Future of Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming applications are an excellent example of the convergence of electronic communications with the media and entertainment industries.



Mobile games are a great example of a successful mobile application and show the growing number of platforms available to the media and entertainment sectors. This case study explains the essential elements of the mobile gaming sector and its industrial ecosystem, as well as its key actors and activities, against this convergent context.

Growth in mature and new markets will assist in propelling mobile gaming to even higher heights, since games are expected to be the most popular category of consumer spending by 2023.

No matter what type of game or app you create, there are a variety of ways to attract highly engaged users and expand app economies.


Brisk Logic has released a new case study on mobile game creation. What sets it apart from the last Real Racer game is the delicate balance it had to strike between entertainment and teaching. So, let’s have a look at how Letter Bounce, a bright and simple crossword game, came to be.
Mobile games have probably established themselves as the present, dominant sites for digital play, whereas computer and console video games used to be the defining formats for digital gaming.
They required help delivering a captivating ad experience to maximize retention rates and time spent in-app as they developed easy-to-play games that are generally supposed to be played for a short period of time.
Thanks to premium demand from over 1,500 leading brands throughout the world, Monetizing its mobile ad inventory since 2017. Following the initial success of SDK integration. On deciding to roll out the technology throughout their whole portfolio, including Android and iOS.
The game’s functionality consisted on completing crossword-style puzzles utilizing pairs of letters to fill in the blanks — in other words, it was a modernized version of a traditional crossword method. Each level included letter pairings that needed to be dragged into the blank areas to complete the words, and the player completed the problem in this fashion. Each level included a hint to assist users in figuring out the words.
The information society, which represents a new social-economic paradigm, confronts countries with both challenges and opportunities. Support for information technology and service industries appears to be a definite path to future economic development—it may be the only way for countries with limited domestic markets and physical infrastructure.
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