​How Much Does it Cost to Build an Application in 2022?

How Much Does it Cost For Application Development in 2022?

The last five years have seen mobile apps change the course of business.

The idea of building a mobile phone app is becoming more popular than ever, from salon owners to Fortune 500 executives to C-Suite managers.

Credencys was founded in 2008 and has received many questions from brands, entrepreneurs, and companies around the world about How Much it Costs to Build an Application.

However, it is crucial to thoroughly research each option before you choose any one. This will help you to determine which option is the best for you.

Most people mistakenly believe that mobile app development costs are determined by the amount of time spent on it and the hourly rates.

However, it isn’t true. Pricing for a mobile app is dependent on many factors. Mobile app development costs can vary greatly.

Brisk Logic answer’s the question, “How Much Does it Cost to Build an Application?”. It also provides a detailed explanation of what all costs go into developing an app.

Now let’s get to it!

How Much Does it Cost For Application Development?

We have already said that there is no one answer to the question, “How much does an app cost to make?”

However, this is a hint: Just like all other things in life you get what your pay for.

A hundred thousand dollars spent on kitchen equipment won’t make you the top professional chef in your field.

Mobile apps are the same. Mobile apps are not affordable. You cannot build an app with $100 or less. However, a million dollars will not make your app profitable.

Here’s how to calculate the cost of building an app for 2021.

  • App Development Approaches

  • Application Development Stages

  • Factors that impact the cost of mobile app development

  • Types and types of mobile apps

  • Who can build an app? Hire options

  • Hourly rates for app developers

How Much Does it Cost For Application Development? – App Development Approaches

The cost of mobile app development will be influenced greatly by the app type you choose. Below we have listed the types of mobile apps that you are able to build and the impact they have on the overall app development costs.

Native Apps (iOS & Android)

Native apps are built for each mobile operating system. Simply put, an iOS-based mobile app cannot be used on Android.

If you want to target both iOS and Android users, this means you will have to develop separate mobile apps. The bright side is that native apps are very performant and offer the best user experience.

Hybrid Apps/Cross Platform Apps

Cross-platform and hybrid apps allow businesses to create a mobile app that works on multiple platforms for the price of one. These apps are created using cross-platform technologies, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The simple truth is that cross-platform and hybrid apps can be developed quickly and are cost-effective. This advantage is evident for those with strict budgets. These apps are not native-like and do not have access to certain APIs.

To help you make a decision on which approach is best for your app development, please read Hybrid Apps vs Native Apps: Why Native will Be Your Next Choice!

As far as the development cost of Native and Hybrid/Cross-Platform App is concerned, the actual amount is finalized based on two things:

First, the hourly rate paid by the mobile app developer to whom you plan to hire.

A second factor is the number of features and screens.

Let’s first look at the hourly rates paid by mobile app developers. This will help you understand how this could impact your mobile application development costs.

How Much Does it Cost For Application Development? – App Development Stages

Most mobile app developers follow seven stages of app development.


The business contacts the app development company during the consultation phase with any app ideas or business challenges. The experts will help the business understand its objectives and offer the best possible mobility solution.

Consultations are usually free for most app development companies.

If the consultation takes a lot of effort and time, it may be charged.

Requirement Collection

When the project has been approved, the next step is the requirement gathering phase. It involves gathering all technical and business requirements, and understanding the client’s challenges deeply.

Your technology partner will use these insights to identify the best mobile solution for you and recommend it.

Business Analysts conduct analysis and gather requirements. This will certainly be charged. It is necessary to pay the app vendor for business analyst (or more) hiring.


The discovery phase is managed by a cross-functional group that includes business analysts, project managers and software architects. Technical leads and designers also play a role in this process. They will perform tasks in the discovery phase.

  • Conceptualized

  • Analyse of the market and competitors (optional).

  • UI/UX design

  • Product backlog

  • Architecture plan

UI/UX Design

App development should include design as it is crucial to customer engagement and encourages customers to take action.

It is done after the discovery phase.

To ensure that your app works with the various design elements, it is crucial to create the app design before moving on with app development.

App design costs start at $8000 per 13-20 screens. 

Application Development

This is the most crucial phase in the app development process, where it is nearly impossible to estimate the cost. Clients often request more advanced features as the project progresses.

The more complicated features you wish to incorporate, the more money you will need for app development.

App development costs are also affected by app features and app type.

Most mobile apps have the following features: login/logout; in-app search for one entity type; one-to one chat with basic facilities; push notifications;

When we think about complex functionalities for apps, you might consider those that require seamless audio and/or video streaming, strong connections with the admin panel, or other requirements. Complex features are costly but well worth the effort.

It is impossible to establish an average cost without knowing what features and functionality you are looking for.
Once you have selected the feature set, your app vendor will analyse the scopes and determine the work required. The app vendor will determine the approximate time and cost to code the app.

App Testing

App testing guarantees smooth functionality and high quality. Frontend testing takes about 30% of the cost of an app. However, the cost of testing an admin panel frontend is less than 15%.

App Deployment

App deployment costs depend on the server you choose. You will need to purchase a server space and complete all necessary actions to make your app available to targeted users.

If you are looking to deploy a data-driven application, you should select the advanced package offered by cloud service providers. You need to process large volumes of data in realtime to generate accurate output.

Support & maintenance

App maintenance is vital to keep your app running smoothly. This depends on how advanced you want to make your app.

To ensure your app works with the latest version of Android and iOS operating systems, you will need to upgrade it.

Because support and maintenance costs are based on many aspects, it is not possible to give an approximate cost for maintenance or support of your app.

Visit this site to find out more about the process of developing mobile apps.

How Much Does it Cost For Application Development? 9 Types of mobile apps

There are many different apps on the marketplace. This article will discuss the estimated cost of the most commonly used apps we are all aware of.

So, let’s get started!

1- Basic App

Basic apps serve a simple purpose. These apps don’t require users to have internet access. These apps aren’t in great demand as users prefer apps that allow them to access large amounts of information online. 

Timeline 1.5 – 1 Months
Estimated. Average Cost: $12,000+
Examples: SMS app, clock, calculator, local audio/video players, local games, camera, etc.

2 – Authentication App

To use the full functionality of the Authentication app the user must log into the app. There are many sub-features that can be added, which can increase the cost.

Users can interact with data that has been synchronized between devices through their personal accounts. An admin panel is required to manage users and content.

Most people prefer to log in through their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. It is only one-step for users to log in to the Authentication App.

Timeline 5 to 7+ Months
Estimated. Average Cost: $55,000+
Examples – Google Drive

eCommerce App

The eCommerce app has the main objective to promote and sell products through a mobile shop. It has all the standard features, such as login/logout, push notifications, user registrations, user accounts, social networks, etc.

A detailed product catalog, secure payment gateway integration, reliable checkout process, separate product pages and other features make eCommerce apps stand out from the rest.

eCommerce app development is complex. The first step is to create the app infrastructure. You will need an organized admin panel and back-end for managing products, catalog pages users, orders inventory, payments, orders, etc.

Timeline 5-7 to 12-+ Months (depending upon project requirements).
Estimated. Estimated cost: $70,000 – $250,000+
Examples: Amazon and Alibaba

4- Marketplace App

A perfect marketplace app includes both the eCommerce and on-demand services features. It is a complete version of both of these apps.

These apps let users place orders and enable businesses to deliver products to their doorstep. Marketplace apps can be used to deal with both supply and demand in the economy.

As it takes time and effort to develop a marketplace app, the price is higher. In these apps, the customer experience is crucial. There should be clear logic and interaction.

Timeline 12+ Monthlys
Estimated. Cost: $250,000+ (only on web platform)
Examples:, TripAdvisor, Uber, MakeMyTrip

5 – App on-demand

The mobile market is awash with on-demand apps. It fulfills the customer’s needs and wants, which is why it has such a huge popularity.

Let’s now talk about the feature portion.

On-demand apps have similar functionality to social apps. They can include login and communication elements like chat, call, chat, etc. It includes eCommerce features, such as order/service, delivery, payment and many more.

Although it has the same features as two other app segments, it delivers completely different experiences. It allows customers to access the services from anywhere they want.

Timeline 10 – 12+ months
Approx. Price: Prices range from $80,000 to $100,000+ (per platform).
Examples UberEATS and Zomato, Postmates

6 – Data-driven App

Data-driven applications consume and process specific information. Data-driven apps aren’t as in demand as basic apps. There are still a few data-driven apps.

These apps usually include extensions or additional features to an existing larger program. As it requires some back-end development, the cost of developing a data-driven app is higher.

Timeline 2-3 Months
Estimated. Average Cost: $15,000+
Examples Weather, Calendar, Stocks

7 IoT Application

Internet of Things apps enable users to connect with any device or physical object using the app. All connected devices, objects, and equipment are considered “smart”

The apps can be connected to the device via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to send and receive requests.

Install hardware to connect IoT apps to the intended object. Ready-made hardware is available or custom hardware can be made to suit your needs.

Integrate the hardware properly into the object to ensure it functions correctly. The hardware records the object’s data and sends it via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth to the IoT app.

When you’re planning to build an IoT application, you should be ready to invest in hardware. Your app’s overall cost will go up.

Timeline 4-6 to Twelve+ Months
Cost: $50,000 to $300,000+ Estimated Cost: $50,000 to $300,000.
Examples: Amazon Dash Button, Beacons

8 Social Networking App

The social networking apps’ main goal is to improve social interactions between users. Users can share information and have chats with other users through the social networking apps.

There are many social media apps available, including communities, media sharing apps, dating apps and blogs, interest-based networks and anonymized networks, apps for customer feedback, and others.

Because social networking apps process a lot of data, a well-planned backend infrastructure is essential.

It’s easy to copy the most popular social media apps, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This won’t help drive success. These apps have been around for many years and offer a wide range of functionality and features. You won’t be able to afford all of the features at once.

What do you know about the beginning of these apps.

All of these brands began with MVP (Minimum Viable product) or a basic model with only the essential features.

Let’s take an in-depth look at Instagram’s journey.

Instagram is known as a top photo sharing platform. It allows users to share photos and contacts with each other.

In the beginning, they created an MVP that allowed users to share photos using a square form. This functionality is key to Instagram’s success. As the market and user demand changed, they added new functionality and features over time.

You can start your project with a MPV or a basic version. With a small budget, your app can be live quickly.

Timeline 6-8 to 12+ Months
Cost: $70,000 to $250,000+ Price: $70,000 – $250,000+
Examples, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn

9 Game Apps

There are many types of games. As you might expect, complex games are more costly. Game development costs depend on many factors such as 3D graphics and AR support, global ratings, integration with social media, and so forth.

Because it is the most popular category globally, the game apps category is the most profitable for entrepreneurs.

After you have decided which app type you want, you must stick with it.

Timeline 4-6 to Twelve+ Months
Estimated. Average Cost: $50k – $200,000+
Examples – Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Temple Run

10 Hidden costs of app development

The app development process is split into two parts, product development and launch. On-going development is also part of the app development process.

Application Development & Launch

This is the beginning stage of app design. Here, the entire process of app development takes place.

You will need to create an architecture for your app and organize future project versions. This includes server capabilities, supporting libraries, hosting, database, etc.

Ongoing Development

Implementation and updates to the app, bug fixes, new features, etc. are all under continuous development.

Clients may not know that there are some important features in app architecture and ongoing design. These elements significantly increase app development costs.

Let’s uncover the hidden cost drivers for app development.

  • Development libraries and tools

  • For app scaling, build backend infrastructure

  • App infrastructure services like domain, hosting, server, etc.

  • Regular app updates, bug fixes and maintenance

  • Integration with third-party APIs and services such as analytics maps, payments, and more

  • Databases for data storage, such as videos, pho content, user information, etc.

  • App administration complex Content Management System CMS and web portals for application management

  • Video and audio streaming capabilities

  • Data encryption is used to secure data transfers

  • Assembling App Architecture: Microservices or Monolithic Architecture

Calculating Mobile Application Development Final Cost

Let’s talk about numbers!

Based on the information in this blog, here’s the answer to your question. How much does it cost to build an app in 2022. We already saw that hiring a mobile app development company is the best option.

So here, we will calculate the final cost to build an app based on $50 USD per hour as the average hourly rate of app development companies.

To keep things simple,


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