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Challenges, Benefits and Importance of Digital Marketing in Retail

Companies that have been successful in the retail sector have demonstrated how digital marketing can help boost the performance of their businesses. Retailers like these and others have realized that an effective and well-planned Digital marketing strategies can yield a huge amount of profit. With online shopping becoming more popular and the demand to use digital advertising in retail sector has increased to new levels. Find out why.

  • Digital Marketing in Today’s Retail Industry

  • The Digital Marketing Trends in Retail

  • Key Challenges in the Retail Industry

  • Benefits and Importance of Digital Marketing in Retail

  • Implementation of Digital Marketing for Retail Business

  • Retail Digital Marketing Success Story of Zappos

Digital Marketing in Today’s Retail Industry

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With the rapid advancement of technology that is advancing in the modern age one of the biggest errors retailers can commit is not focusing on the digital marketing. To be a successful business and to compete with larger retailers, brick-and-mortar stores must think about selling and marketing their products on the internet market. Every year, consumers go to online marketplaces more often than physical ones, and make more purchases than they have ever. In order to be successful in this changing market, retailers of the present should incorporate a digital marketing approach into their overall business plans.

In the realm of retail, the connection between sales and marketing is undisputed. Every year thousands of retailers worldwide do not benefit from business opportunities because of their lack of presence on digital platforms. To stop this from happening retailer marketers need to use the digital market as a powerful competitive tool. Through combining the offline as well as online channels in their marketing strategies companies are more likely to reach, draw, convert and keep their target audience.

Even though there are still a lot of customers who go to physical stores, online shopping sites are gaining in popularity. Today, more than 25 percent of the population is online consumers, 75% of whom purchase online regularly, at minimum per month. If we take into account the complete buying experience of the customer, more than two-thirds (63 percent) of all shopping trips begin online. This is why digital marketing is a key aspect in attracting customers with online media at the beginning of their shopping journey.

The fierce competition among brands has forced a lot of retail companies to concentrate upon increasing their online presence. While online shopping sales for retail are lower than sales in stores but the market for online shopping has significantly grown over the past decade and is expected to keep expanding in the near future. According to the most recent sales report and forecasts released by eMarketer Global e-commerce sales comprised around 14% of sales in 2019 . They is expected to reach around 16% of total sales by 2020. It is vital to realize that these projected figures didn’t take into account the effect of the coronavirus that will hit the market in 2020. Based on the massive change in purchasing patterns which occurred in the year 2020, it is safe to speculate that online sales exploded above the estimates.

Key Challenges in the Retail Industry

technological advances have given tremendous power to the consumer. Today, with the abundance of options for purchasing consumers are able to search for and buy goods and services with ease. are easier than before. The growing retail market on a global scale has made the business extremely competitive and difficult. Three aspects companies must take into consideration.

The latest channels, devices and platforms

The proliferation of selling channels like corporate websites as well as social media and online advertisements, and numerous consumer-oriented devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets has created new the challenges faced by retail businesses. In the past, consumers could only make a buy a product – by visiting a physical store in person. Nowadays, there are a myriad of ways to find and purchase goods or services. In actuality, over the last few years, a lot of online shoppers prefer shopping online instead of going to an actual shop. To maximize their potential, companies must make sure that they are present and optimised for all of these channels and devices.

Customer expectations

With a variety of online stores, consumers expect retailers to provide an easy buying experience which can be completed anytime and from anytime. If they encounter difficulties in when making purchases then they’re likely to be disappointed and move to another retailer. To address these issues retailers need to improve their customer journeys to meet customer expectations.

More competition

With the advent of global digital retailers every day The competition has grown extremely fierce for companies within the field. While in the past businesses might have had only just a handful of competitors. Nowadays, thanks to the globalization process, they will have hundreds or even thousands of rivals. To boost their competitive edge marketers should employ strategies for digital marketing to offer the most value to their customers.

Benefits and Importance of Digital Marketing in Retail

Digital marketing has altered the perception of consumers in modern times. Nowadays, no business can grow or remain ahead of its competitors without a well-planned strategic plan of digital advertising. A properly-planned digital marketing strategy can affect the general performance of retail businesses in numerous ways. Here are a few of the most important advantages.

Improve customer experience

Retailers, regardless of size, should make investments in online marketing in order to give the best possible customer experience for customers. User experience covers everything from the initial purchase experience through the post-purchase experience. Each interaction customers make with the company should be smooth and enjoyable to increase ease of use and effectiveness for the customer.

Explore new opportunities

The development of technology has opened up retail marketers to a wide range of possibilities that were unavailable previously. Today, companies can attract leads that are not limited to geography and reduce their marketing costs and provide better support services and so on. Retailers must make the most of these opportunities to make the most of their potential.

Improve the brand’s metrics

A strong brand can help retailers stand out from their competition. Digital marketing allows businesses to enhance the perception and knowledge that consumers have of a brand through investing in brand recognition, brand reputation as well as brand image.

Improve conversion, acquisition and retention rates

Retailers can utilize other platforms on the internet to reach clients and prospects at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place and in the correct method to boost client acquisition and retention. Businesses can interact with customers in a way that is personalized to encourage them to buy.

Help to overcome opposition

Digital marketing allows small and medium retailers to take on a tough competition even when they have small resources. Retail marketers with a small budget can easily promote their brand worldwide and reach out to consumers throughout the country with ease.

Implementation of Digital Marketing for Retail Business

Digital marketing is an asset for modern-day retailers. But, before retailers can benefit from these advantages it is essential to implement the right digital marketing strategies. Here are some of the most beneficial online activities that retail businesses can focus on to advertise their offerings:

  • Design and creation: The presence of a solid website designed to meet the needs of the audience you are targeting will improve the experience and provides satisfaction to every customer, both current and prospective.

  • SEO marketing Being ranked in search engines for relevant keywords allows consumers to find the retailer they’re seeking without difficulty.

  • Marketing through content To draw new customers and keep those they already have, retailers need to concentrate on creating quality visually and written content.

  • Marketing via email: Retail businesses are required to send prospective and existing customers emailswith information about special offers on products and other messages that will be of interest to them.

  • Social marketing via social media: Retailers should determine the social media platforms their target audience is most frequented and utilize these platforms to attract and keep customers.

Final Thoughts

There are many potential for retailers who have decided to enhance their business plans using appropriate online marketing techniques. To be successful and thrive in this highly market, businesses must take advice from experts in the area. A well-established digital marketing agency does not just help you connect with potential buyers and boost sales, but also increases brand recognition worldwide. To reap the benefits and progress towards the right direction it’s a smart suggestion for businesses to take advantage from the expertise of a professional marketing agency.



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