Tourist Guide Application

Geolocation based Tourist Guide Application

Gives tourists to design their whole outing

We have developed a geo-location-based tourist guide that will allow the tourist to explore the place with ease. This solution will help the tourist in finding the nearby restaurant, hotels or the attractions. This application will serve them as a guide.

Business Challenge

These days, it’s difficult to envision a journey or travel without exact trip planning. Thinking about his customers, our client needed to make a mobile application to get headings, find interesting things to see en route and the likelihood to eat just delightful and great dinners.

The traveler guide application dependent on a geolocation framework ought to be intended to simplify the journey planning process and make it all the more energizing and significant. The application ought to offer not just support that assists with exploring the territory yet in addition valuable and fascinating data about attractions, better places for rest and delight.

The client mentioned Brisk Logic to build up an easy to use geolocation application that assists tourists to handily design their journey, keep close by all data required about attractions and interesting spots, and utilize appropriate language for looking. The fundamental capacity this geolocation application offers is the opportunities for clients to sort the required data by class or get headings in a single click.

business challagne

The Solution

Our experts were required to make a simple-to-utilize geolocation mobile application for travelers everywhere throughout the world. The new application would upgrade the vacationer experience by means of arriving at new interesting spots with regards to their journey and getting dependable data on pretty much all fascinating and fundamental places in the traveling country.

The Tourist Guide geolocation application is accessible to take a shot on mobile devices with the Android framework, further, it is intended to help gadgets with iOS as well. The particular component of the application is the offline-working possibility, with the exception of the trip routing function. The created geolocation mobile application has an extraordinary client’s area following capacity that permits utilizing this application as a turn-by-turn navigation device.

Our product development team built the geolocation application using Apache cordova technology as a mobile development framework, that allows it to work with all mobile platforms without creating an additional version of the current app. Webix was used as a framework for the admin panel, that allows developers to reduce the time for development and data correction. The server API is based on RESTful architecture. Laravel was used as a framework for the back-end.

In the phase of map routing development, our experts applied Leaflet Map innovation as it effectively shows tiled web maps facilitated on an open server. Likewise, this innovation has an offline work option and made the geolocation application complete and genuinely client supportive. Therefore, Brisk Logic’s software engineers, experienced in mobile advancement, created an easy to use and simple to-utilize.

Result of the Product
Brisk Logic’s powerful work came about into an intuitive and helpful geolocation mobile application for each visitor who needs to find Spain now and the entire world in context. The geolocation application makes the traveling process basic, stunning and energizing. Presently utilizing Tourist Guide application, created by Brisk Logic, individuals can discover famous spots and attractions, however, find unexplored and astounding territories.


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