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The Globally experienced brand consistency

We can help you get started with your digital commerce journey, ensure that you gain new customers and retain the existing ones using the strategy tailored for your business.

The value we add:

Service offerings and technology choices to suit commerce need and every stage of commerce transformation
Reusable solution accelerators, readiness frameworks, diagnostic and optimization tools
Functional expertise across commerce lifecycle including omni-channel commerce
Engagement expertise enabling commerce capabilities for leading online retailers in B2B and B2C space
Strategic partnership with leading commerce technology product vendors
Demonstrated technology expertise in leading commerce platforms

Strategy And Consulting

Because we’ve been there, we bring an operator’s viewpoint to e-commerce. We also draw on our global network of industry, functional, and technical specialists, including thought leaders in marketing and sales, organisational design, agile working methods, analytics and artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and more.

Manage and Operate

In a rapidly growing digital landscape, it is no longer sufficient to just have a digital presence for your retail business. Rather, delivering a Seamless, Secure and Consistent experience, at every customer interaction, is indispensable for long term ecommerce success.

An Ecommerce Managed Services provider can help you achieve that superlative customer experience through 24*7 support and maintenance operations for your growing ecommerce business, while you pursue other mission-critical business goals.

Enabling Innovation

Innovation and advances in commerce technology provides enterprises opportunities to create and drive superior consumer centric experiences. This requires a deep understanding of the consumer, their behaviors, current marketplace dynamics and best practices for brands to differentiate and to thrive in a digital world.

Execution And Realization

Brisklogic provides you the perfect blend of choosing the right technology with a perfect execution of the commerce.
Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is about choosing the right technology that can deliver futuristic outcome today.

Brisk logic offers you:




What does digital ecommerce mean?

Digital commerce (D-commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services using digital channels such as Internet, mobile networks and commerce infrastructure.

What are some examples of digital commerce?

Online buying.
Online selling.
Media purchases online such as iTunes.
Buying and selling online for virtual worlds and games.

How Can I Choose The Best Platform For My Ecommerce Business Website?

Before getting started with your ecommerce web development, consider the few fundamentals that can help to choose the best platform. Always consider the items that you are selling. Some ecommerce platforms can handle inventory tracking and multiple product options while some others will not. Consider the design options, payment gateways, security of the site, integration with other tools, features and pricing before finalizing on the platform.

Why Is Ecommerce Needed For Any Business?

Ecommerce has gained much popularity nowadays because it offers business a whole range of opportunities ranging from marketing opportunities to increasing the range of products that helps to generate sales. It is with an optimized and well created e-store that you can easily create and achieve the goals and also offer the customers round the clock support services.

What Are The Different Types Of Ecommerce?

Ecommerce or internet commerce is basically related with different types of business transactions. The main four ways of ecommerce business is Business to business or B2B, Business to Customer B2C, Customer to Business (C2B and Customer to Customer C2C.

How Should I Promote My Ecommerce Site?

There are various ways to do this and the first thing to do is to promote the site to all the customers. This will help to increase your customer base. Your website address should be present on every advertisement that your company invests in. Register with the search engines and optimize your website as this will affect the traffic of your site.

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