The Digital Diner Method:

(Turning Online Traffic Into Foot Traffic)

How to Use “The Digital Diner Method” To Get 100’s Of New Customers Every Month with Predictability

The Digital Diner Method consists of three steps.

As I have already mentioned, the Digital Diner Method consists of 3 steps.

Step 1.Study the strategies of successful competitors to yours!

Step 2.Make sure you target the right people

Step 3.Create a list of potential customers to market to and then gently market to them.

This is why this method works so well.

You have probably ever sat down at a restaurant and thought:

Wow, that is incredible! It makes me wonder where the best 10 restaurants in the city are.


Attracting people is part of our human nature.The best.

The Digital Diner Method’s keystone is identifying the right people.


On average, people who come to the restaurant and spend money regularly are between the ages 24 and 55.

Targeting white tablecloth restaurants will change.

The restaurant address is located 10 miles away

We wanted to target potential customers within 10 miles of the restaurant for this promotion. The more money you spend on advertising, the more people that you can reach.

You may not target people 3 miles away if you’re promoting a lunch deal, as most people only have 30 to 60 minutes for lunch.

Based on your conversion goals, each promotion will target a different area.

Gender: Females (we found that 75% were women who used our local restaurant pages).

You can view the “insights”, which are the details of your business’ Facebook page. These include the gender and age. The most engaged people are those who like your page. These insights will help you set up your targeting.


  • Marketing content and advertising creativity to target:
  • Grand Opening for Business
  • Display their products

ACTION (Creative).

Local Advertising

  • Google Display ads were in operation for several days before the opening
  • Good Search ads were running for several days before the opening
  • Video ads targeting specific customers with targeted offerings
  • Facebook Promoted Posts


  • Facebook Business Page
  • As a hub for announcements
  • Advertising landing page
  • A secondary landing page was created for a new website.


  • After just one week of advertising, there was a 20% increase for business
  • Organic and promoted posts on Facebook gained significant engagement and user-contributed content.

“A 20% increase in a week”

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