Great Advantages of Implementing a Real Estate CRM

What Is, and How Does a Real Estate CRM Work?

CRM software for the real estate sector is the perfect tool to carry out the best possible management of your business and increase the company’s sales. In fact, thanks to the management facilities offered by this type of solution for the needs of this business group, normally the software for real estate agencies is directly called real estate CRM.

Thanks to a real estate CRM we will have registered and organized in the same database the information related to our portfolio of clients and potential clients, the houses and premises that we have available, the sales cycle in which each contact is located and the process of monitoring our agents. In this way, we can offer a quality service always having access to this data in real-time, offering a completely personalized and efficient service.

Each user who visits an online portal and leaves their contact information when interested in any of your offers is registered in the real estate CRM database and automatically becomes a direct contact.

In addition, the type of search that has been done (characteristics of the properties, geographical area, nearby services, etc.) is also registered, so it also provides us with very valuable information about shopping trends and tastes of the public.

Main Functions & Characteristics of a Real Estate CRM

Contact Management

Customers are a crucial element for sales in a real estate company, so the need to manage the database correctly is unquestionable. In addition to creating user files, this system allows you to manage and link them with information that we believe is convenient at all times.

Property Management

Having a detailed list of the company’s real estate is essential. A real estate CRM allows you to easily add homes to your portfolio and order them based on certain parameters. So you will have accurate information in the property tabs, add images, videos or maps. 

Agenda Management

You can record meetings with customers and schedule reminders through a shared agenda with other real estate agents. In this way, you can make sure to establish contact with all your potential clients so that no opportunity for sale escapes and optimally manage each visit according to the established times.

Control of Users & Agents 

You will control the activities carried out by the real estate agents, even with the possibility of including the personal valuations of the visits they make or at what moment of the sales cycle each of their clients is. In addition, this solution offers the possibility of configuring different access permissions to the information for each of the users/agents of the application, depending on their profile.

Marketing Campaigns & Online Portals

With this program you can publish real estate offers on the portals of the sector and carry out advertising and marketing campaigns to capture potential clients. In addition, by correctly segmenting your database and knowing users’ preferences better, you will achieve much more positive results with your campaigns.

Document Management

With a real estate CRM, you can have all the documents centralized in one place, shared with the necessary personnel, in a safe, orderly and protected manner. Be it invoices, commercial materials, etc., your CRM system can help you manage absolutely all your real estate documents.

Creating Web Portals & Synchronization Mls

Easily offers an online portal with all the updated real estate offer and with automatic publication of each new home we manage. Participate in the MLS Real Estate Exchange.

Six Advantages of Implementing a Real Estate CRM 

  1. Obtain complete information on each client or potential client:  name, contact, where you visit us, real estate of interest, advertising on which you have clicked …
  2. Cross clients with available properties. The commercial agent can filter and cross information in real-time, offering a fully personalized and updated service with greater possibilities of making a sale effective, assigning homes directly based on the requested parameters.
  3. Know better the needs of customers. In this way we can adjust the supply of real estate that we have to the existing real demand, give greater visualization to the most required, improve our value proposition and increase the sales flow.
  4. Improve contact segmentation. Classification of customers by type (buyer, seller, lessor …) status of the sales cycle (new, in-process, discarded, converted), preferences, basic characteristics you are looking for, advertising or portal from which you know us, etc. 
  5. Carry out more effective and personalized marketing and advertising campaigns. So we can send email campaigns to each group of contacts with real estate based on the segmentation established, their interests and possibilities and follow up by sending emails, calls or appointments.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of our campaigns and agents. The real estate CRM software also records the activity of each agent and campaign carried out based on the acquisition of new users, the number of sales, satisfied customers, etc. and will improve our business decisions.

How to Find the Most Suitable CRM Software for Your Real Estate Business?

We believe that the best software is the most prestigious in the market or the most expensive. However, to succeed in choosing a CRM for your real estate business, it is essential that you analyze its functionalities and look for one that meets the specific needs of your business. It will not help you to make a large disbursement in a program that then does not meet your requirements. We develop a custom CRM platform for real estate and many other industries that will enhance your services and increase your sales.

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