Advantages of Using AI in Mobile Apps Development

Numerous apps are changing our lives. The growth of mobile apps is explosive in the financial, health, and food sectors. According to Statista In the beginning quarter of the year 2020, there were over 4 million apps on Android as well as iOS.

The market for mobile apps is the crowded market is increasing. Developers are looking at ways to improve their customer experience through algorithms for artificial intelligence as well as data science tools. The advent of AI has seen everything develop and alter quicker.

AI is at the heart of technological advancement and transformation. App development is among the areas in which AI can be seen as the driving force behind the development of the customer experience.

Mobile apps have created an impact in the world of computer science and this is especially due to the introduction of AI. AI apps in mobile applications assist in making user interaction more engaging and also provide more information about users. This includes self-learning, image analysis, and security, as well as data processing.


AI Transfroms Business

With the introduction of AI, The way apps collect, sort, and save data have evolved. Today, developers must spend more time figuring out how to feed this data into the machine-learning algorithm to make apps more intelligent. This can help to deeply engage users and increase the incentive to utilize their products. In the end, mobile devices are excellent devices for AI-powered applications.

Modern devices come with a vast array of options to tap the power of AI like cameras, microphones, GPS, etc. Additionally, Apple has recently revealed the iPhone X is equipped with a new bionic chip, which opens new possibilities to app creators. The chip is equipped with a specific neural engine that permits Face ID scanning. Combining features built into the chip with AI can make apps more relevant and personal.

More Personal Than Ever Before

AI is gaining ground in a variety of fields, particularly the retail sector. Amazon, as well as eBay, have already proven AI is worth the investment. Numerous retail apps use AI-based algorithms which can be adapted and changed based on human behavior.

These algorithms gather information, identify trends and then adjust the application to give the most personalized experience. For instance Starbucks, the Starbucks app tracks the user’s preferences to determine what the customer wants and also to order. These AI-powered apps do everyday tasks without human intervention. Making life simpler and less burdensome.

There is no limit to AI as a technology, and Alexa is a perfect example that AI can assist with everyday chores at home. Alexa is a voice-controlled smart home assistant provided by Amazon. Alexa is able to handle the daily chores on its own.

There are plenty of ways to benefit from the advantages that AI provides since it connects users to the companies.

New Opportunities

The increasing role played by AI in mobile applications has proven its worth in the development of businesses as well as engagement with users. Here’s how AI will help you comprehend the needs of users:

  • AI can gather and store the user’s data through analyzing the behavior of users and how people interact using the application

  • It is able to collect the most important data like location, contact information and daily actions, which helps serve users better

  • AI produ

  • cts increase the interaction and engagement of users


Advantages of Using AI in Mobile App Development

Marketers and developers of mobile apps are better at understanding the behavior of users. It is based on choices, actions and purchases.

The field of deep learning (deep-learning) is field of study which focuses on the capability to “teach” machines to recognize these behaviors, and utilize that “knowledge” to solve various complicated queries. It permits us to analyze models of user behavior. It also makes interactions with them personal and easy.

The primary benefits are the main benefits Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the development of mobile apps:

Modern users want the information they require as quickly and when it is possible. In the process, voice search is now an increasing trend. Siri and Cortana are now an essential part of the general search engine on the Internet.

Nowadays, voice search shifts from recognition of voice to understanding. Businesses are getting closer towards their goal of transforming speech search to “an assistant that helps you with your daily”.

Optimizing websites for voice search is now an absolute necessity. In the near future, it will be an essential aspect of user experience and ranking on search engines.

Affordable communication

Chatbots can help facilitate interactions between mobile apps as well as the end-user. With artificial intelligence, they are able to detect and imitate emotions that are hard to discern from human emotions.

Many online users are using mobile applications and websites via chatbots. Because of the development of artificial intelligence, the interaction via chatbots will be similar to talking to a real person in a retail store.

They are AI-powered machines that can interact with users just as humans would. They learn from their previous interactions. The idea of this concept is, if humans aren’t interested in interacting with anyone other than them, they could make use of chatbots.

High-quality user experience

Artificial Intelligence makes user interaction within mobile apps more natural and personal. AI-powered sentiment analysis that is used in mobile app development is able to detect a user’s emotional state. It can understand his opinion about the product/service/information.

Additionally, AI-powered techniques like NLP image or intelligent recognition assist companies to build customer loyalty. This is achieved by automating manual tasks. For instance, AI-powered OCR helps banks become more efficient and makes transactions simpler.

Why use AI in Mobile App Development?

In 2016 71% of users indicated they wanted more personalized advertisements. A lot of free mobile apps depend on advertisements to earn revenue. AI improves the user experience to the next level through analyzing data on content and adapting advertisements to meet the preferences of users.

For instance companies like Amazon or Netflix have already used it in order to connect with certain customers. . The algorithm creates ads that are designed to be able to interact with a particular user. It creates ads based on its demographic info, location as well as previous interactions.

So mobile apps. AI can determine what users are searching for, and also what they are doing with their applications. Developers can make use of this data to improve their apps for better user interaction.

Examples of AI-Powered Mobile Apps

Artificial intelligence increases the revenues of mobile applications. In five years, five years, the AI software market is expected to reach $126 billion. This is among the least anticipated predictions.

According to popular publications on analytical research more than a hundred of the top app development companies around the globe have implemented computer vision. They also implement machine learning in order to increase their reach and increase profits. 

Health and Nutrition Apps

AI-powered predictive analytics gathers the data of users, analyzes it and provides valuable insights. The accuracy of predictions increases when more data is fed into the mobile application. Apps for nutrition can make it easier to do tracking calories and log meals by incorporating technology for food recognition.

AI-powered apps are able to analyze the patterns of sleep, exercise routines and suggest adjusting your lifestyle in accordance with their predictions. The market for mobile health is expanding and, thanks to the advancement of the field of telemedicine, applications that concentrate on identifying and predicting the signs of illness will become more popular.

Recommendation Mobile Apps

The most popular apps employ artificial intelligence to monitor the user’s behavior and offer them specific product suggestions. It doesn’t matter if it’s an app for e-commerce or a travel app it allows customers to quickly locate the items they need.

Recommendations can help decrease cart abandonment, increase sales and boost sales. AI-powered technology evaluates the preferences of users and recommends what to purchase or read or to watch next. People love recommendations as they can save a lot of time looking for items or services.

AI in Gaming Mobile Apps

The game reached a higher level of play, being able to learn independently of a variety of experts. The team behind the development plans to use AlphaGo’s experience to create medical diagnostics.

Experts Have Developed an Application for Testing AI On Android Smartphones.

Researchers in the field of machine learning and computer vision have created a mobile application that evaluates the performance of smartphones in working using artificial intelligence (AI) in real-time. The test results are helpful for AI scientists, researchers, and component makers as well as Android developers.

Based on the information they’ve obtained that they have received, they will be able to figure out and fix the weaknesses of the gadgets to enhance the effectiveness of their operation with AI. This will have an impact upon Android apps development.

Why Outsource AI Software Development for Mobile Apps?

These are the steps you must follow to develop your AI-powered mobile application:

  1. Find a solution that addresses the particular issue of your public.

  2. Look around the market to find out what other companies are using AI-based design.

  3. Select the Data Science vendor that can provide you with a custom complete solution.

Firstly Data science outsourcing is the best efficient and cost-effective option for app developers working on mobile devices secondly it allows developers to concentrate on the app development process, UX/UI, and marketing. While doing so data scientists are collecting data, developing models, and designing solutions for transforming the app by using AI-powered technologies.

A dedicated Data Science team can cost more than $300,000 per year. Given the dearth of people, it could take as long as a year to locate a qualified Data Scientist.

It is possible to begin your mobile app’s AI-driven development with the lowest cost. This is especially true in the event that outsourcing Data Science. You can expect a significant ROI when you incorporate artificial intelligence. At the end of the day it will be worth the effort.




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