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Being at business speed in today’s fast-paced hybrid cloud world involves overcoming IT complexity to match the speed of actions to the speed of chances. Design your digital transformation with experienced IT consulting from Brisk Services to deploy the correct technology to adapt swiftly to market opportunities.


What could your company accomplish more effectively if it went digital?

From the edge to the centre, innovate and accelerate in a hybrid cloud world. Unlock new opportunities by unlocking insights for real-time action. Interconnected edge experiences will astound customers and employees.

Digital transformation in business process



“Too often, IT companies focused on ‘IT for the sake of IT’ do not address the fundamental issue of how their IT strategy is allowing the company to generate difference in the goods and services they provide to the end consumer”.


“Unless IT executives can think strategically and address the issue of how their IT strategy is facilitating important business development, they won’t be able to succeed.


Selecting the right partner?

A excellent partner will be focused on your company objectives while offering solutions to assist you in achieving them. Examine an optional partner’s past experiences and who will continue to be a partner rather than just a project.

If You Agree On The Above Statement. BRISK Is Here For YOU!


BRISK’s Offerings With Digital Transformation


The BRISK “Digital Revolution” Network capacity demands are great from the new revolution. Physical world digital and programmable

A digital twin requires an enormous number of embedded sensors, all connected data and real time data sharing. Everything needs to be smooth and immediate, with multiple designers in different locations working together on the same model.

Senses Internet

Descriptions such as XR and other immersive functions help customers touch and interact with products everywhere – but they rely on networks to provide the experience. This requires very little latency, high data rates and effective and flexible use of spectrum.

Smart machines Connectivity

AI can combine the connected devices and applications and make judgements on behalf of the operator because of the collected data. In addition, it can see exceptional behaviour, and prevent problems with algorithms and trend analyses. All this requires that AI processing power is supported by the network and AI is used by the network

What WE Offer To Reshape, Reinvent & Redefine Your Digital Business.


Plan Realism Growth

What would your company be worth implementing your growth plan in advance? The approach of BRISK helps organisations to establish a convincing view of what is possible, addresses “why is it now?” and promotes people at different levels and functions to remove barriers, to innovate and to solve together problems in order to achieve successful growth.


BRISK’s approach to the implementation of a new system or technology focuses on those people whose transformation needs to change behaviour. The aim is to make the people excited about the new technology and ready to use it – not only know how to use it – which will deliver the return they are looking for.


Many organisations are looking to achieve incremental savings in time and cost, but find that the low fruit is already picked and traditional methods of continuous improvement only lead to progressive refination. The approach of BRISK brings together different voices in a cross section of your business and makes them highly organised.



How is digitization and digitalisation different?

Digitalization means adding digital technology to provide new business possibilities and processes. In contrast, digitisation means that existing analogue processes are transformed into digital processes.

What is the investment in digital transformation by companies?

Companies are increasingly investing in digital transformation. IDC forecasts that global digital technology spending will rise to $1.8 billion in 2019, which represents a 17.9 percent increase over 2018. This is forecast to overshadow 6 trillion dollars by 2023.

What is the significance of digital adoption and how does digital transformation affect it?

Digital adoption means that users are capable of using digital instruments as intended and with the maximum capacity. In other words, users are not limited to some basic features — regardless of how complex a task or process can be performed on a given tool.

How can you measure progress in digital transformation?

It makes sense to prioritise different measures, so digital transformation initiatives look different and are aimed at achieving different targets from organisation to organisation.
You can assess the progress of your digital transformation effort, among other measures:
Measure the number of active users for purchased licences
Counting the number of new software processes
Conduct an appraisal advisory service
Use a scorecard for digital transformation
Hold a pulse on certain indicators of productivity
Compared results with predefined KPIs
Measure the amount of new digital investment revenue

How can you measure progress in digital transformation?

In its latest FutureScape report, the IDC outlined 10 prospects for the future of digital transformation. Three key predictions are outlined here.
1. In 2020 at least 55% of organisations, through new business models and digital products/services, will consider themselves “digitally determined” or committed to the aim of adopting digital instruments in its entirety.
2. By 2023, 35% of staff will use AI tools, for example bots.
3. By 2023, 95% of organisations, which prioritise product/service innovation, data capitalisation and employee experiment, will have adopted new digital KPIs

How do you know if digital transformation is "done?"

Never is the short reply. Technological capacity is continuously advancing, customer expectations are increasing, and there is always a need to improve internal efficiencies. Even digital start-ups need to further develop their digital arsenals. And with investment in cloud-based systems continuing to rise, updates are an integral component of the digital strategy as a whole.

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