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ChatGPT For SEO : Beat Your Competition by Using Generative Intelligence

The Power of ChatGPT SEO

It seems that the Internet as well as social network sites are overflowing with information about the new OpenAI AI products, ChatGPT. It’s a new generative model for language specifically designed for a chat. In simple terms, you can ask them to send you messages at their artificial intelligence bot (requests that are generally short text written in natural languages) and receive an answer to your question (a textual response to a query, the initial drafts of articles, summarized responses, code written in different programming languages you name it).


We’ve already written on the prompting engineering and artificial intelligence generative for SEO in our earlier articles however, it appears that the world didn’t realize their full potential until ChatGPT SEO was released to a large public. We are extremely proud to announce that we are among the first to pioneer this area and have actively developed SEO-friendly workflows to generate text over the past two years, with particular solutions for eCommerce as well as news websites.


What we’ve discovered is that large models of language like this are based on huge amounts of data and require substantial investments in computers which is why it’s difficult to duplicate the models. Models like this can be competent at performing jobs in which they are not specifically trained, for example, translating texts from one language to another [e.g. or to English from English to German and the reverse and applying the expertise to other domains.


You’ll know it’s worth giving it an attempt when you look at the reality that ChatGPT SEO gained 1 million users within the first five days after its launch, something that took Netflix to reach in 3.5 years. Facebook for 10 months and Spotify for 5 months. Spotify for five months, as well as Instagram for just 2.5 months! Crazy! Certain SEO marketers, such as Malte Landwehr, even claim that “a majority of the typical outsourcing jobs or junior positions in the fields of management consulting, legal finance, and so on.


could be replaced through AI within the next 2 to 10 years. In these positions, companies will be able to dismiss 90% of their employees while keeping those in the upper 10% of their teams, increase their pay, and increase their productivity using AI tools such as ChatGPT SEO. Are you now convinced? The hype is everywhere and it’s going on for a long time!


The true power ChatGPT SEO can offer is its ability to provide direct responses to your questions via its simple user interface. We can receive responses in just a few milliseconds rather than the usual search through hyperlinks and pages, as we use on search engines such as Google. This is why ChatGPT resulted in ” code red” at Google. Google CEO Sundar Pichai participated in urgent meetings to define the AI strategy of Google following the launch of ChatGPT.


The fact that Google’s business is heavily based on advertisements and the e-commerce features that form the core on which they earn their money sources suggests that Google is concerned about this.


Let’s dive into detail about ways to use ChatGPT SEO to help you with your content marketing plan and as a tool for productivity to come up with ideas quicker. Grab your seat and let’s begin!


Mastering Prompts For AI Bots

Priorities first.

The first step is ChatGPT SEO requires and needs to learn to handle prompts. This is because promptness greatly affects the quality of the final product. If you are successful in putting in the time to understand the fundamentals of the way an AI chatbot works in general and adopting emerging technologies, will emerge as a prominent voice in the field and will be the dominant force shortly. You must write in a clear, concise manner clear, concise and concise enough to convey your immediate demand.


Two years ago, it was all focused on rapid learning However, today LLMs have changed and we are aware that a successful SEO will be able to take into consideration:

the information that makes the prompts distinct (this is the reason you will have an advantage in competition by investing in connected data that is structured);

are equipped with a validation process for content (because LLMs are statistical machines that have no real knowledge about the contents they create);

It is important to integrate the tone of the voice that the company is known for (you require transfer learning through fine-tuning, or in-context training);

take responsibility to be responsible when using AI and discover the most effective feedback loop through partnering with experts in the field and creators of content.


LLMs are useful and well worth the effort however they can be complicated too. One way to determine the level of their “complexity” is the size. The number of parameter variables that can be trained on an LLM may vary. More parameters mean more training, however, in the same way, having more parameters could indicate that the model can tackle more difficult issues.


Another method to determine the dimension of the system is to take into account how much data it’s been developed on. In the end, the main reason for huge models, no whatever method they are used to measure is the implementation of transformers. They are the driving force for the latest developments within NLP, NLP, NLG, and NLU fields. We also predicted LLM’s growth two years ago. Now is your time to take advantage of their full potential.


How to Overcome “Writer’s Block”

Making efficient prompts is not an easy task, however, it is possible to learn. Here are a few examples of prompts:

  • “Write me a summary about Harry Potter”
  • “Write an article about knowledge graphs” (btw this article was written by a human being, don’t worry about it)
  • “Showcase your answer to the question with bullet points”
  • “Explain the advantages of using ChatGPT SEO in a couple of sentences”


As you can observe, the verb is at the forefront in the beginning before we can get to the subject, and then an outline of how we should compose the answer. To get the best prompt engineering, we have to adhere to the guidelines of the MCSSCF regarding the prompt structure:


  • Create a proper meta instruction that defines the output you expect, e.g. “provide answers to X in the manner of one of the top computer scientists”;
  • Use the appropriate modifiable content, e.g. “a summary of …”;
  • Subject description, e.g. “black jacket for women of the 1980s”;
  • Styling, e.g. “provide an answer that is in the fashion in the style of Shakespeare”;
  • Context, e.g. give a text to provide context, and afterward ask questions
  • Format, e.g. camera details, text styling, resolution output, etc;
  • Then You can find out more about how you can improve your speedy engineering here.
  • To summarise, it is crucial to be concise in your writing, concise, and direct!


If you’re having trouble finding ideas for your writing, these ideas above can help overcome writer’s block. In the beginning, begin by writing questions to ChatGPT and after that, you can modify the prompts. It is not our expectation that the ChatGPT SEO AI bot to answer 100%, but it’s far superior to many other AI tools available.


Search Engine Optimization Clustering ChatGPT SEO: Grouping Keywords at Scale

Are you tired of spending money on SEO tools to group your keywords in a way that isn’t? You don’t have the coding expertise to complete the task yourself, or perhaps the program isn’t speedy enough to accomplish this task efficiently and consistently. Then ChatGPT is here to help! You can send an instruction to the bot using the instruction “classify your keywords” and then provide an alphabetical list from your end and expect them to be grouping them by their semantic similarity.


Simple, quick, and efficient: say goodbye to complicated Excel sheets, costly software, or complex AI tools which require an education curve to be able to use effectively! Tobias Willman has a fantastic Python script about the subject that you could analyze and then try to adapt to suit your particular situation.


Starting with SEO Tips For Beginners At The Beginning When You Are A Newbie in the Field

Are you a fresh SEO student who has just begun to make it in the SEO industry? No one can serve as your guide to direct you to the correct sources, particularly when it comes to solving particular issues. Do not worry ChatGPT SEO has you covered!


Ask “How to optimize SEO for an e-commerce site” or ask your AI chatbot to create an email for you using multiple, connected questions such as:

  • “Include H1 and H2 headings within the body text”
  • “Use specific entities within the text”
  • “Include specific keywords in the writing”
  • Voila! And voila! You’ve got the first content item that you can use and publish on your site. It’s easy.
  • The extraction of entities, and their relationships, and constructing the basis for Knowledge Graphs.


You are an SEO professional that doesn’t have specific knowledge of the engineering and computer science world, but is still eager to explore the latest AI technology whenever you get the chance? You aren’t a pro within the NLP world, but are you familiar with the fundamentals of entities, the relationship between entities, and the advantages of having a knowledge graph? Then you’re at the right place! The user can tell ChatGPT to find entities as well as entity triples to create a knowledge graph as well as its ontology. As Lee Foot showcased on Twitter the other day, we could use the following instructions to accomplish this:


1. Create a knowledge graph in RDFlib format to…

2. Create an ontology in OWLready2 format to…

3. Find semantic triples within a data frame that has columns s,p,o (Python codes) in the next text …”


In any event, take note that ChatGPT cannot create entity links that demonstrate the true understanding of semantics, and often, the bot’s star may be misleading. It can create markups with schema properties that don’t exist, and it’s also able to generate Wikipedia hyperlinks to pages that have never existed! It’s crazy, isn’t it?


This is certainly a flaw of ChatGPT. Be aware of how you utilize this AI monster – bad intentions, unprofessional prompts, and unrealistic expectations could cause negative or negative outcomes. Be careful!


Simplifying the Writing of Regular Expressions (Regex Natural Language Queries)

Have you ever had the chance to find the perfect regex phrase to find or eliminate substrings from your text? We admit that we’re not the only ones who struggle to write proper SEO regexes and search for the correct programming trick on StackOverflow exactly like you. This is now a solution to this issue almost entirely by giving ChatGPT to write the work for you, and all in natural, simple language!

Here’s a regex-related instruction from Aleksa Gordic, research engineer at DeepMind posted on Linkedin some time ago:



The future is in the hands of those who are embracing technology. It is not a good idea to be scared of it. Instead, discover what it does, and educate yourself on the subject of rapid engineering, or work with your developers to help you along the path to success.


We must be aware of the significance of having a solid database foundation as well as validation without a solid data foundation and knowledge graph strategy, it is impossible to create an efficient SEO organic strategy and be well-prepared to compete in the future generational AI age. Like Andrea Volpini predicted the SEO trends of 2023::


“Automation and augmentation” remain linked, and the capacity to test innovative optimization techniques like context-based learning commands based on instructions and various other emerging behavior of the foundational models is still anchored in an extensible fabric of data as well as the credibility of the brand.”

AI as well as ChatGPT SEO will be around for a while but the issue remains ….will your company be a part of this revolution?



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