High-Performance Data Analytics Tool for Improved Management

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High-Performance Data Analytics Tool for Improved Management

A big data analytics tool allows building queries to the graph database in a convenient and understandable UI, and these queries can be saved for later usage. On their basis, reports containing charts and tables presenting the data from queries can be built. It allows users to create charts and tables based on the data that is returned by queries, and create dashboards that visualize this data.

The Business Challenge

Nowadays every company starts to identify significant business opportunities and goals that can be achieved by superior data analytics and visualization. Businesses strive to analyze big data from different sources to gain profits from the development and production of new product and service offerings, improve internal processes, such as risk management, customer relationships, etc.

Our client required to develop a comprehensive, robust and user-friendly analytics tool for big data that allows users to get access to trustful analytical information, build queries to the graph database and save them. The main feature of the data analysis system reports (dashboards) and graphs that are created using data from the database. The system should allow users to create customized searches for objects in both local and remote databases.

business challagne


Our product engineering and development team was challenged to plan an easy to understand and elite platform featured by upgraded usability attributes, improved data analytics, and visualization.

The client required to create data management services with the capacity to oversee enormous information on the fly and make diagrams and charts utilizing data visualization features.

The tool ought to permit inside clients of the organization to make reports that could be imagined in online dashboards. The application isn’t available through the internet, just through the inside system of the organization. Clients can utilize the data analytics tool from any gadget, regardless of whether work areas, PCs, or tablets.

To meet the customer’s prerequisites for the framework UI and information see, Brisk Logic’s product development team utilized the rich and intuitive Webix gadgets. The front finish of the business data analytics tool was completely actualized utilizing Webix. Webix customization permits fitting the application to the particular organization needs and dynamic business conditions.

The Webix gadgets, for example, DataTable, Template were utilized to make report builders that permitted clients to produce reports (tables and diagrams) that suit the conditions a client has set.

The Webix Charts were utilized to visualize analytics data. The Graph analytics module permits envisioning relations between the objects in the database. To draw a diagram a client likewise needs to set estimation of vertices and edges.

The Query builder module permits interior clients to construct questions to the database utilizing the UI components (catches, dropdowns, and so on). In the wake of choosing a database, a client can choose the necessary collections of charts that are put away in it and run an inquiry. Windows and Popups gadgets should assist clients with emphasizing significant data.

In the dashboard developer, a client can make a dashboard which is a clear region on which different components can be included. Clients can set up the number of lines and sections of the dashboard. The backend of the product was created utilizing Node.js. It permitted adjusting the heap over the servers and getting flawless operation of the framework. We utilized ArangoDB as a simple being used, a superior specific database for records and charts that permits getting the right information in one query.

Result of the Developed Product
Brisk Logic’s engineering team made an easy to understand and compelling analytics tool for large information that permits clients to fabricate questions to the chart database in a helpful and justifiable UI, save and share diagrams and charts. It permits making useful and far-reaching reports and undertakings. The application is proposed to be utilized by business clients to work with the information gathered from various sources and to introduce this information in a helpful manner by extricating the required data and building reports and dashboards with it.


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