Build Your App Idea Without Coding: Tips and Tricks

In order to be a part of the new technological revolution, you must have an entirely new set of abilities, which are difficult to master on your own, or cost-prohibitive to engage external assistance.


The rise of platforms that do not require code offers a fantastic opportunity to take on digital innovation in a more efficient method and with less cost.


With their help, any person within your organization can build an application that doesn’t require any code to speed up processes and improve overall efficiency.


Apps let you make more efficient use of your data and transform it in ways that meet the specific needs of your business.


To create an amazing App Idea Without Coding is essential to plan thoroughly the purpose and function of your app.


This requires working with your team to determine the most crucial needs the app will address. After that, by putting your company data into a platform that does not require code it is easy to transform your concept into a functioning application.


In the following guide in the guide below, you will get familiar with the creation and planning process step-by-step.

What is the reason to create an App Idea Without Coding?

Before you decide to create an app, you should research the different kinds of scenarios in which the app could aid you.


The main purpose of apps is to gather information, offer expertise by way of tools, or provide real-time reports and data.


The most frequent scenario where you’ll benefit from a brand new application is when you’re missing components in the way you’re managing a task.


As an example, the current method of performing a task might be slow, inefficient, or doesn’t use the maximum amount of useful business data.


“The democratization of app development is a major benefit of Brisk Logic. The platform has enabled us to solve business problems in sales which we could not have done via the average IT development timespan.”


Dr. Oliver Braitmayer – VP and Global Director of Digital Sales, Siemens Financial Services


The most effective scenarios to set up an app are to streamline or optimize the process that was previously accomplished using spreadsheet software like Excel as well as Google Sheets through manual data input through email or telephone or databases.


Here are some of the scenarios where you can develop an app that will boost productivity and increase efficiency:

  1. Resending data (files reports, files, or databases) frequently to various third parties
  2. The need to update information is vital however it gets more complicated (i.e. various file versions)
  3. Data collection can be difficult and slow.
  4. Data preparation and sharing become complicated

Once you’ve identified a problem that you could address then it’s time to consider the best way to go to address it. Platforms that don’t require code like Brisk Logic offers an excellent opportunity to create an application with minimal effort.


Because you already have the data within your organization it is just a matter of discovering the ideal format to make it. A custom, the no-code application will best suit the specific requirements of your staff.


Apart from its ease of use, it’s also a great option for budget-conscious. In comparison to the conventional method of software development, No-code platforms can be incorporated with the budgets of the majority of businesses.


“Smart reports in the App Idea Without Coding appeal to everyone – much more than the boring spreadsheet look. In addition, we can now set user rights clearly.”


The advantages of apps that do not require code are many and are beneficial to your team and for you. App Idea Without Coding empowers every employee in the company to be a “citizen developer and to bring greater levels of innovation to their work environment.


For individuals, it is an opportunity to see their abilities and knowledge recognized by colleagues and also add value to the processes of the business.


The No-Code platforms allow for unprecedented speed in app development in addition to excellent usability. Data is gathered quickly which saves time and increases efficiency.


Actually, the productivity boost is huge, because individuals can share their knowledge with everyone. Utilizing no-code software, businesses are able to plan more effectively.


Reports become more real-time since data is constantly available which allows for better forecasts and goal setting.

How can you visualize your application?

In order to create an App Idea Without Coding that does not require code, you have to be clear about its goals and practical implementation & App Idea Without Coding.


The starting point is to talk with your team about their requirements for the software. This will help you determine the type of application which can solve the issues currently in place.


It will give you an App Idea Without Coding the most important features that your team members would like and also specifics about how they’d like to utilize the application.


In fact, if you and your colleagues are motivated to participate, you can host your own hackathon. This is how you can develop the idea and design an effective App Idea Without Coding.


The outcome of the hackathon may be a prototype that can be used in the construction process.


After you’ve come to the same idea of an app that is practical then it’s time to look at the information your data has to provide.


You must sort through the available business information thoroughly, including Excel, Google Sheets files, or an SQL database, for instance.


In this way, you will be able to discern which aspects you have data on our greatest interest and be a great app and also what’s essential to utilize and what’s not.


When planning it’s best to also consider the audience for the tool. It’s different in the case of creating an app that is designed for a team of five or an entire team of 300.


In the event that the circle of distribution is huge, it will have a greater impact on the app will be greater since it serves many participants.


Making an application for a small group (or trying to test with only a small group of people, i.e. only one department within the organization) can allow you to work faster and be more open to the possibility of feedback and experimentation.


If you’re developing an important application that your entire team depends on, it might be a good idea to use a more cautious approach.

Prepare your data source

The next step of developing an App Idea Without Coding is to select the information that you would like to transform. A database or spreadsheet isn’t easy to navigate on mobile devices since it has numerous details for an extremely tiny screen.


If you transform your spreadsheet into an application it will offer much greater accessibility.


For the best outcomes, you should concentrate on the most important elements in the Excel and Google Sheets files or of your database, and choose only the most essential elements.


“Brisk Logic is the digital transformation in practice.”


Michael Schneider, Head of Advisory & Risk Innovations in Group Risk Management, Commerzbank


When choosing options, it’s essential to consider the perspective of the user to ensure that you offer the best UX and content.


It is important to know what users are most likely to want in the application, which includes the most useful features and stay clear of unnecessary ones.


Because most people utilize mobile devices take this into consideration in the feature and data choice.


Before you enter your data in the platform that uses no-code be sure to format and check the data correctly.


Automated app creation is based on machine learning which means it requires machine-readable information to function effectively.


Anything that could disrupt your spreadsheet during filtering or sorting wouldn’t be a good option for creating apps without code.


For instance, you must remove unified cells and colors, however, be sure that you format the cells in accordance with the content they contain.


It is also essential to clean the spreadsheets of duplicates. There are a variety of Excel or Google Sheets tools that can aid you in keeping your spreadsheets in order.


Consider security concerns and updates for your app when you are planning and planning. Based on the degree of security your information is, you might decide to make your app either public or private.


Also, you must determine what the purpose of the app demands that it be continuously updated from the source of the data constantly.


In any event, Brisk Logic takes very good care of its customers’ information, and you won’t have to be concerned about unauthorized access or breach.

Create your app on the No-Code platform

“With Brisk Logic, we can work directly with our data while leveraging the benefits of digitalization. The platform has helped us build resources and expertise in using apps for our communication with broker partners.”


Once you’ve gathered your information, it’s time to start working on the actual application creation. It is possible to create a sketched model to help you visualize the app in order to provide you with an idea of how you will develop its design and structure.


In case you’ve got this, or not, you are able to begin the process using the platform with no code. An excellent place to start is to take a look at this resource for turning your Excel spreadsheet into an application.


Then, you first, upload the Excel as well as Google Sheets files. You can choose to upload the file from your device or upload an existing file from the cloud.


The platform will review the information you input and provide guidelines for the layout of the application.


The next step is to select the design theme you want to use from pre-designed templates. You are also able to explore your creative side, since using the App Designer function, you are able to alter the look and feel of your application.


It lets you change the function of input cells and also tailor the app to fit your brand’s style and branding.


The things you can accomplish include adding elements like charts or lists, as well as calculations making drop-down menus, and action buttons altering the colors as well as setting user rights, and incorporating visuals.


You can also arrange the elements in any order and alter their appearance with the Preview feature.


As a rule, it is a good idea to make your website minimalist in order to let users concentrate on the information.


This usually is done by using only a handful of colors and being careful with the elements that are included. Also, you should be looking for consistency, for instance, giving the same color to the elements that are the same.

Share and test your application

“With Brisk Logic, we can quickly accompany processes or sales ideas digitally or create online applications for special risks based on our data.


After you’ve played around with the layout and finally found the features that you’d like for your application, it’s now time to release it. It’s best to create a version that only you can see it.


This will allow you to check it out and return to editing should you need to.


The next stage usually involves inviting a smaller group of users to try the application. They could be colleagues or trusted partners who have been willing to assist you.


They must be people who are excited about the idea and are aware of the business’s processes and procedures. This is an important step that is designed to provide you with the information you need to enhance your app.


Testers can provide valuable feedback that you can later analyze and then implement. After you’ve tweaked your application following the test then you’re able to distribute it to the intended audience.


Through Brisk Logic, you can choose from a variety of sharing options for the various levels of security you could require. In addition, you are able to start the app first using a private setting.


You can invite people to work or view the app, but no one else will be able to access it. It is also possible to publish the application to the public.


In this scenario, you could invite users to download it by sending an email, a QR code, or even on social media. For larger businesses, Brisk Logic also has security for enterprises, meaning you can utilize the platform for all security requirements.

Create an app that doesn’t require a code 

“We have been using Brisk Logic for almost a year. The creation and distribution of apps are very easy. The added value is enormous.


For our staff, the apps are extremely helpful because they now have easy and quick access to reliable information.”


Dr. med. univ. Michael Schneider, MedUni ViennaCreating an excellent no-code application is easier than you imagine. Plan well in advance and organize your data.


Once you have it, begin by using the App Idea Without Coding.


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