Booking Schedule App

Brisk Logic Teams Build Booking Schedule App virtual appointments, such as doctor visits, financial consultations, or educational office hours, are a breeze.


Utilizing the structure of user flow, Brisk Logic created the first wireframes for the application. It was challenging to design booking apps in one go with the diverse intended user groups.

Mobile appointment book

An app that converts your phone into a mobile appointment book.


Brisk Logic created a UI model of the booking process and tested it on users for customer satisfaction. The majority of our assumptions were confirmed and discovered that the majority of users believed it was more beneficial to display only the symptoms that are associated with the filters they’d chosen. Brisk Logic also observed that people were overwhelmed by the main screen. We decided to simplify it to a map, and a “Book Now” button.
Brisk Logic product development team created an accessibility application with a booking calendar. It allows the users to customize the current system and improve the accessibility of the booking calendar. Our customer is a trusted systems integrator from the USA. The company provides IT development, systems engineering, professional services and simulation and training to customers in different commercial and non-commercial sectors.
Accessibility and adaptability of present-day technologies give tremendous chances to dispose of or if nothing else essentially decreases the inconveniences that different kinds of incapacities can cause. These days, the cutting edge advancements permit any client to gain access to online services from all over the place. Extraordinary consideration is given to the method of collaboration between the product and a client to adjust better to individuals with special needs.
Brisk Logic’s product development team made an application for special needs that permits individuals with visual handicaps to diminish inconvenience and improve the availability of the booking schedule applications for planning their occasions. The system allows users to: ● Save their time by intuitive searching, filtration and fast booking ● Eliminate the most part of possible issues that user with visual disabilities can face with ● Reach all the calendar features
With scheduling being so important to a company’s success and productivity while also taking up so many hours each week, using a scheduling tool makes sense. These apps normally allow firms to create a comprehensive list of personnel who must be included in the schedule.
Brisk Logic’s product engineers improved the booking schedule with openness highlights to furnish the accessibility and better communication with the application for individuals with visual incapacities. Our team utilized JavaScript Scheduler that contains a lot of openness highlights:• WAI-ARIA Attributes• Keyboard Navigation• High-Contrast Themes We executed the high-contrast theme feature of JavaScript Scheduler to make the application’s interface more distinct and easier to see. These topics are useful for individuals with exceptional or specific visual needs.
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