Magnifi is changing how you shop for investments. We are a marketplace that lets you do more than trade stocks. With Magnifi, you can search, discover, and trade the ideas and values that are the most important to you.



The Magnifi world’s first Semantic search for finance to help discover, compare and buy investment products Such as ETFs , mutual Funds and Stocks.

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Starting with investing Magnif account your Magnifi account with Email and password. And if you are a new user, you can click join now and Register your details and that makes the user experience simple and easier to indulge the user.
The landscape of the idea when we got to understand the project, it was and idea to make the people’s life easier with how they shop for the investment. Defining the strategy for the user to invest in the stock.
To make data more accessible to user on the marketplace, and adhere to stringent security requirements. To allows the different applicants get the all the necessary information at one place.
Must build user-friendly marketplace for customers that integrate with complex back-end systems, and these interfaces must work across multiple platforms and devices.
The application not just to serve customers, but also to manage inside process for the company process order fulfillments in online environments.
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