The Future of Mobile App Development: Predictions and Trends

It’s not surprising that the mobile application industry has seen an increase in popularity over the years. But is this the end of mobile app development?


Or Is mobile app development dead?


Is app development worth it? How do we see the future of app development? What about its profitability rates and other factors that go into creating them?


We will be discussing how mobile app development technology has changed and what the future holds for those who are innovative.

Let’s take a look at some statistics…

Statista says that while the majority of app downloads have been to the Google Play platform, it is clear that Apple generates more revenue from mobile apps.


The number of apps downloaded to Android was $27 billion, compared with $8.3 billion on iOS devices in Q3 2021 – a much higher ratio than you might expect.


These downloads will be worth $34 billion by 2023 for US consumers, with more coming every year.


It’s not surprising that the app industry is growing with a total of 7.1 billion users worldwide by 2023. In 2021, every smartphone user installed at least 35 apps.


Many of these apps are not being installed due to performance issues.


App economy grew at an incredible rate with $318 billion in 2020 and projected to grow to $613 billion by 2025. Let’s take a look at the future trends of mobile apps to find out what they could mean for your company!

1. Beacon Technology is Emerging

Beacons are tiny devices that attach to objects and emit Bluetooth Low Energy signals (BLE). Technology is a well-established technology in the world. It’s only recently that it has gained popularity.


This is because many companies have created unique apps for smartphones that enable them to communicate wirelessly using this new method of communication.


It will be a huge benefit to industries such as hospitality, museums, and healthcare facilities.


Beacon technology allows stores to track customers’ movements and offer special deals. Because they can gather time and location information, this allows for more detailed analysis to determine customer/user behavior patterns.

2. Smart Apps Development with AIs

Did sci-fi movies in your childhood seem to predict a future in which machines will take over? AI can make these visions a reality.


Science fiction is now a reality thanks to its combined power in mobile app development, IoT technologies, and other areas.


Data is the new standard for mobile app development and law industry. Google Duplex demonstrates how AI can take over all aspects of human activity, starting with customer service calls.


Artificial intelligence developers have bright prospects. As technology advances and develops in the field of mobile app development, we will see more attention from mobile app developers.


Artificial intelligence’s future will look very different from what we expected. Let’s look at some current trends:


AI-powered chips that use AIOps (Artificial Intelligence Operations), for various IT functions such as voice translation and automation.


Deep neural networks can communicate more smoothly between themselves and humans.


This creates an exciting future where anything could happen.

3. Cloud Modelling In Mobile App Development

Cloud-based application development will be the future of big data as it is possible to create applications from any location and access them at any time. This trend is sure to grow in popularity with businesses all over the world.


Developers need to learn quantum computing in order to succeed in mobile app development in a cloud-based environment.


This technology will simplify processes and reduce equipment costs, allowing data to be processed faster than ever before. Hybrid cloud computing and quantum computing are the future of mobile app development.

4. IoT opens up new possibilities

With each new device, today’s homes become more connected and smarter. The IoT is a network of futuristic technologies such as coffee machines and alarm clocks that you can control from your smartphone.


To turn them on/off, you only need one tap of the app. No need to remember commands any more – everything happens instantly right where it should.



Intelligent home applications that are IoT-enabled offer bright future prospects. The connected world offers endless possibilities.


This includes sophisticated automated lifestyles, from cars that run on autopilot to remote-controlled homes that can be controlled using hardware or software.


These are possible thanks to the Internet. It’s the internet technology that has revolutionized our lives.

5. Revolution of 5G in Wireless Technology

You’ll be able live comfortably in the future with 5G. This wireless technology is 100x faster than 4G, and it offers incredible speed. It will revolutionize how mobile apps are developed.


Mobile processors are rapidly evolving with the latest technology. The introduction of 5G compatible chips will enable advanced app development and faster network speeds.


This will transform gaming experiences, as well as compatibility with AR/VR platforms and other things your phone can do better than ever.


With 5G-compatible processors from Samsung, LG and Verizon, mobile app development is now possible.

6. You have big opportunities with instant apps

App development is changing with instant apps. You can run your application and test it with one click. Developers and users alike will have the opportunity to access their content whenever they want it, in an easily accessible format.


These apps offer a lot, including the ability to store data in your device’s storage and offer immersive experiences. They are also smaller than other types.


You can also explore mobile app development with integrated payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

7. AR/VR Plays a Major Role in Next-Generation Users Experience

Two essential technologies for developing mobile apps are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We were able to see how Pokemon Go created an ecosystem where players could find similar creatures through their phones’ cameras.


This allowed them to have a new way of playing at home.


Augmented reality allows you to add information, graphics and objects to the world around.


If, for example, there is a video conference going on but no one is present, it may be possible for them see your avatar by looking through their headset lenses or phone camera.


Users can enjoy an entirely new level of creativity through the introduction of augmented reality social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.


These stories feature unique stickers that are only available on these social media platforms. This adds an additional layer to your communication strategy.


Google also has a VR-compatible YouTube app, so you won’t miss any videos that were specifically created to work with the virtual reality headset.

8. Trend of Wearables

Wearables and Wearable devices are becoming more popular. The fitness bracelet is a common example.


This is particularly true because mobile devices are no longer limited to voice commands and data transfer, but can now monitor your every move and help you stay healthy.


As the world moves away from traditional computers, wearable devices are growing in popularity. In just three years, the number of connected gadgets has more than doubled.


There are 722 million units in 2019, compared to 325 millions in 2016. This number is expected to reach 1 billion in 2023.

Last Thoughts

Mobile application development continues to evolve and grow with the new technology. We will see this as an increase in the number of apps that can be downloaded to our smartphones and tablets.


Blockchain is one of many emerging technologies that will soon be mainstreamed in mobile app development.


These apps will offer a superior user experience as they are made more secure by biometric authentication methods like fingerprint readers and face recognition software.


It’s going to be a great time for creating apps and designing websites in the next few years.


Are you looking to grow your business with cutting-edge technology?


These advanced technologies can be used to create native and cross-platform mobile apps for iPhone, Android, or iPad.


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