automated data management

Automated Data Management System

Scholarships Automated Data Management System

A simple to-utilize online data management system for students

The honor supplier profile is intended to deal with the association’s logo, description, address, and awards, just as oversee and track applications for the given scholarships.

The Business Challenge

Finding a data management information system that consolidates the best proposals on grants may appear to be a test these days. There is abundantly decentralized and fragmented data about scholarship open doors for students. Therefore, numerous assets haven’t got demands for the honors, while students couldn’t locate the right and demonstrated data about the assets and scholarship process.

 To all the more likely sort out data about grants, assets and understudies, and abatement the high managerial remaining tasks at hand for representatives, the customer required to build up a simple to-utilize online information stockpiling the executives framework to distribute data about assets and awards for students. The school the board framework ought to permit award grantors to oversee information about scholarships, and students to apply for scholarships online.

business challagne

The Solution

Brisk Logic’s product engineers have an extraordinary experience with making school management software. Hence, we had no trouble making the online data management system for associating students and chairmen of assets. The framework gives two kinds of clients: grant candidates and award suppliers. The supervisors of assets can make, alter, refresh and transfer archives about scholarship, and students can deal with their own data about scholastic rewards and check the advancement of their applications.

The management storage system incorporates a brought together information store to keep up all data about grant grants. This guarantees everybody engaged with the procedure can generally see the most up‐to‐date data both about awards and candidates from anyplace whenever.

The school data management system allows award providers and employers to:

  • publish and update information about scholarships
  • manage scholarship applications online
  • place info about internships and entry-level jobs for students and graduates

For students it allows:

  • online searching for scholarships and creating shortlists
  • creating and editing a personal profile as an applicant and uploading the required documents
  • direct sending of online applications for awards
Our Role in Client’s Success
Brisk Logic’s development team created an online school information management system that permits students from everywhere throughout the world to apply for scholarship awards directly from the entryway. It likewise permits them to view and track data about their application status. The app allows: ● managing scholarships data ● viewing, selecting and connecting with applicants online ● facilitating the process of applying for awards from anywhere for every student ● eliminating different problems related to the grant application process


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