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Is it digital marketing or marketing in the digital world?

“Digital Marketing” was first used in the late 1990s. The digital age began with the
advent online and with the advent of the Internet 1.0 platform. This Web 1.0 platform
allowed users to search for the information they were looking for but it was not able to
make this information available on the internet. At the time marketers across the world
were not sure about the internet’s digital platform. They weren’t certain how their
strategies would perform because the internet hadn’t yet seen widespread adoption.

In 1993 the very first banner that could be clicked became live and, following that,
HotWired bought a few banner advertisements for their marketing. This was the start of
the transition into the digital age of marketing. Due to this gradual change in 1994, new
technologies entered the market of digital. That identical year yahoo was established.

Digital marketing is now a mainstream activity and digital commerce is an important
consideration for marketers, as per the results of a survey of marketing professionals
conducted by Gartner Inc. The survey also revealed that marketing budgets grew by 10
percent in 2015, with the majority of respondents saying they anticipate budgets to grow
once more in 2016.

There is no doubt that digital marketing has become popular,” said Yvonne Genovese
who is group vice president at Gartner. “Marketers do not draw a clear line between
traditional and online practises in marketing. When consumers choose digitally-driven
experiences, digital marketing no longer is a separate discipline and is now the main
focus of all forms of marketing. Digital marketing is the new marketing method in a digital

Ten percent of marketers believe they’ve shifted away from the traditional methods of
marketing and are expanding the marketing role to design new digitally driven business
models. The blurring between the physical and digital realms presents the opportunity for
marketers to utilise customer data to design and test new digitally-driven experience and
models for business. Digital commerce is booming with eleven percent of the total digital
marketing budget (up from 8 percent in 2014) as marketers are more accountable for
delivering outcomes.

“The rise in digital commerce is an opportunity for marketers,” said Jake Sorofman,
research vice president at Gartner. “There was a time when marketing and selling were
two distinct disciplines. In many cases, digital merges these two into a single, continuous
activity from initial awareness, through engagement, conversion, transaction and repeat
purchase. Marketers can now tie spend to revenue. In fact, it’s becoming a mandate.”

Factor of Digital Marketing:

Major factors drive marketers’ enthusiasm for digital commerce :

The need to draw attention to tangible results of marketing investments, and also the
recognition that businesses need more than just a site to make sales. We’ve witnessed
the digital commerce industry completely disconnected from marketing engines.
Nowadays, we’re witnessing the integration of marketing and commerce as two distinct
parts of a single discipline which brings everything from the world of content marketing
and brand stories to the forefront of advanced analytics, as well as multichannel
management of campaigns to maximise the efficiency of digital commerce across all

B2C businesses have been viewed as more advanced in the field of digital commerce,
however we’re witnessing a growing interest from B2B companies that are under
pressure to connect directly with customers by launching the use of digital commerce.
They’re looking to connect with customers directly, to gain a better understanding of their
needs, preferences , and behaviour.

As CMOs are navigating the digital age as they navigate the digital age, the survey
revealed that marketing budgets overall are increasing. This year, 61 per cent of
respondents stated that their marketing budgets will comprise an average of 11 percent
of revenue rising by 10 percent from revenue the previous year. The change of just one
percentage point is a significant increase10%, year-over-year — in marketing

“Bigger budgets, however, come with sizable expectations,” Sorofman said. Sorofman.
“Marketing is expected to drive profitable growth through the acquisition, retention and
expansion of the most valuable customer relationships. As customer buying journeys
and customer expectations expand, so, too, does marketing’s scope of responsibility. As
a result, the marketing remit now often includes driving broad-mandate customer
experience, digital commerce and innovation initiatives.”

The change is on the way and the majority of us are aware of the signs. It’s

The Don Draper dinosaur is extinct. Not only has the majority of the advertising gone
digital however, the majority of Marketing departments are also focusing on digital.

Let’s take a look at the traditional advertising mediums such as radio, TV along with snail
mail. All of them are currently being delivered digitally via audiobooks, Pandora, Spotify,

YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and of course email. The future of television and radio lies on the
internet, and it is with other forms of communication, which includes the phone. As the
technology of TV on the internet develops, digital advertising is sure to be more
prominent and cable TV will slowly disappear to the background. It’s clear that digital
marketing is marketing, which is the new marketing model in the near future. You’ll have
some printed copies of magazines, newspapers or brochures however, for the major
part, the marketing strategy is going to be digital and integrated. Other marketing
initiatives are secondary.

The internet allows users access to what appears to be an endless array of content from
all over the world. It is possible to find precisely what they’re looking to find regardless of
whether there are just 20 other people searching for it. This is assuming that the website
they’re searching for is correctly set up. This is where the new marketing department is
required. The new marketing department needs to be able to find potential customers on
the internet and then direct them to the correct site and store , if needed.

Dissecting the Modern Marketing Department

Design-What was before the art department has now become an art department that is
now a graphic designer. Advertising visuals, including illustrations and photos are
created or altered using an application program that is optimised for the most effective
digital placement, regardless of whether it is in an email or on a website or even in an
online ad campaign.


All copywriters today must be aware of writing and publishing web content, SEO
strategies and tagging. Grammar and writing skills will not be sufficient in the future of

Video Production:

Editing and production for commercials can now be done digitally using software
applications. A majority of commercials for video are expected to be put on the internet
in the near future even if they were designed for television in the traditional sense. The
more channels the video gets distributed the better for businesses.

Reporting –

Last but not the least, a modern marketing department should have reports and metrics.
Contrary to traditional advertising, outcomes of the majority of campaigns can be
monitored, measured and analysed. Marketing departments need to know where the
consumer came across an ad and the best way to monitor the process of making
decisions. The modern marketing department can determine which campaigns are
successful, at least effective and which are most profitable.

Directors in Marketing-

related departments today must know how to identify the target market digitally and

choose the best audio and visual content to eventually bring people to a business’s store
or website when appropriate. Directors must plan to draw customers by engaging in
social media, engaging media, and ads that can be adapted to PCs tablets, mobile
phones and smart televisions. Another factor directors must be aware of is the
sophisticated segmentation of the target market. Advertisers don’t need to appeal to the
general public anymore, as they used to with traditional television; however, they can
also appeal to the specific desires and requirements of different segments of a market.
These segments become more significant every day with the re-design of mobile
advertisements, strategic placement of PPC ads and segmented email marketing

What makes Digital Marketing such an effective tool for achieving success
in today’s digital world?

A lot of businesses are enjoying the advantages that digital marketing can bring and
gaining advantages that traditional strategies for marketing don’t offer. Because of digital
marketing, businesses are now able to have greater influence on the ways that
consumers interact with the brands they represent online. Businesses are not the only
ones benefiting from the true benefits of it, but professionals and job seekers are also
benefiting from this amazing change in the market.

For Entrepreneur and Business Purpose:

More People are able to be reached: Since Digital Marketing operates through World
Wide Web i.e. online which means it is readily accessible to larger audiences that can be
classified by geographic area and the people’s interests. It is also able to reach
international audiences via effective ways.

Lower investment cost

If you have a well-planned and properly focused Digital Marketing strategies can reach

the right audience at a cost that is lower than other traditional marketing strategies. You
are in complete control over investing in online marketing campaigns by ensuring
personalization of your website.

Measurable Results:

Other than Digital Marketing, there is no other method to track or count how many
people have visited your site or indicate their willingness to purchase your product.
When you use digital marketing tools you will be given solid, reliable reports that reveal
the exact numbers of customers who have opened the emails you sent out, clicked the
link, visited your website, or even puts.

Conversion Rates:

With Digital Marketing, converting a client is just two clicks away. If you have a properly-
designed site, clients just need to click the link and complete the purchase.

Develop a successful digital marketing campaign:

Social Media Usage Digital Marketing helps you to develop a successful campaign that
makes the most of social media. Because Social Media has become the most effective
method of staying in touch with your followers and clients It helps you remain competitive
and help your business reach the top of the list.


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