Bubble: Make Your First MVP With No-Code-2022

Bubble raised $100 million in funding recently and is bringing no-code software design to the public at a greater level than ever. Find out how to build apps MVP with No-Code.

You can create your MVP without programming. Here’s how you can do it.

No-Code was created to serve the internet industry at a rapid pace. Even if you don’t have any programming knowledge, your ideas could become revenue-generating products within a few months. was the first platform to prototype companies such as Qoins and Dividend. Each one of these companies went on to raise millions of dollars in investor funds. How? They used hyper-realistic MVPs that already gained traction with their customers.

Indie hackers, makers, and innovators alike are creating products using visual programming platforms like You too can. Brisk Logic has created this guide to help you become a social media MVP.

Startup investors are increasingly turning to MVP with No-Code:

Although there are many factors that go into pitching investors, the most important is your product and current growth rate. This is especially true for those seeking seed-stage funding.

Ashish David, CEO of Mirae Asset Venture Investments, India, a specialist in seed-stage funding, states that VCs consider market validation from startups’ performance before they take them seriously. Your startup idea or product that is generating real revenue and has customers has a better chance of receiving seed-stage funding.

MVP with No-Code can make a huge difference. Founders can create a minimum viable product (MVP), and then test it in markets. Because they don’t need to write code, it is faster and more affordable than hiring developers to test the product. This allows founders to iterate quickly.

Your no-code MVP attracts attention from consumers when it is put to the test in the marketplace. You can apply the feedback in a matter of days and move your idea forward faster with no code. It becomes market-validated and is aligned with what potential customers need. Even MVPs can still have regular users thanks to the current trends of no-code.

Your MVP with No-Code should have initial numbers and growth charted. This will help you pitch to investors a product they can use. It also helps you understand the impact of your idea on the market and how to analyze your growth. These are powerful factors that could get you funding. is one of the most recent examples of an MVP with No-Code receiving funding offers from investors. KP, an evangelist and no-code maker had created the prototype for this virtual coffee shop, where Twitter users could connect to each other via visual coffee sessions. The MVP with No-Code was used by Get cupper to create a community of over 2000 people.

Building your MVP with No-Code has many benefits


Anything is possible

Bubble allows you to create almost any type of app, personal or business. These include CRMs, Booking apps and marketplaces.

You can quickly test your products with your audience

Finding out whether the market is interested in your product is a crucial step in product development. This validation is essential before you invest in a talented team of developers to create your product. You can test your idea with Bubble by allowing users the opportunity to see it in action. Your product will be tested faster and receive richer feedback within 4-6 weeks.

It scales easily

Bubble offers plans that allow you to increase the number of servers you have by gaining more customers or engagement from your MVP with No-Code. Bubble automatically handles load balancing, and other tasks while you add more servers. The bubble can optimize your product infrastructure automatically.

You can add custom codes to it

You can add custom code to your product if you receive more feedback or want to improve its functionality. Bubble also allows code integrations, including Javascript HTML and CSS scripts. This allows you to go beyond the limits of what Bubble can do natively. It also allows you to embed an app created on Bubble into a coded solution.

Third-party app APIs can be integrated to enhance the functionality

API integrations have a reputation for expanding the features of a product with no code. The bubble can connect to the most popular tools via APIs so that you can create a complete solution.

External databases can be connected

Bubble allows you to connect to external databases to make your product more popular. This ensures that your customers have a better experience. Big companies can use their data infrastructure to connect to Bubble via APIs. The bubble can be used as an UI.

Problems with Building Your MVP with No-Code

Not suitable for creating native mobile apps

The bubble is primarily used to create web apps. You might encounter a brick wall when you try to add complex features to your mobile app. Although MVP with No-Code can still be built, there are some features that you may have to compromise on.

Scaling up social media apps may be difficult in the long-term

You might have issues with Bubble if your social media app is being built and scaled to thousands of users. Although you can create your MVP with No-Code, long-term scaling will require you to use external databases.

Competing using coded solutions may not lead to success

The bubble will not be able to scale and perform as well as coded apps. Bubble allows you to build very strong first versions. However, developers must be aware that MVP-level apps will not compete with fully-coded solutions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your MVP with No-Code

We’ll create a social network platform and show you how it works.


Step 1: Create wireframes and sketches

Draw out the screens and user journeys you want to create before going digital. If you are creating a media-sharing application, visualize the 2 to 3 most important actions that users will take when using your app. This will help you to define the UX that your users will experience.

You’ll have created the screens you want to use on Bubble by the end of wireframing.

Step 2: Create an account on Bubble

Click on “Get started” at You can then log in with Google, or enter your email to manually create a passcode. It’s not necessary to enter credit card information. Bubble offers a generous, free plan.

Step 3: You can use the visual design tool in Bubble to create the MVP’s user interface

Copy pages from other apps if you are drawing inspiration.

These are some of the pages you would like to start with:

  • Settings page – Allows users to update their account details
  • Home page – Show the feed of content they will see
  • Profile page – This page displays details of users and shows a grid showing their posts
  • Upload page – Users can upload their new posts here
  • Comments page – Users can see comments made to their posts via this page

Step 4: Configure your database

Your MVP with No-Code will need data fields to categorise user data and create the basis of your workflows.

  • Bubble makes it easy to create pre-built databases.
  • This will make your app more efficient and faster.
  • This will allow users to load the required information when they use the app.

Step 5: Create the core experiences and workflows

Remember that each workflow occurs when an event takes place. If a user clicks the “create post” button it will be an event. Our initial workflows for social media will include:

  • Make a new post
  • Follow a user
  • Update user profiles
  • Comment publishing
  • Like a post
  • Displaying user profiles

The dynamic content may also be displayed in the users’ feed. In case of doubt, use templates.

How to validate your ideas without using code?

We’ll be looking at the different use cases based on your target markets. We’ll also examine how MVP with No-Code were created and how they tested startup ideas.

Example 1: Qoins

Qoins was created by Chris Zimmerman and Nate Washington to assist people in paying off their debts via automatic payments. They started in 2015 and used Bubble to create their initial concept, validate it, and iterate quickly based on user responses.

The fintech company’s success was phenomenal and they raised $750,000 in angel funding. Qoins has helped users to pay off more than $12 million of debt.

They have not switched to using code for some parts of their business but they still use Bubble for major functions.

Example 2: Townscript

This is a subsidiary of Book My Show. The bubble was used to visualize and build the product idea for their online event platform. They wanted to see if anyone would pay for it and if users would sign up to use the platform.

They demonstrated their first working product on Bubble to customers and investors via demos. After acquiring their first users and keeping them for a few months, they started building their coded solution. It takes several months to launch a coded solution and it costs a lot of money. Townscript needed to prove that the product worked before they would commit such funds. Bubble enabled them to determine if there was enough demand for their product, which allowed them to direct product development in the right direction.

Example 3: Remi

With a series of team-building activities and daily events, this platform allows remote teams to connect and build their organizational culture. They were founded by three people in early 2021 and have raised pre-seed funding totalling EUR1.2 million. Remi already had customers signed up early on. They were able to validate the market and raised funds from investors. The bubble was used to build the first version of their product in just 7 weeks. They were able to raise pre-seed funding with a working prototype and active users. They were able to integrate features efficiently and saved a lot of money. Investors who invest in startups without coding are more likely than others to see their money used for market growth and no development costs.

There is MVP with No-Code, and over 1 million people are creating tools without any code. We have seen bubble-built apps in some of the most prestigious accelerators. This trend will continue as it becomes easier for people to create and test digital products without having to hire engineers.


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