Why You Need Business Process Automation

Why You Need Business Process Automation

When I think about automation, my immediate thought is that “The Terminator’s” judgement day has arrived.

Automating can not only help with conspiracy theories but also allow marketers to grow and do their jobs better.

29 percent of marketers actually use automation to personalize customer interactions. Artificial intelligence use by marketers has increased by 44 per cent since 2017.

Marketers can spend more time on high-level creative work when using business process automation.

Automation can be used to help your staff accomplish more by eliminating manual tasks.

Let’s take a look at business automation. What is it? How can you use it? And what are its top benefits. After that, let’s look at some of the most effective business automation programs.

What’s the advantage of Process Automation?

Business process automation is a great way to improve customer relations, create reporting dashboards, or standardize your processes.

But how does it help?

Let’s examine the top benefits associated with business process automation.

1. You can save time.

Grunt work is more difficult than you may think. These tasks are vital and must not be missed, but they don’t always have to done by a human.

Your employees will be more productive if they can automate business processes.

Automation can instantly complete tasks that take time.

Furthermore, employees will be able save more time so they can complete higher-level tasks like research or building relationships. This means that they will be able to generate more value and make your business more money.

2. Reduces human error

I don’t know much about you, but it has been a common occurrence for me to mix up numbers with words. This is just human. A mixed invoice number can make your company look terrible.

Automation will eliminate the need to worry about human mistakes. You can quickly process paperwork, transfer documents, gather signatures, and so on.

Also, automate tools can remind employees if they forget to complete tasks.

3. You will have happier employees.

Menial jobs are the ones most disliked. Grunt work isn’t something people like, regardless how necessary.

Your employees don’t have any more to do with automation. This will result in happier employees that are empowered to do what they do best.

4. Streamlines information

Business process automation can streamline your data and tasks. A business process automation tool will allow you to document every step of a process. Your entire team has access to all information related to a project.

This will make it easier to communicate and make decisions for your team. Automated workflows allow for transparency, valuable insights, and quicker turnaround times.

Furthermore, information can be customized. This allows your team customized notifications such as when to send emails or when tasks are due.

5. Improves customer satisfaction.

When your processes can be simplified, you will often run more successful marketing campaigns. You will also respond quicker to your customers.

All this results in happier customers. Business process automation tools are able to help you meet the high expectations of your customers.

6. Promoting compliance

Conformance is essential in many aspects of a marketing campaign. For example, email compliance is essential.

You can make sure that your campaigns meet compliance standards by using business process automation tools. So that compliance is checked once you only have one to implement it, you can create systems.

After understanding the benefits, perhaps you are wondering: “How do I use business automation in my company?” Let’s see some examples.

Which are some examples for Business Process Automation

There are many ways to automate business processes, including in marketing, customer services, and sales. Below are examples from each of these categories.

1. Project Management

Marketers frequently manage several campaigns or projects. With business process automatization, you can digitize workflows and automate every aspect of a campaign.

Task management tools can, for instance, tell you who’s doing which and when it is due.

The system can notify another person when an employee completes their task.

Managers have the ability to view dashboards of employees’ activities and see where they are at any given time. Managers get notified immediately if someone fails to meet a deadline.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is one area that is easy to automate. If certain keywords appear in an email or chat, your customer support team can automate the replies.

Also, you can use a list with FAQs to create Chatbots on social media or on your site.

Other business automation tools can analyse, classify, assign support tickets to right team members and departments.

3. Social Media

It can be exhausting posting on social media every day. It can be exhausting and takes up a lot of time.

You can use social media automation software to schedule posts. This allows you to save time and avoid having to manually upload posts each day.

Other social media tools also help with content curation. These tools are a great place for streamlining your idea generation process.

4. Approvals

Software for business process automation can help streamline ordering processes for businesses.

Sometimes just managing requests is enough work. Automation tools allow you to send approval notifications to your entire team without the need to locate five of them. You can simply send approval messages to your team members and have them complete it online.

5. Onboarding

It can be a frustrating process to onboard. There are documents to sign, tax documents and signatures to gather.

With business process automatization tools, your recruitment and human resource team no longer need to do this manually. They can send them these requests online. The software will show you what’s been completed.

6. Customer Relationship Management

Marketers need to understand the importance of customer relationship management. You don’t want to email the same lead twice. HubSpot all-in-1 software allows you to track the interactions of your contact with your firm.

Software for customer relationship management also helps in the nurturing of leads. It also provides automated lead scoring that detects when a lead moves from a MQL into a SQL.

For sales reps, creating and tracking invoices can be a tedious task. All of this can be automated with business process software. This will allow you to save time and increase sales.

Software such HubSpot’s HubSpot sales Hub can be used to help manage contracts, email sequences creation, and automate sales rep’s day.

Once you have determined the purpose of business process automation, you are ready to start looking for the best tools. Let’s see some of the tools available.

Business Process Automation Technologies

What process do you want to automate determines which automation tools are best for you. You need to know the task involved in the automation process before purchasing it.

You should also designate a team leader to help your team adjust during this period.

It’s not enough to just purchase software. Your team must figure out how it will be implemented. It must be clear how the software is going to be used.

Here are some automation tools to automate your business processes.

  • HubSpot Service Hub
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Salesforce
  • Basecamp
  • Asana

Business process automation will ultimately make life easier. It can handle repetitive tasks that don’t require human error. It can also be used to free up time for high-level tasks which can lead to increased productivity and growth in your company.
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