GPS vehicle tracker

The real time tracking of the vehicles on the roads

Our client wanted to have a GPS vehicle tracker that will help them with the real-time tracking of the vehicles on the roads. This will allow them to know about where the drivers are heading on the roads and where their vehicles are heading. A proper business workflow will be made which will assist them to analyze their data properly.

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The Business Challenge

The world changes quickly and all business objectives and tasks are turning out to be more brilliant and increasingly confounded each moment. The uncommon applications are made for assisting to solve and encourage business processes.

The GPS vehicle tracking framework ought to be intended to rearrange all developments of the drivers, to expand the effectiveness of working vehicles, to permit following the directing and dispatching of the vehicles.

The GPS vehicle tracker additionally should assist with streamlining activities and complete more requests. The application should provide for business people extraordinary control capacities, speedy and feedback, and ought to give the drivers dependable and ideal data about vehicle condition (oil and fuel level, safety belt and battery charge) and traffic.

The client has asked Brisk Logic to build up a simple-to-utilize vehicle tracking system in view of GPS technology that assists with following the situation of a fleet, keep available the on-board data about working vehicles and in this way limit vehicle costs.

The application additionally ought to give the security all things considered. The principal capacity of this GPS vehicle tracker framework is the chance of real-time routing optimization for expanding the proficiency of the working vehicles.

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The Solution

The tracker system was required to be worked as per the most recent IT and structure
patterns, and with the likelihood to utilize it on every single versatile stage that why Brisk Logic product engineering team chose PhoneGap technology for the future GPS vehicle following framework.

The system incorporates client records to help the degree of access suitable for each
driver, custom gatherings that permit arranging vehicles, arranging dashboard, vehicle condition (oil and fuel level, safety belt and battery charge following) and on-board data following tables (fuel utilization, distance, and so on) and a lot of additional tools.

The capacity to utilize a guide to get the present area of vehicles or to discover the closest vehicle is the valuable capacity for business people. The application gives the likelihood to show the data about roads turned parking lots which may assist drivers with choosing the most ideal approach to arrive at the spot of goal which should expand efficiency and diminish driving time. These features were actualized through Yandex.Kit parts.

Laravel was utilized as a system for the back-end. These days it is one of the developed and well-known systems due to its effortlessness and incredible working speed.

One of the significant elements of the made GPS vehicle tracking framework is the capacity to survey the historical backdrop of the voyaging course. The GPS tracker application permits you to glance back at a vehicle’s area and driver execution after some time through an energized, intuitive course replay that stalls day down into point by point trip sections. Additionally, gathered on-board data (fuel utilization, distance, and so on) on that day or earlier days is consistently accessible to analyze.

Result of the Developed Product
The result of the productive work of the group was the savvy and intuitive GPS vehicle the tracking system that permits enhancing tasks by means of a continuous fleet system. The client got a simple to-utilize versatile application that can be safely gotten to from any device from everywhere throughout the globe. Utilizing this vehicle tracker dependent on GPS, clients can see the present area of any vehicle or gear, see the speed and bearing the vehicle is voyaging and check the course history. The application permits following vehicle condition (oil and fuel level, safety belt and battery charge following), gives on-board data following tables (fuel utilization, separation, and so forth) and a lot of extra valuable instruments. Lastly, the drivers can design their course more adequately to accomplish the best outcome and diminish operational expenses.