Healthcare Messaging Application

Healthcare Messaging Application

System to track the medications intake process

We have developed a healthcare messaging application that will allow the healthcare staff to take care of their patients. This will help the medical staff or family members to see when the medication has been taken and will get the notifications regarding that.

Business Challenge

Being a guardian for a relative or for a patient can be an overwhelming weight, and the job regularly goes belittled. While the help of loved ones is significant, applications can assist with encouraging a portion of the procedure and fill in as a parental figure. The medicinal services informing application ought to be made for individuals who need to take care of their nearby family members or companions. For instance, for youngsters who need to be certain that their folks or grandparents remember to take medicine on schedule.

In addition, for the staff of nursing homes who deal with their patients. The protected informing medicinal services application ought to permit a parental figure to be educated by SMS that another client (patient or relative) is added to the framework, and afterward, the way toward taking a pill can be followed by the healthcare mobile application.

Our team was asked to build up an easy to use, adaptable and useful mobile healthcare messaging application for observing the ideal medicine intake. The center’s usefulness ought to give the chance of including a couple of clients under consideration and keeping track of them. In addition, the application ought to permit seeing the given packs, which pills are taken, and set up notices.

business challagne


The Brisk Logic team was required to make a valuable and intuitive medicinal service mobile application to follow the way toward taking pills on time by individuals under consideration. The primary component of the application is the constant following of taking the correct prescriptions by a client. A drug specialist needs to keep the customers’ records in the framework. The Healthcare messaging application was created to diminish extra time spent by the clinical staff for tracking of medication intake and handling such requests.

When the patient’s brilliant sensor on a conventional rankle pack gets dynamic, an expert guardian or a relative may track the process toward taking medication in the healthcare messaging mobile application. Pills may have 4 statuses: taken, untaken, taken not on schedule and missed.

It will permit to see the genuine state (missed doses, last drug admission) and detail of the picked day. The application has a history timetable that permits to see time wherein the pills were taken, and specifies ‘too soon’ or ‘past the point of no return’. If the hour of medication intakes is skipped, a guardian will have the option to see it on the timetable. Likewise, it is conceivable to alter the data of clients under mind and suspend the tracking.

The application was required to operate both on iOS and Android platforms. To fulfill this demand, our team selected PhoneGap technology.

The healthcare messaging application was built using the standard skins of Webix JavaScript UI library. Using Webix components allowed visualizing and managing information about pharmacy’s clients, managing time frames and creating informative reports.

The capacity of putting away and recovering information pretty much all people under consideration (ID, name, family name, address, contacts, parental figure’s name, family name, address, contacts, last login, secret key reset, drug specialist’s name), about the status of device (dynamic, latent, separated, mistake) was actualized utilizing Microsoft SQL Server.

The backend was developed on the IBM Bluemix system with Node.js and Cloudant NoSQL database.

Result of the Product
Brisk Logic product development team built an intelligent and easy to use clinical secure informing application that gives a relative or an expert guardian a capacity to see when the medicine has been taken and get warnings in the event that they are missed. The healthcare application permits altering the profiles of the individuals under consideration, updating the data of status of medications intakes and receiving the reports.


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