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Business Automation using eCommerce Marketing

Imagine that you’re creating an entire team to oversee all aspects of your marketing for eCommerce. There will be people needed to manage campaigns, track abandonment of carts, keep track of Return on Investments, manage search engine Optimization. There will be a third person to oversee everything and manage the customer relationship. This seems like a lot of money. This is usually what keeps entrepreneurs to stay clear of eCommerce marketing. This is how to use an online marketing automation guide to make your life simpler.

What exactly is eCommerce Marketing Automation?

Simply, this is the use of eCommerce tools for marketing automation to handle and manage routine tasks. Human resources are free to concentrate upon managing the program, or get busy with other projects. Marketing often involves performing the same tasks or monitoring the same data every time. This could be frustrating for those who handle it, and cause them to waste time on boring tasks.

Think of it as employing just one person to run your online business, or placing everything on autopilot. From abandoning carts to emailing subscribers and much more, the program can complete the set tasks and keep track of progress so that you’ll always be in the loop about what’s happening.

It’s normal for entrepreneurs to perform various duties. But putting effort and time in automatable tasks can accelerate burnout and cause failures. Scalability becomes a huge issue also, meaning entrepreneurs must either employ employees or purchase software to take some burden of their burdens.

What is the reason I require eCommerce Marketing Automation?

There are a myriad of benefits of using eCommerce automated marketing tools. Certain tools are specifically tailored to specific strategies, however there are others that work regardless of the strategy you employ.

Reduces human error

If we are engaged in monotonous tasks, our minds certainly wander off to find the next point. This could result in mistakes which are not always big, but others big. To reduce the risk for human mistakes, it is best to utilize automated software. After training, the software will do exactly what you want to do, and with the least amount of mistakes.

You can also increase your capacity

With software, you are able to continue to add tasks and it will then carry the tasks out effortlessly. It’s not the case for human resources. More simple tasks lead to greater discontent and the possibility of losing the resource. Once your basic software is in place you’ll be able to spend your time developing even more effective strategies, and then transfer them to the software , keeping your hands free.It saves time

If you allow online marketing tools to operate on your behalf, you are able to concentrate on the most important tasks. This includes creating more effective campaigns, and focussing on management or other urgent concerns. Your employees and you tend to be happy with the work you do.

The top tools for eCommerce Marketing Automation

There are a myriad of platforms that offer automated solutions of every kind but it’s confusing and difficult to decide which one to pick. MailChimp, Drift, Drip, ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot are among the top eCommerce platforms for marketing automation of today. There are many more that could cause confusion.

Here are some of the items to keep an eye out for when choosing the most effective tools for marketing automation. tools that are suitable for online sales:

Things to be looking at in an online marketing automation system

Ease of use

The most effective online marketing software for automation is one you spend the least time with. The top tools are currently requiring only 2 hours to install and learn, and they can operate well by themselves following the initial training. Find guides that have been prepared. This means that you don’t need to think things through by yourself and you can start immediately the process of assigning and monitoring the tasks. The right customer support is essential when you’re stuck on a technical area that you aren’t familiar with.


Your strategy should align with your business’s plan of action to the letter So you’ll need software that is customizable. One example is to use the first name of the subscriber to address them in emails. This helps make the email more personal and also makes you appear attractive as well. It’s also important to tailor your responses to the customer’s interactions. For instance, what happens when a visitor sees a video, visits a particular page on your website or clicks an action button on your email?

Integration with other software

While it’s not an essential feature, it’s always beneficial to connect third-party add-ons and programs or integrate this tool to other systems, such as your website’s dashboard. However, you’ll have to ensure that when installing these and making use of the tools your workflow will not be disrupted. It’s never pleasant to find out that your tool has stopped working because a plugin isn’t functioning!

Making websites and managing them

landing pages are extremely important. They are the pages that visitors or customers visit when they click an external link that leads to your site. Your landing page should match in colour and layout to the marketing campaign that brought the user to the page. This is to ensure that they know that they’ve come to the right destination! Because of their speedy and simple results eCommerce websites for marketing automation are an important thing in the market today.

Templates that are pre-built

These are great for people who require an idea ready to get started with the actual business. It is possible to use a pre-designed template to design a functional and appealing landing page. The templates are usually altered in any way you’d like which means you can change the colours, logos, text and much more. It’s not necessary to design the entire layout on your own; you can make use of these templates as a starting point or make a few simple modifications until you’re happy.

Drag and Drop

Here’s one of the most effective eCommerce marketing automation strategies using ‘drag and drop landing page builders make your life simpler. It’s not necessary to wait for developers each time you launch an update to a campaign or try an upgrade. It’s not necessary to mess around with code as well. These tools permit you to move elements to where you are happy with the way your website looks. Certain software allows you to connect this with emails to ensure that it’s seamless.

Product pages

These pages are crucial for businesses that sell online. It’s the way you present your inventory of products in a manner that draws buyers, convinces them to buy something , and keeps returning to purchase more. There are often hundreds of pages and products on an eCommerce website which is why automation is useful when uploading descriptions of products as well as importing catalogues with new information as well as adding better photos and keeping everything neat.

eCommerce Marketing Email Automation

Marketing via email campaigns targeted towards clients who are subscribers or potential buyers. The emails are delivered to your inboxes and remind them of why your business is still in existence. This also shows that you value your customers – this can be enhanced by including offers, discounts and information that is new in your email messages. There are a few important aspects to take into consideration when choosing an automation software:

Fun subject lines

Create a subject line that grabs the attention of. Make use of your email automation program to test various subjects by sending them to people, and then observing the ones that aren’t read and which ones are actually acted on.

Open rate

Make use of your program to track how many people have opened your email campaigns, i.e. the rate at which they are opened. If between 15 and 25 percent of your emails are read, you’re on the right path. The open rate of transactional emails is best to be 30-40 percent.

Email lists

This is a list of individuals who have been chosen for your email newsletters. A natural email list is a good idea for any company. Create a list of subscribers by giving discounts, sales and other benefits that will give your patrons the impression of being appreciated. Track every person in your list using your automation software and make use of it to target certain groups based on purchasing data.

Email campaigns

This is a series of emails all about the same subject and sent to your list of email subscribers over the course of a time. The reason for your campaign can be anything from a sale announcement, discounts or welcome emails to new subscribers, and is easily controlled and scheduled by automation software.

Nurturing Leads

It’s a matter of sending emails out regularly and to all those who is on your list. This is since, by automating the process you can ensure that no subscriber not receiving. Give them incentives to sign up, useful details, and also maintain your brand’s image to ensure that your customers are aware of the time you send them an email and will remember it.

Automated Workflows

The use of an Automation workflow in the marketing and sales process is useful to make sure that each process is seamless as well as properly timed and managed efficiently. Some workflows you could consider are:

Abandoned carts and cart recovery emails

In the field of eCommerce marketing automation cart recovery You can automatically send emails to customers when a person abandons their carts without making payment. This can increase the amount of sales and remind customers of the items they purchased and improve the customer’s loyalty.

Engage customers with automated emails

Workflows can help you send timely emails that engage your customers, and to encourage them to come back to your website. Some ideas for these emails are showing similar products in relation to the browsing history of your customers and offering discounts on returning.

Comprehensive analysis

It’s not just about leaving the software running; the process of analysing and monitoring data is equally important. Automation software is often equipped with detailed analytics that allow you to scrutinise each aspect of the marketing strategy for the success or failure.

Cart abandoned and Purchase historiography

Automation software can inform the number of customers who have abandoned their carts without purchasing the items they have in their carts and assist in reaching out to them to remind them of their pending products. It will also allow you to suggest products based on their past purchases and also keep track of the purchase history in the event of a problem.

conversion rate

Automation software analytics will tell you how much of the traffic is converted into leads , and the number of leads to sales. This is essential to understand how your marketing campaigns are doing.


Automation software will also give you a better understanding of the return on Investment rates- how your campaign is running as well as where you can reduce expenses and what to concentrate on in the future.

eCommerce Marketing Automation best practises

There are a few essential steps businesses must adhere to that can be automated with software:

Welcoming email sequence

The emails are sent out to subscribers who are new. They’re reminded that they’ve decided to sign up for your newsletter. It makes them feel part of your family. It’s important to let your customers know that you appreciate them and that you’ve taken note of them, making them more likely to come back to your site.

Automatic segmentation of purchases

This is crucial to the back-end of the process. Utilize software to split your subscribers and customers into various sections based upon their past purchases and browsing habits. It is then possible to focus your marketing strategies and aim your messages to the right audience to increase sales and leads.

Personalizing user experiences

Your customers will be more likely to return to your company for more by offering coupons for marketing automation on eCommerce. This could include offers, free gifts on purchases or even more. In eCommerce cross-sell in marketing automation is a method that encourages customers to purchase something similar to what they’ve previously purchased. This boosts the sales of the company and helps customers feel appreciated and accepted.

The world of eCommerce marketing is always changing and new trends keep popping up. By using some strategies for eCommerce marketing customers’ experience can be enhanced. A few major trends for ecommerce marketing for 2021 to date are:

Personalized shopping experiences for shoppers

The personalization of the experience of shipping in-store has now moved online. Utilizing browsing information and buying habits could aid in tailoring the shopping experience online to attract customers. In the context of eCommerce marketing automation, companies additionally offer online shoppers with personal stylists user photos, and even trial-at-home options.

Sequences of Cart Recovery emails

Sending multiple timed mails to those who dropped their carts will make it 2.4 percent more likely to get them to buy the item. You can do this by stressing the urgency of the purchase, the limited supply of products (only one left!) or even offering discounts if they purchase all the items.

Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Marketing

One of the key online marketing automation strategies which businesses are utilizing is to allow AI to drive the wheels. It could take the form of chatbots for better recommendations, speeding up the selling process, or even giving shoppers a great shopping experience.


Meta  e-Commerce Marketing

Automation is the future today for eCommerce marketing. Businesses can improve customer engagement and increase sales by delegating the tasks to future-oriented software.



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