WebRTC application

Web RTC application for steady and good chipping away at mobile phones.

WebRTC application


Our experts have developed an audio application for radio listeners. In the application, client wants to be connected with a radio studio by just a single click on a smartphone.

Brisk Logic came up with a customized solution

In which listeners can connect with the broadcast from anywhere in the world.


Regularly we tune in to a great deal of helpful data, meetings and expert surveys. Master visitors, similar to performers, political intellectuals, competitors, and other specialists don’t generally approach special support or equipment to give a meeting.
They need something as easy to utilize and recognizable as a call. However, that doesn’t mean a radio program ought to experience the ill effects of phone quality audio.
The application ought to be simple enough for end-clients without a specialized foundation, and in particular, the sound quality ought to stay at a continually significant level.
Brisk Logic’s amazing cooperation came about into the strong and valuable WebRTC digital application created utilizing PhoneGap that causes radio visitors to make a meeting with clear solid and consistent correspondence.
We fabricated this WebRTC application for mobile phones to get sound traffic from the special device of our customer. The main features of WebRTC mobile app developed using PhoneGap should be implementation of sound indicator with action behavior and alert window.
The application needs to give appropriate WebRTC signaling to the server, and to the end clients. The mobile application created with PhoneGap ought to give iOS clients UI/UX concerning the PCs or Android clients.
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