that is well-thought-out.


What’s the reason why only 25 per cent that retailers make it their priority? 


it’s possible that it’s easier to evaluate the impact of a single variable, like those that focus only on mobile, marketing, or merchandising strategy.


However, integrating all these points of contact into a multichannel strategy will allow you to make the most of every touchpoint.


The concept behind omnichannel is simple. It is what is the total of its components.


Omnichannel integrates every point of contact to give the customer the exact information they require at the moment they require it, no matter where they are and regardless of the device.


It’s a challenge to operate simultaneously in the physical and digital worlds.


A majority eighty per cent of retailers acknowledge that they aren’t able to provide customers with a consistent brand experience.


While some attempt to do so, more than 50% say they’re moving in the right direction. However, many companies are lagging.

Here are the main reasons for this:
  1. Insufficient internal organization (39 Percentage)
  2. The absence of analytics for customers across all channels (67 per cent)
  3. Siloed organizations (48 per cent)
  4. Poor data quality (45%)
  5. Inability to identify customers during shopping visits (45 per cent)

The first step to overcoming these challenges is creating a vision of your future omnichannel.

What is the possibility of Omnichannel retail shopping?


Omnichannel is consistent but distinctive. It’s about allowing customers to buy wherever they are but communicating it in a manner that is relevant to why they are using a particular channel and demonstrating an awareness of the stage they are in throughout the lifecycle of a customer.


Here’s what an omnichannel user experience could look like:


  1. A customer can find and purchase from you via Amazon.
  2. They will receive an Amazon-specific boxing experience, including inserts that highlight inventory that isn’t available on Amazon together with discounts, details about the loyalty programs you have, retail experiences (i.e popups or stores), and a link to a special site for collecting on your website.
  3. The landing page activates tracking codes that be able to retarget the user with ads that promote products similar that are related to the original purchase on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google. Following the second purchase, the client receives an email informing that they are in the vicinity of a storefront or an event.
  4. Before your next pop-up, the loyal customers receive an invitation to a special collection and are invited to join an exclusive VIP lounge for members only through Facebook Messenger

The omnichannel user journey uses information about one channel to entice the customer to join another. The actions they take are a natural fit for the particular channel, not made up or concocted.



  • If done well, customers seamlessly shift from one channel to the next while blissfully sinking further into the brand’s experience.
  • For a chance to experience omnichannel commerce for yourself, think about interacting with Pura Vida Bracelets the fastest-growing manufacturer of hand-crafted string bracelets and other accessories. The company is a vertical band with a digitally-native design (DNVB) it’s founders Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman are using an omnichannel approach to connect between the physical and digital worlds.
  • Pura Vida’s customers who are its target market frequent Facebook (1.8 million followers) along with Instagram (1.8 million people following) where they are treated to stunning lifestyle and product photos of the highest quality such as this
  • Inquired, customers can click here to go to the online store of the company that immediately offers discounts to buy
  • Shoppers who sign up to the company’s mailing list receive Pura Vida a new channel and a chance to promote its charitable cause, announcements of new products, and sales
  • They then target customers via channels to get Pura Vida live during events such as the company’s Airstream trailers that pop up in the air that include drinks, food, and even music brand evangelists, also known as micro-influencers as the company refers to them, will also receive an invitation to join the ambassador program of the company, where they can win free merchandise by telling their Pura Vida story via online and offline channels, using kits such as this For Thall as well as To Thall and the Pura Vida team, executing an omnichannel experience for customers is the same as cooking.
  • “It’s a lot like the ingredients to a great recipe,” Thall states. “Each of the ingredients might taste great on their own, but when you blend them they combine to create a much more delicious dish and ultimately a better experience for everyone.”

Why is there an omnichannel approach to retail?


It sounds fantastic however, the majority of retailers don’t offer an integrated brand experience that’s like this. If you’re behind in this regard, take a look at the fact that consumers are buying in an omnichannel.


Around 75 per cent of consumers claim to use different options to check prices and search for bargains or make use of tablets in stores to browse on the internet.


More importantly is that omnichannel customers spend 4 per cent more at every single shopping event in the store, and spend 10 per cent more online than single-channel customers.


The more channels a consumer makes use of, the more they’ll spend.


This research is in line with the findings of IDC Retail Insights which found that retailers who employed multichannel marketing strategies experienced a 15 to 35 per cent increase in the average size of transactions as well as a five to ten per cent increase in the profitability of loyal customers and a 30% increase in lifetime value than customers who purchase through just one channel.


This also reflects the general shift in consumers’ buying habits and preferences, especially for younger consumers.


The data is in line with other studies that suggest that an omnichannel approach can result in:


  1. A 9.5 per cent increase year-over-year in revenue per year
  2. A 7.5 per cent reduction in the cost per contact with a customer
  3. A customer retention rate of 89% rate, compared to. 33percent for businesses that do not have a strong omnichannel engagement

The opportunities are even more lucrative when you master the art of mixing both offline and online shopping.

What makes Omnichannel retail commerce beneficial?


  • While the amount of media consumed by U.S. consumers is generally stagnant at 10.5 hours per day new media channels compete for attention and take attention previously given to other networks:
  • One of the facets of an omnichannel approach is the ability to be flexible. New channels come up and take attention away from the established channels. That’s why companies that have robust multichannel strategies usually rely on the heads-free commerce platform that allows companies to provide commerce wherever customers are.
  • Alongside empowering brands to utilize new channels to attract new customers omnichannel can also help companies to strengthen relationships with their existing customers. Keep in mind that customers who use omnichannel are more likely to spend money, especially when they are used in conjunction with a method of retention.
  • Omnichannel is a way to keep customers loyal pivotal element that can encourage your customers to purchase repeated purchases faster and increase the loyalty of your customers and increase value of your customers.
  • The integration of new channels that can capture the attention of customers is the very first thing to do. It is also essential to customize the experience for customers across all channels. This is an important differentiation for brands offering experiences that help to accelerate growth.

How can you create immersive experiences by combining the Omnichannel retail?

With new channels and screens appearing It’s tempting to believe that you’re all over the place.


Refrain from the temptation.


Remember, successfully executing an omnichannel strategy is as simple as you being wherever your clients are.


If done correctly When done properly, the result is the impression that your brand’s presence is all-encompassing.


Your public relations, marketing SEO, marketing, and business offerings are combined to create an experience that is branded and blended. Focus on:


  1. Online “discovery” touchpoints
  2. Geographical places
  3. Devices being used


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