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Artificial Intelligence is the engine in industry 4.0

Artificial intelligence has led to an evolution in the nature of industrial processes and is driven by a new type of interaction between human and machine. The industrial revolution, which has led to Industry 4.0, is characterised by intelligent factories , where machines and humans interact through the cloud.

Intelligent factories are able to take advantage of the automated structure and incorporate digital enablers that permit machinery to connect with one another and also with factories as a whole by way of an IoT configuration. These abilities are becoming increasingly in demand by factories across every industry, looking to increase the quality of their manufacturing factories in a constantly evolving technological environment.

AI is applied to the industry 4.0

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as one of the technologies that is to revolutionize the business and management models of companies. The main applications of AI in the 4.0 sector are:

OEE Optimization through maintenance and repair that is predictive.

Qualitative 4.0 through operational excellence, that continuously improves the quality of production.

Design generation through AI and automated algorithms that simultaneously produce various design solutions that meet the same goal.

Roboticsthrough robots and collaborative devices which assist operators in remove them from the burden of methodical and/or very precise tasks. .

But who is the person in charge of these machines , which run using algorithmic processes? This type of function will only be able to express its worth if human capital is educated to use processing programs, data systems, and programming. Businesses must not just invest in capital technology, but also in the training of employees to become proficient.

The impact of AI on the industry 4.0

The move from the traditional system of automation that relies on industrial robots independent of each other to networked “cyberphysical systems” has transformed the way manufacturing plant operates and has set new standards for competitiveness in the marketplace. This has brought many of advantages to both producers and consumers, such as the following:

Just-in time manufacturing:

Adapted real-time production models have reached an new level of efficiency. These manufacturing systems that are powered by AI can produce parts in an adaptive method to meet the needs of the customer. Sensors monitor components by placing them in accordance with demand patterns and using algorithms to speed up lead times.

New products are introduced:

Production lines become information systems that drive decision making on matters as important as the line of production. This makes it easier to adapt to the demands and makes it simpler to shift from raw materials coming into the factory and the finished product that leaves it.

Consumption changes:

One of the most significant changes in mindsets has been the one between customers and assets. Customers are connected to industry via information networks and demand goods and experiences that are of greater quality and personalization. However manufacturers are able to create personalised products and services without losing effectiveness due to digital designs and smart production.

Employment market development:

The learning curve of AI techniques is slow , yet AI is growing in an unstoppable manner. This has made titles such as “Data Scientist” increasingly demanded. The employment model is evolving toward more analytical and skilled candidates in the field of technology. Therefore, it is crucial that the government invest in education which is a crucial factor to reduce unemployment.

What does it mean to AI to improve the efficiency of industry 4.0

Artificial Intelligence sharpens business intelligence This is an important improvement for the world economy. As per the IBM study titled “The Global Race for AI” there are 82 percent of Spanish firms are investigating the use of AI. AI allows factories to ramp up their production processes without compromising quality of their processes and is crucial due to the increasing competition on the market.

AI techniques like machines learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) when properly implemented, will have significant positive impacts on companies ROI. Machine learning dramatically enhances the quality of products by introducing automated maintenance systems to production processes, and replacing visual inspections by robots or cobots which perform quality controls with greater precision and effectively.

Additionally, ML creates sophisticated algorithms that allow for ‘Smart Manufacturing’ the data that is gathered during production is analysed , and adjustments are automatically made. Deep Learning, a subset which has developed out of Machine Learning, creates its own neural networks, which allow for unsupervised learning, which takes this autonomy techniques even higher. These AI techniques bring three major benefits for industry 4.0:

Production optimization

Supply Chain Integration

The company’s adaption to market

Better product development

However the complex nature of AI application in the field of industry 4.0 requires companies to work with experts to develop suitable and custom-designed solutions. The development of the required technology comes at significant costs and requires deep understanding both internally and technologically.

Your driver tool in the industry 4.0

Big Data’s integrated operation platform is a partner for your business to identify your goals and put together an outlined roadmap that includes an agile and flexible development process. The field of 4.0 is evolving at a rapid speed, as are the latest technologies that make up it. Our goal is to assist you in ensuring that the process of implementing these technologies becomes an easy and straightforward process that provides benefits for your company.

To ensure your competitiveness in the marketplace, it’s essential to connect your data and the industrial processes integrated. Industry 4.0 is the technology-driven ally which will transform your traditional manufacturing facility into a smart industrial to get the maximum potential and value from your data, and reach the highest efficacy and effectiveness.



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