Food Delivery App Development features and benefits

One of the fastest-growing industries is Food Delivery App Development. Based on Statista, despite the coronavirus pandemic, deliveries made a minimum of $107.43 billion in 2019 and are expected to reach $122.74 billion in 2023.


Revenues will surpass $156 billion in 2024.


Here we will discuss the Food Delivery App development in the field of statistics.


This explosive growth is caused by an ever-growing customer base who want to have food delivered.


The research shows that in the last three years, the number of consumers purchasing food using online applications has nearly tripled from 364.8 million in 2017, to 625.9 million by 2023.


This number is predicted to increase to 858 billion before 2024, and to exceed a billion in 2025.


It is in line with many entrepreneurs’ belief that there are many reasons to jump on the bandwagon of meal delivery.


The number of customers is huge and is growing quickly, the profits and revenue are extremely appealing.


Today, mobile food delivery apps are the cost-effective and effective way to attract new customers as well as establish loyalty, and gather immediate feedback.


This is a proven method to increase sales and profit for restaurants, cafes, as well as other catering companies.


OneClick can help you with creating an app for food delivery that is advanced enough to boost the profit margins of your business while efficiently and efficiently improving brand recognition.

The Top 10 Benefits the Food Delivery App Development

Food Delivery App development

1. White Label Service:

You’ll receive white-label solutions that can enhance corporate logos and subjects to your target market.

2. Easy to Use Simple to Use:

Everything from the menu ordering application to the admin panel was created to be easy to use.

3. One-time Cost:

This is an exclusive investment that has a long-term return. To earn higher returns, the most successful platforms could be monetized shortly.

4. Cost-effective and Time-efficient:

The company already has an app that is the foundational solution. This means faster time to market and fewer development costs.

5. You are in charge of your code:

When the project is finished and the payment has been received and cleared, you’ll be eligible to purchase the full source code. In terms of ownership of the source code, we follow strict NDA guidelines.

Food Delivery App development

6. Technical assistance is provided at no cost:

Free technical assistance with bug fixes and basic updates will be offered for the next six-month period.

7. Flexible and Customizable:

Flexible and Customizable top Food delivery application platform is fully customizable and able to adapt to any adjustments or integrations.

8. On-Demand Expertise:

We gathered crucial insights while creating applications on demand, allowing us to develop robust solutions.

9. Integrations with Third Parties:

Make use of your delivery system or work with a well-known logistics service provider in your local area.

10. A Global Solution:

Launch your Uber food-related app across several regions and support a variety of currencies and different languages.

11 Must-Have Features To Have For Food Delivery App Development

The spread of the new Coronavirus has led to people communicating with each other and placing orders online using a home delivery service as the new norm.


So, having a simple-to-use Food Delivery App Development service is a must for every restaurant that is in operation. With the advent of the digital age, restaurants are moving digital and making life more efficient, quicker, and hassle-free.


If you’re an owner of a restaurant who is planning to build your food delivery application, this is the best moment to begin.


In light of the growing need for online food delivery as well as the current situation, now is the perfect time to create an easily customized food delivery app that can assist your customers to make ordering food efficient, speedier, and more convenient.


If you’ve decided to develop an app to deliver food to your establishment, the first task to choose is what features are essential to add to it.


Because it’s your brand app, you can include as many features as you like, but it is important to not sacrifice some important attributes.


Therefore, we’ve compiled an inventory of the most essential aspects of Food Delivery App Development.

Food Delivery App development

1. Onboarding with OTP and TrueCaller Integration

Provide your customers with the most seamless onboarding experience using a single-click login with a one-time Pin (OTP) will be created to allow and finish this user account creation process.


You can also guarantee an enjoyable first-time experience by giving your customers the ability to verify and register process in one click, and removing any requirement to perform OTP verification.


Truecaller is extensively used and has a database of more than 150 million users in India and has mobile numbers that are already verified.


When a user can log in it is possible to invoke verification using Truecaller and also onboard users in a matter of seconds, with just one touch.

2. Local & GPS-Based Store Variety

Distance and time are crucial in the delivery of food. It is therefore crucial to give customers an easy way to locate restaurants within the vicinity via their GPS.

Utilizing GPS and locality-based stores helps customers locate the closest outlet and ensures timely delivery.


The GPS integration does not just define the locations of pick up and drop off easily and accurately but also assists in determining the amount of time required to get to the location of delivery.

3. New Age Menu

Create your menu using intuitive designs and lightning-fast loading speeds of your items. Include unlimited categories, items, and toppings options to provide your customers with an impressive ordering experience.


Every customer is looking for personalization! They can be provided with an individualized menu, with options that allow them to browse the menu using their name or filter menus with veg and non-veg filters.


It is also possible to display the review ratings of each item which could use as a decision element for the customer when placing an order.


A person is more likely to place an order through an app that has an options menu with photos of each food item.


Based on research, image-based menus that are available on the online ordering platform can increase their conversion rates by 25 per cent as compared to a text-based menu.


Images on them can alter customers’ intention to take the order, as opposed to items that don’t. Make sure that each item or category is showing identically.


The use of images in menus won’t just increase the volume of orders, but also improve your chances of being recognized and remembered.

4. Options for Customizing the Home Screen

Based on your company’s requirements and strategy for marketing, Your home screen of the Brand App should be intuitive user-friendly and reflect the brand vision.


Your brand application should include various industry-wide usage cases that allow you to put and modify the positioning of your merchandise marketing banners, customized order status, popular products, featured items the one-click reordering option, and other useful widgets to improve user experience and interaction.


The outlet can be customized to fit your needs. home page with various layouts, different banners that are static and carousel as well as multiple widgets with various functions, and more.

5. Promo & Offer Management

Develop smart and effective mobile marketing strategies that include special offers and promotions inside the app. Promos and offers that are only available for mobile devices will help in driving app downloads and help increase sales.


Make sure that the promotions are only available and used to place orders via the mobile app which will encourage customers to download the app on their mobile devices.


It is also possible to personalize offers by analyzing demographics, the order’s history, special events, and other factors to encourage customers to return and build brand trust and loyalty.

6. Make It Simple To Place An Placement of Orders Placement Process

Customers are more likely to purchase online due to the convenience.


Therefore, make the order placement process simple and quick. GPS address locator based on GPS and saves past orders, as well as records several delivery addresses, payment details that are not complete as well as other pertinent information on the dashboard, which will speed up the online process of processing orders.


Setting the maximum number. of localities, an automated distance calculator to calculate the delivery radius, as well as introducing wallets is other methods.

Food Delivery App development

7. Different Options for Ordering

Include different ordering options to increase your ordering experience. Customers should be able to place an order for their favourite meal online through your app, make payments online and choose an option for delivery such as home delivery, self-pick up/ Takeaway, or in-car Dining.


It is also possible to offer food delivery without contact by using the feature ‘Scan-Order Pay. With this option, customers can easily place an order simply by using the QR codes, and pay online while keeping social distancing.

8. Multiple Payment Options & Payment Gateway Integration

Give customers the convenience of paying by offering a variety of payment options, including online payment via UPI, Payment Gateway, Credit/Debit Card, or Cash upon delivery. Statista reports that, by 2022, the transaction amount of payment via mobile applications will exceed $14 trillion.


Therefore, giving customers the option to make payments for their purchases in advance using an online payment method is a step towards bringing customers’ convenience one step ahead.


In addition in the case of commercial mobile apps, it is necessary to have a payment gateway.


Therefore, you can utilize third-party mobile payment gateways and incorporate an integrated payment gateway to your application using an SDK (software development kits) as one of the in-app payment solutions currently available to your application.


The third-party mobile gateway providers will manage all transactions via banks, securely customers’ data, and take responsibility for all payment transactions.

9. Brand Loyalty Wallet: Cashback and Milestone Based

Customers who are looking for value customers are looking to be rewarded for their loyalty to you and your business. Therefore, you can influence your customers’ journey by rewarding them, and building a community with loyal customers.


Give your customers by offering the use of a reward wallet or cash back to ensure they’ll keep coming to you.


It is possible to set up specials to draw new customers or provide rewards for regular customers and customers who spend the most customers as well as other customers.


It is also possible to keep your customers loyal to your rewards program through milestone-based rewards as well as customized referral rewards.

10. Customer Feedback, Ratings & Reviews

Ratings, feedback reviews, and reviews are the easiest and most efficient methods to gain insights and improve your application.


Customers are expected to be able to give a rating and review the restaurant and each food item available that is on the menu.


Additionally, they should be given the option to search for food items using the feedback filter or the top choices.


It is crucial to regularly review and make any necessary adjustments within your application to keep up with other brands.


And who is the best person to review and suggest improvements to than the users themselves? users themselves?


After a user is satisfied with their purchase Send them a Thank You message with a link that will take them to the feedback page in your app. There, the user can provide feedback on his experience with suggestions, comments, and even criticism.


This is the simplest way to improve the user experience of your brand application and improve user experience.

11. Real-Time Tracking of the Order

Offer your customer the benefit of real-time monitoring. After an order is successful the customer is expected to be able to track the progress of his order in real time via the mobile application.


The customer should be able to check the status of the order and the delivery rider’s location and estimated delivery time and other pertinent information.


The option of showing an estimated delivery time as well as the location of the delivery driver is not just going to help in making the delivery process simpler but will increase customer loyalty.


It is also possible to benefit from the potential of OTP-delivered confirmations and send regular notifications to customers about their orders.


You may be an owner of a restaurant trying to build a brand presence, increase revenue and increase customer satisfaction, or an entrepreneur investing in an idea of online food ordering, these options are essential to incorporate into your app for food delivery.


According to a study( produced by Google in conjunction with Boston Consulting Group), the Indian online food industry is expanding quickly and is expected to be an $8 billion industry by 2023.


It is expected to grow at a rate of 25-30 per cent. Therefore, investing in an online food delivery application that includes all of the features mentioned above can transform your business.


With a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals, Brisk Logic offers a seamless experience and a well-designed interface that will delight your customers.


We can create an Food Delivery App Development that is feature-rich for your brand or restaurant with an unbeatable digital presence in the mobile-first society.


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