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Requirements understanding SCOPE OF WORK –

The solution proposed is to create a “TRANSPORTATION-MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE”.
It will enable customers to set up pickups, prepare bills of lading, print shipping labels, and track their shipments. The application proposed will allow for sales, purchases, dispatching and tracking, inventory control, accounting, and reporting under one roof. It will manage all aspects of the customer’s fleet and provide trucking services.
The website is inspired by which seems to be providing similar services to an active user base. This document is a result of my experience in the sector. I welcome any suggestions and will make the document more relevant. You are welcome to make suggestions and give feedback.

The proposed solution of TRANSPORTATION-MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE assumes that your company is the only one interested in it. This makes it a great venture for Carriers, Brokers, Small and Large Businesses. It will allow you to automate your business processes by providing a robust image platform. Access to the application is possible for multiple levels of users, such as customers, agents/carriers, and visitors. Major and extensive features will be included in the application.

Dispatching and load management

The dispatch module user interface is highly flexible and can be customized to meet any operation’s needs and personal preferences. Dispatchers can see all outstanding orders, including those that require pick-ups or deliveries. With the powerful filtering capabilities built into Centerline, software dispatchers can restrict their views to only the orders of interest. This helps reduce screen clutter, eliminates errors, and allows for efficient scheduling.

Load planning and dispatch administration

  • Transport Pro Exchange Load and Truck Board Access
  • Dispatch/Manage Drivers
  • Customers receive dispatch updates via email automatically
  • Macro Point interfaces available for driver messaging, and localization

Monitoring metrics

Track Your Truck provides a simple and effective way to track your vehicle fleet. Vehicle Tracking Devices provide real-time data on your vehicle’s location, activity, and inventory to help improve customer service and business performance. The Track Your Truck vehicle tracking devices provide valuable protection.

Accounting Module

To speed up and optimize the entire process of financing, we have simplified it.

  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Custom Financial Report Builder
  • Fixed Assets
  • Manage Cash Accounts

Reports Generation

  • The entire process will be synchronized with each other. The proposed application will create reports for every activity such as –
  • Dispatch Continuity Report
  • Driver Activity Report
  • Customer Activity Reports
  • Mapping Reports and Many More
  • Freight Logistics –
  • Drag and Drop Dispatch Board
  • Trip board featuring drag and drop features
  • Quotations
  • Work orders
  • Split and build trips

Customers and Drivers management

Customers and drivers can access/manage profiles, personal info
Customers can place orders and track them online
The order is notified to the drivers
Drivers use their mobile devices to track and take notes on trips.

Administration interface

  • Ability to access/manage users at all levels
  • Manage/access export and import features
  • Add/edit/delete dispatch, load confirmations, invoices, rate confirmations, pre-approved rates, branches, etc
  • Control and reporting

Integration including Macros, Quickbooks/Xero, EDI, etc

CRM Management with contact management, lead management, team management, etc.
Customer Relationship Management is the best way to build and maintain relationships with customers. This type of bonding is key to bringing your business to new heights. CRM includes all the details of each customer. This makes it very easy to track customers and helps determine which customers are profitable.A robust driver/carrier mobile app to sync to the proposed application

Driver app allows the driver access to his mobile device to make and follow

trips. Driver arrives at the first pickup location. He opens a file called “Trip File”, taps on that address, and the dispatcher sees that the driver arrived at the destination X at the time specified. The following features are included:

  • Confirm loads
  • Check out all the assigned loads
  • Search loaded
  • Submit load documents
  • Payment status
  • Provide check calls

This application will list available loads from brokers and allow carriers to automatically post trucks availability to the exchange.

More to come.

Proposed Technology Architecture & Application Architecture
Technology Overview

PHP, a server-side scripting language with a very similar syntax to C languages for creating dynamic websites, is well-established. PHP is a language specifically designed for the Web and has many features that commercial entities seek:

O An Exceptionally short learning curve
O Quick development time
O Very high performance

PHP supports all major platforms including Windows, UNIX, and mainframes. Additionally PHP features native support for many popular databases. It is a good choice for Web developers because of all these features.
PHP was created specifically for Web development. Intranet Design Magazine explains.
PHP was created with Web developers’ needs in mind. PHP is light and focused on the Web, unlike other overly-weighted and cumbersome approaches. This allows it to solve complex problems quicker than other technologies.
Although it was initially designed to run under Linux with the Apache Web Server, it can be ported to almost any operating system or any standards-compliant Webserver software. This is how PHP derives its three primary benefits.
PHP is a cross-platform technology. Therefore, PHP applications can be portable. However, this will depend on the additional components they include, such vendor specific databases or other special features. Because most Web hosting providers support PHP it is easy to move hosts.
A second reason is that PHP has a lot in common with C programming languages. It is therefore very easy for developers to grasp this syntax, which is also shared by JavaScript, Perl and JavaScript.
Thirdly, PHP, as an open source project, is always evolving. More importantly, PHP’s core libraries are regularly updated with bug fixes.
PHP has certain programming requirements that make it attractive for developers. There are libraries built into PHP that can be used to create and manipulate PDF and image files. PHP could be the right technology to create dynamically-created menu images, with anti-aliased texts, or to export pages to Acrobat format. While these features can theoretically be used by other technologies, they are usually only available to third-party components.

Web Service Architecture

Web Services: These services allow for standard interoperability between various applications on a variety of platforms. Web service is an interoperable machine/machine interaction system over the network. Web service can be used by other systems to communicate with them in the manner described in SOAP messages. This is typically done using HTTP with an XML Serialization, in conjunction with other Web standards. Semantics of web services is a common expectation regarding the performance of service, particularly in response to messages that are sent. This is in effect a contract between requester (the provider) about purpose and consequences.

There are many options for how a requester entity could engage with a Web service.

Requester and provider entities become familiar with each other, or at least one of them becomes known to the other.

  • The requester entities and providers entities agree on the service description, semantics, and how they will interact with each other.
  • Provider agents and requesters are responsible for defining and implementing the service description.
    The provider agents and requester exchange messages and perform some task for requester and provider entities. (i.e., the exchange of messages between provider agents and requester represents concrete manifestations of interaction with provider entity’s Web service.

Application Architecture

The model/view architecture of the proposed system will form the basis for the Application architecture.
/Controller/ Design pattern using PHP. A modular and multi-tiered component-based architecture is proposed. It will use Linux and Apache, MySQL and PHP 8. This will make the system flexible, robust, and scalable. Technically, it is a good choice because it can be used across many platforms and is compatible with most databases. Because of its high execution speed, the scripting language is one of the most preferred options. This allows for faster interactions. There is no denying the cost-benefit it offers, as well as the technical advantages we briefly mentioned. This is a win-win situation for both developers and owners of the proposed product. It has no user licensing fees and minimal maintenance fees. This is a simple, but solid recommended plan for the application. This is the technical application architecture of the system. The Web Browser runs on Windows. The browser tier is HTML-based and uses JavaScript to validate user input.
The following are some of the advantages that MVC architecture offers:

  • The modular design of an application allows for a clear separation of roles, responsibilities, and programs.
  • For programs within their domain, development teams can work in parallel. For example, UI developers and Business logic developers can work together.

Software Requirements

  • Type
  • Name
  • Server *
  • Linux
  • Web Server **
  • Apache 2.4.46
  • Database ***
  • MySQL 8.0
  • Scripting Language
  • PHP 8
  • Framework
  • Custom PHP FRAMEWORK / Laravel Framework
  • Browser Compatibility
  • IE, Safari, Fire Fox and Google Chrome
  • (Latest Browsers)
  • Note:
  • Server is the operating system of the server where the web server and (or) database will be installed.
  • Web Server is the server which hosts the application.
    Database will be hosted on server.

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