Content Marketing & Re Engineering

What is Content Marketing?

It is the art of creating useful, relevant, relevant content to draw the attention of, acquire and engage your target audience. Today, customers and buyers are bombarded with more marketing messages than ever before, more than 2,900 messages per day according to estimates. This creates an atmosphere of attention-shortage, which is putting marketers to focus on creating engaging content that doesn’t disappear into the noise. A well-planned content marketing strategy will place your company in the position of being a leading thought-leader, creating reputation through the way you educate and inform customers. Offering informative and engaging content will create a lasting bond between your company and its customers that will continue to increase and develop as time passes.

Traditionally marketers have traditionally had to “rent attention” from other people’s media via advertisements on their websites and trade shows, booths or email messages sent to lists of third parties. For instance when a company shells millions of dollars for the Super Bowl ad, they are leasing the attention that television networks have created. Content marketing however lets marketers become publishers by creating their own fan bases and drawing their own interest. Through the creation and distribution of information that buyers will find valuable, marketing professionals can increase their brand’s popularity and recognition through establishing a connection of trust with their customers when they traverse the funnel of sales. In addition, it is regarded as a lower-cost method than other strategies. It could have the advantage of a slow start as your library of content grows and expands to a wider market.


Re engineering” as an expression of business warfare began to be heard from the beginning of the 1990s. The majority of commentators have cited the 1993 book written by consultant Michael Hammer and James Champy called Re-engineering the Corporation and as the crucial moment in which the term “reengineering” became a trend. This book has been updated in 2003, and it is mentioned in the following. “Reengineering” is functionally similar to the process of planned change, and what many call traditionally “reorganization,” but, initially it had distinct characteristics of “starting from the beginning,” “blank slate,” and “from the ground up.” The people who promoted it advocated radical strategies and used phrases such as “the big bang,” and generally described”reengineering the way we do things” with radical terms, whereas the word implies the rationality that is “engineering.”

Functionally reengineering is about redefining the goals of a company as well as diagnosing the causes of problems, determining ways to achieve the goals as well as the creation of a process followed by its implementation. It’s intended to transform not only the way in which it is carried out but also the way it is carried out and thus change the culture of the company. Slow, messy, slow, ineffective and expensive organizations are expected to become more efficient, fast, efficient and competitive. They should be responsive and agile. Because it can be applied to businesses in general or to specific business processes (purchasing marketing, production etc.) it became known as Business Process Re-engineering and abbreviated BPR.

Marketing tells the world that you’re rocking. Content marketing shows that.

The very first thing to be aware of regarding content marketing is it’s an endurance race. A complete strategy for content marketing might include things like contents that are placed on the primary pages of your website as well as the best long-tail keywords information to boost the visibility of your organic search (SEO results) and the amount of social posts you’ll regularly publish on a monthly basis. It’s also composed of videos that convert well for your landing page, publications which highlight your knowledge, articles that can entice potential customers to sign up for your email addresses, and the amount of CTA buttons (call to action buttons) on your site.

Content Marketing is the most important step on our plan and it would not have been complete without

The creation of buyer personas that inform the production of content. (i.e. who are we creating our content? We need to understand their needs to make sales)

A six-month strategy for growing your list of subscribers. One good example of this is developing strategies to increase the number of people signing for your newsletter. (if someone is willing to give you their email address, it’s very affordable to convert them into buyers and this is done with the use of an email-based marketing process and also a Facebook Re-marketing campaign)

It’s impossible to complete without a solid report on the effectiveness from your Content Marketing campaigns. Instead of measuring the number of views, leads, visits, or downloads, measure the amount of revenue per subscriber.

The content marketing campaign will also be severely lacking in effectiveness in the absence of bottom-of-the-funnel kinds of content. The content that is fluffy and does not answer buyer concerns, fears and fears, as well as questions etc. can only be used for specific stages in the growth of a website’s trajectory. The rest must be more practical.

A method for amplification of content. This technique is reserved for our most extreme advertising programs. It is often employed in conjunction with paid advertisements. What happens when we start one blog, and it can be repurposed into lengthy social media content, that includes landing pages as well as deals. This whole process is supported by an email sequence that is targeted to turn people into customers who show an interest over a certain period of time.

Content Re-engineering

The process of writing your article is not the only part of the task. It has to be appropriate for purpose, in order that Google’s crawlers can give the content the recognition it deserves. Do you want to know an easy and inexpensive method to enhance your website’s content? Use subheadings, shorter paragraphs, lots of internal hyperlinks, bullet points and as many photos as you can. We do this every day on all our accounts that subscribe to the Content Marketing strategy.

We make your pages more attractive. We add additional content to pages on which your content is insufficient to rank. We write blogs with value that speak to the minds and hearts of your customers, as well as overcoming their objections to purchasing. Content Marketing has no limits and that’s the reason the content we produce can come in all shapes and forms , and can be tailored to the specific business model you have in mind.

Do you want to learn more?

Do you want information that makes you appear as an expert in your particular field? Do you require material that directly influences your SEO efforts? Content that assists with sales and link building? Whatever your requirements and needs are, we’re ready to help and ensure your success is tied to our success.







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