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Why Do We Need to Use a Ramp to the Future of Money to Reach Web 3.0?

A large majority of people on the planet aren’t likely to get up on a Monday and use digitally secured wallets to store their wealth. Nor will they make the use of tokens as a method of every exchange.

It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t , it is just that we recognize the difficulties in making people switch to an existing system when alternatives are better. It takes time, however that shouldn’t stop us from running towards the future as quickly as we can or trying to guide others alongside us.

We are thinking about the future, and are building those products and solutions that we require to reach that goal. We believe that humanity should start ascending the ladder today to reap the benefits of technology in the present and the ones that are in the pipeline. We require “money” to survive -However, we need to look for new products, services and platforms that enable our savings to be as high as we can increasing our wealth rather than leaving it in a state of numbness. The internet has allowed access to capacity that is overflowing at an unprecedented scale. take a look at Uber and Airbnb
and we think the same model is applicable to the world of money.

We have to put the money we earn to work for us.

The reason behind this is obvious. Banks have been exploiting us for longer than they should, they’ve played with our money and cost us millions. The payoff for storing our money within these establishments is a minuscule amount. The interest rates we pay on our savings are considered to be offensive, however not much has changed in the last 100 years. Banks continue to make staggering profits from putting our money into them. We shouldn’t be able to benefit as equally as, or even more, than those who use our money to become rich?

However that money doesn’t have value on the paper it’s printed on. One would think that because money is tied to a country, it must mean something. But the reality is that money hasn’t represented something other than a belief in the notion of value for more than 100 years. Since the day that the Dollar was separated from its value as gold and there was no currency that was backed by a commodity or an asset.

The steps to achieving this dream:

In order to do this, we have to rethink the concept of money as well as our expectations of what a bank account can offer. It is essential to create an underlying focal point that allows a myriad of service spokes to be extended out from it. The only limit to what is achievable with this should be the length that we are able to imagine an improved future. Central hubs become the foundation for enabling confidence on the internet in a way that is unprecedented and without having to disclose identities. The ability to hide one’s identity online is essential to allow certain activities, but it shouldn’t serve as an excuse
for impunity.

Stage 1 — Asset-Backed Digital-Currency:

Cryptocurrency/Tokens are the future of money for a number of reasons, but most pertinently they enable the exchange to be incredibly efficient– both in terms of speed and cost but our initial problem still runs true. If the majority of people aren’t prepared to be part of this industry What can we do to help them get there by removing the most significant hurdle to access? We can help them get there through providing benefits that exceed the benefits they have currently by many hundreds of thousands of dollars.
You can achieve this by offering services to that they are already accustomed. This means the money management platform that users are already familiar with. By replicating the features of an existing account, by iterating them and enhancing the user experience We can develop an attractive product that does not alter behaviour or requires modifications. This way the barriers to entry will be eliminated. Everybody needs an account to manage their money.

Stage 2 –Data Analysis to Enable Savings:

Our first item we create will leverage the wealth of the data that each of the users on the platform contributes. There is currently no way to ensure that you’re getting the best price for any service or product that you use, apart from asking your family and friends.
We will make use of the knowledge we can gather and then match it with tokenization, and collect incalculable amounts of actionable information offering consumers unprecedented transparency. The banks are aware of the price I pay for a particular service, and the price you have to pay for it. What they aren’t aware of is how fair that comparison is based on the various packages we are able to avail.
It fills that knowledge gap by collecting the necessary data to conduct the analysis. By using tokens we are able to make sure that you are paid along with everyone else using the platform to pay for you with the opportunity to earn greater ownership of your investment funds. That means that for each recurring monthly expense we can inform you what amount you could save, based on the amount others who are on the platform pay. In the future, we’ll develop a system that will do this automatically for you and will save you money.

Stage 3 — Earning Platform:

This will allow us to have a way to earn. It will benefit from our human nature, which requires everyone to act with a sense of self-interest and rationality. The most significant innovation is that when we act selfishly, all the platform’s users benefit and earn profits. You get paid to perform certain tasks that increase the value of the funds’ investments.This increases the worth of the tokens you own.While at the same time, increasing the number of tokens that all other people have Imagine the impact of 10,000 people going to their local store to ask them to start stocking an item we have committed to. Imagine the power of 100,000 people who share an announcement about a destination in the world we have on their social media profiles. Imagine that influence is shared over millions of other people sharing the same message. This can be the strength of platforms that you could be part of.
My aim is to create something that is bigger than anyone of us could ever achieve on our own. This means that for Brisklogic to be successful, we require the cooperation of all users on the platform. We believe we have the ability to leverage that power to influence and shape the world into the one we would like to be a part of. If we can encourage everyone to be selfish so that we can create the most beneficial outcome for all. This means that you have money to grow all other investors, including your own.
In the end, what we’re aiming to be is the largest super-aggregator ever in the history of. Collective bargaining on a massive magnitude.

Stage 4 — Establish a Token Economy:

The increased liquidity resulting from the more frequent transactions is crucial in the establishment of Brisklogic as a real digital currency. In order to achieve this, there needs to be a market-based economy that people can trade. This is why we need to create a system that allows those who don’t have tokens to purchase the tokens. They are able to take part in the above-mentioned activities by earning them. This allows those who are not banked with access and also provide the opportunity to gain the future participants at an earlier age than currently feasible. Digital currency is the process of building an entire ecosystem of consumers to purchase. It is a way of investing in products that are able to be bought or utilised. One of the most obvious examples can be International property. The property’s value will remain as an asset for the worth of the currency and the rental would be paid using tokens. The most innovative part of this is what happens to the tokens that were spent. If you booked your entire stay with tokens, the majority of them will be thrown away and the remaining 10 percent would be used to pay to cover the costs incurred by the duration of your stay. The transaction in tokens means that you paid a lower amount than you would receive in conventional currency, while the remaining coins are more valuable since the ones you bought were destroyed.

A wider acceptance would allow the cryptocurrency to be used for purchases in nearly every domain. The more users who utilise Brisklogic, the greater possibility of a market for transactions between peer-to-peer. Decentralisation is the platform’s superpower because other Brisklogic users are able to open doors to other services and products on the platform. By using the trust mechanism that is universal in your account, unacceptable behaviour can be penalised or controlled.

Stage 5. Disintegration from Marketing in the type of revenue

My most radical and shrewdest idea lies in the fact that advertisements as a method of internet-based revenue will disappear within the next ten years. The development of a decentralised web that is owned by everyone but not everything simultaneously is unavoidable. This will allow us to get back the information we currently give companies for free and stop the invasive and targeted advertising that we are targeted by and being stalked on the internet continuously by.

Stage 6 — Universal Trust Mechanism:

A common mechanism for trust is essential to allow the third Internet wave.

Web 1.0 created the internet.
Web 2.0 created the giants that control it
Web 3.0 will lead to distributed networks that can take it back

Airbnb offers an evaluation system. Uber offers stars however, there isn’t anything that spans the internet to offer an overall picture of how people can be able to trust you. Your money management account is your online identity and you are in complete control over the data available regarding you on it. This lets you profit from your data, and also determine the appropriate time to share what information. This can help ensure trust in a setting where, without it, it’s impossible to accomplish anything.

Each person is able to market their own personal focus. In various ways, it could be the one item in the world that remains scarce. Being advertised to can be a conscious decision for which you’re the beneficiary. Additionally, there are efficient controls that make it advantageous for businesses to take part with this brand new method. Instead of spending money to advertise for specific phrases or words If your money management account was utilised as a restriction that businesses could look for leads, they’d be able to direct advertisements directly to their source, without having to pay an intermediary.
One of the most important aspects to this idea is the fact that you’re the one who decides if you’d like to allow businesses access to your customer account, or not.

Stage 7– Platform Service Layer

The vision of Brisklogic is to be the essential component of the infrastructure needed for the creation of an open and decentralised world. It is the basis to your identity online, a way to monetize your activities online as well as a means to build wealth by creating savings on a huge magnitude while putting your cash to use. It is the basis to allow the creation of an investment-backed cryptocurrency where your tokens give you an actual ownership of assets. This is revolutionary.
In addition an entire universe of possibilities opens up. My displeasure at how the internet has changed doesn’t come from the dominance of our attention. It is a result of the abuse of a global network that is not authorised. In order to regain control, we need to create a mechanism to secure our information. It doesn’t mean that we should hide it or reduce the amount of information we publish about ourselves, but being more mindful of the methods we use to disclose information online and having switches can be turned off whenever we wish to disconnect.

In a society where we’ve been manipulated to make decisions in particular ways through the consumption of information and propaganda that is often proven to be untrue This isn’t just smart, it’s essential to ensure that we have control over our own beliefs.

Ideal Vision:

In the end, we want other users to be able to use our platform. This means we want to create products and services that are distributed and work with us. It’s an ineffective account. If you apply your money to make use of the technology available to us at the moment today, and connect it to the influence of scale on platforms, we can develop an electronic currency that allows us to create an ideal vision of the internet that is fair to all.


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