The eCommerce site of Adidas is a key component of its commerce strategy.



When you think about the characteristics of a great athlete, some of the ones that come to mind first are agility and speed. Such qualities have set apart the good from the great since the ancient Olympic Games. Such abilities are equally important in commerce, and can also separate the decent stores from the greatest.


“We are capturing people online. We’re driving traffic.


Adidas – which needs no introduction in what they specialize in. The sports brand has been disrupting retail and manufacturing with personalized design with a digital approach.
Adidas has been using Salesforce for a decade now, and uses its broad solutions, from Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud to Service Cloud. Gone are the days when consumers begin their shopping experience in a store. Today, we use a cocktail of physical and digital to come across, research, and buy products and services. And with Adidas, more and more of their customers are beginning their interaction with the brand online.
This kick started the necessity to prioritize the digital experience, while continually tracking and following changing trends and consumer preferences. And this meant investing deeper in the Salesforce ecosystem, and building better online journeys on Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud.
Using Salesforce Service Cloud, Adidas’ workforce (which is around 1,100 strong) are able to carry out their duties smarter and faster across email, phone, and social media – all from a singular platform. This tighter connectivity means that customer service has become much more efficient.
Using Commerce Cloud, Adidas has been able to cultivate quicker relationships with customers across the globe. In fact, Adidas operates just over 50 stores spread across 40 countries, and is capable of editing and updating each one quickly to respond to local changes.
As a major global brand, it’s difficult to treat each customer as a real, human being. Yet what Salesforce has helped Adidas with is to treat consumers like individuals rather than data. The platform helps to answer whether they know a particular customer, where they come from, and what they’re interested in.
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