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AR only became popular with Pokemon Go. Even though Pokemon Go didn’t make it big, Augmented Reality was still very popular. This game is a global phenomenon that has encouraged people to explore AR technology via their smartphones, and thus created a new shopping experience.

Augmented and Virtual Realities technology was adopted quickly by retailers. Innovation trends are now a staple of a successful retail internet marketing strategy. Augmented and Virtual Realities could help businesses succeed in this fierce retail environment. A technologically-rich approach, among other benefits can increase the value of brick-and–mortar stores’ retail shopping experience.

How do Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Retail Shopping work?

Virtual Reality is all the rage these days. AR, its cousin, is well-known in retail. This technology can be implemented in brick-and-mortar stores. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions don’t have to be profitable in retail commerce. Because the customer experience is the foundation of the business, they aren’t necessarily money-generating. Virtual Reality gives customers the opportunity to view how selected items will look on their bodies.

Retail Statistics AR/VR

The infographic below shows that AR and Virtual Reality spending in retail are on the rise.

How to Increase Sales with Virtual and Augmented Reality Retail

Immersive & Engaging Customer Experience

Immersive technology is an innovative way to engage customers. Virtual Reality can be used to improve the customer experience at offline stores. Virtual Reality allows the customer to fully immerse himself in the retail shopping experience. This allows retailers to have unrivaled engagement with their customers. This transforms the location into a welcoming space for customers.

Virtual Reality Retail Store Accessibility

VR is still in its infancy, but more retailers are using it to simplify and personalize their shopping experience. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions are very easy to use. The Reality solutions are very easy to use as customers. This technology is still unknown to many consumers and retailers. However, the majority of Augmented Reality apps are easy to use.

Examples of retailers who use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Advanced In-Store Experience

Virtual Reality can be a game changer for brick-and–mortar shops. Expansion into new tools, technologies is a proven marketing strategy that works well for retailers. It’s an effective and affordable way to engage customers in a technology-rich market. An excellent Retail UX can help you make in-store shopping even more enjoyable.

Virtual Navigation Available in Store

Customers can easily plan their next store visit with a store application. A navigation feature allows customers to locate the exact locations of the products that they are searching for, regardless of where they are located in an offline store. AR simplifies navigation and can even help you find the item faster.

Information about the product

AR solutions for customer shopping can be applied in one area: product information. Product information, although it may seem straightforward, can often be difficult to understand. AR can alleviate this by providing detailed descriptions or comparing similar products. These make customer decision making easier, and increase customers’ satisfaction.

Product Search and Customization Assistance

Another AR potential area is product searching. Augmented Reality solutions are a little more costly, but they can simplify the buying process by tweaking some features.

Virtual Reality allows you to completely customize your product. Customers can select a particular color and fine-tune certain features to match their preferences.

Experience Home In-Store – “Try Before Your Buy”

One of the most innovative models is the “Try before You Buy” model. Customers can virtually try the product online before purchasing the product in an offline location.

Augmented Reality solutions allow online shoppers to better understand what they are buying and how it will work. These apps can be used with any online product that has to be customized for the customer or experienced in a different way.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Retail Examples in Housing & Furniture Fitting

Let’s face truth. The majority of people don’t have time to choose the right furniture from a store. Sometimes choosing the right furniture can prove difficult. Augmented Reality is now a breeze to shop online for the perfect furniture.

Let’s take you to the Swedish furniture giant, who has perfected their ‘Try Before You Buy’ application over the years.

Augmented and virtual reality in fashion retail

AR technology has been adopted by online fashion and beauty stores to offer exceptional shopping experiences and stay ahead of their competitors. Augmented Reality allows for product customization at a higher level. AR solutions are more user-friendly and can save you time.

Immersive Product Catalog

Augmented Reality applications allow users to visualise products in real-life. They can provide clearer or more detailed information about products in a store. AR power in catalog immersion includes pop-up cards, product demonstration, and try-before-you-buy.

Virtual Reality Retail Stores

Virtual Reality is another solution. The virtual store location allows customers to see the physical representation of themselves and can shop for clothing items or other products.

The APP Solutions AR/VR User Example

We believe that the way customers shop online is changing. AR and VR solutions are creating an entirely new retail industry.

For this industry, we can offer the following solutions:

VR Training Simulator is a well-known solution in medicine. This can be used in areas less specific to makeup studios to help beginners master this art.

Virtual Reality Shopping. We think that there is a growing need for tech-savvy solutions, and Virtual Reality shopping has significant implications. 

Our opinion is that companies should take advantage of the globalization potential of smartphones. AR solutions could also help solve the issue of stores with a shortage of staff.

In Conclusion

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality shopping are hot topics today. You can keep up with the times as a retail professional by incorporating these technologies into your business. Although AR&VR can’t be predicted, we believe AR&VR has great potential in the future.


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