It all began in 2009.
With the world economy resuming some semblance of normalcy after a period of extended instability and demand for information technology goods on the increase again, the $60 billion Indian IT industry saw a moment of resurrection in 2009.
We Founded BRISK LOGIC Formerly Known As REX.
We Founded BRISK LOGIC Formerly Known As REX
Started On Small Scale But Have The Guts To Make It Large. Though We’re New, We put hands in every aspects Of IT assistance from design and develop web apps to ecommerce websites and mobile applications. We had a great time there. Continuous Work From 2009- 2018, delivering the best IT Solutions to Clients. Our Success Is Not Only Due To The Quality Of Our Work; It’s Down To Attitude, Approach And Ability.
We heard the tromping sound of Digital Transformation before pandemic times. India’s global sourcing sector is continuing to expand at a quicker rate. The worldwide IT services business is transitioning from traditional to digital changes such as cloud computing, analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. India is the world’s most popular sourcing location, accounting for roughly 55% of the $200 billion on global services industry.
2020 - REX Re-Birth As "BRISK LOGIC"
From pandemics to political turmoil throughout the world, this year has been remembered for many reasons. 2020, has been designated as the Year of Digital Transformation in the IT industry.

When less than 30% of technology providers actively help in organizational initiatives for digitization.

BRISK LOGIC has the capacity to satisfy customer expectations (35 percent), quicker time to market (36 percent), and increased operational efficiency by( 40 percent) as the beneficiaries of No Code Low Code (NCLC) development platform offered.

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