Booking Schedule App

Booking Schedule App

Online application for visually impaired clients

Brisk Logic product development team created an accessibility application with a booking calendar. It allows the users to customize the current system and improve the accessibility of the booking calendar. Our customer is a trusted systems integrator from the USA. The company provides IT development, systems engineering, professional services and simulation and training to customers in different commercial and non-commercial sectors.

The Business Challenge

Accessibility and adaptability of present-day technologies give tremendous chances to dispose of or if nothing else essentially decreases the inconveniences that different kinds of incapacities can cause. These days, the cutting edge advancements permit any client to gain access to online services from all over the place. Extraordinary consideration is given to the method of collaboration between the product and a client to adjust better to individuals with special needs.

Brisk Logic’s product development team was approached to build up the application for clients with vision impairments to make a simpler access and collaboration schedule. The application for outwardly hindered individuals should meet prerequisites of the US law expressing that all the data that is distributed on the governmental resources must be accessible to all the individuals, who can utilize a computer.

The given application ought to easily work in the IE and with the Jaws 18 variant. Our customer required IT and QA staff enlargement services for the help and support of the current task.

business challagne

The Solution

Brisk Logic’s product engineers improved the booking schedule app with openness highlights to furnish the accessibility and better communication with the application for individuals with visual incapacities. Our team utilized JavaScript Scheduler that contains a lot of openness highlights:

  • WAI-ARIA Attributes
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • High-Contrast Themes


The design was developed according to the current web application.


To lessen any burden and address the needs of visually impaired users, our engineering team utilized a specialized particular named WAI-ARIA for JavaScript Scheduler. These are extra characteristics which make the segment unmistakable for screen perusers.


With keyboard navigation, visually impaired users can explore the schedule without mouse pointers just by methods for console keyboard shortcuts.

We executed the high-contrast theme feature of JavaScript Scheduler to make the application’s interface more distinct and easier to see. These topics are useful for individuals with exceptional or specific visual needs.

Moreover, our developers customize the existing booking schedule app. The following features were added:

  • time display
  • availability time selection
  • users viewing
Our Role in Client Success
Brisk Logic’s product development team made an application for special needs that permits individuals with visual handicaps to diminish inconvenience and improve the availability of the booking schedule applications for planning their occasions. The system allows users to: ● save their time by intuitive searching, filtration and fast booking ● eliminate the most part of possible issues that user with visual disabilities can face with ● reach all the calendar features


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