GPS fleet management system

Fleet management system that permits customers to lease a truck online.



The system is made with the intention to ease the life of the client and increase in his customer satisfaction.

Fleet tracking management system

GPS to monitor the activity of tracked assets (vehicles, workers, equipment). It is often referred to as vehicle tracking.


Brisk Logic product engineers have made a comprehensive fleet management system design with helpful and dependable truck booking highlights.
It all started with the idea of developing a GPS fleet management system and truck booking system. This system provides real-time tracking of the truck and the goods. The system is made with the intention to ease the life of the client and increase in his customer satisfaction
The logistics business incorporates an enormous number of factors to track and measure. You need to screen the fuel costs, consistently know about the condition of your goods for timely help, utilize effective GPS following frameworks to get constant data on the area of your load, etc.
If you lease your trucks to outsiders, the general picture gets much progressively complicated, and it turns out to be entirely difficult to deal with the logistics business without the utilization of particular logistics solutions.
The GPS fleet management system permits checking many significant pointers which bring about increasingly effective fuel management. Organization directors can generally know about the measure of fuel required for every vehicle, control fuel utilization, and characterize the potential methods of cutting fuel costs.
A JavaScript calendar was utilized by our engineers to permit customers to lease a fleet vehicle online. After the booking is made, a client will get a notice by means of email or cell phone. The online enterprise fleet management system permits accepting continuous data on load conditions and areas.
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