How AI can Power Business Intelligence to Deliver better insights

Data can have a story to be told, at least by those who are able to hear it. But data scientists who are able to find the connections, and reveal information from a combination of structured and unstructured data are rare in the present day. Numerous companies are seeking to enhance the capabilities of professionals in data science with the most advanced technologies available including analytics platforms that incorporate AI (AI) and machine learning.

One of these business is Japanese aerospace manufacturer AeroEdge who was faced by a number of manufacturing and engineering issues that could only be resolved through a deeper understanding of the data. AeroEdge is an Ashikaga Tochigi, Japan-based company was established in the year 2016 and is currently on track to be a major player in the aviation industry globally because of improved data analysis.

“Analytics proves vital to ensure each step in the production process has been improved,” said Shingo Yamamoto, CIO and Chief of IT Strategy at AeroEdge.

To tackle the issues posed by the massive volume of information in a important operational environment AeroEdge looked to an Australian company known as Yellow fin, which specializes in creating analytical platforms. Its examples are Yellow fin’s Signals and Stories offerings.

Turbine Blades made from Titanium-Aluminum Alloy

AeroEdge is one of the two firms around the globe that manufacture turbine blades that are low-pressure, and are constructed from an alloy of titanium and aluminum. These turbine blades are designed to be used in the next generation of LEAP jet engines, and they must adhere to strict specifications that leave no margin for any error. Each blade’s precision is measured the nearest thousandths of millimeters. These standards are extremely precise and are governed by a myriad of regulations. The problem for AeroEdge was to keep these standards while expanding production to large volumes.

“With Yellowfin implemented, our employees have gained cost awarenessand have increased our profitability in the business and everything is going in the right direction,”” Yamamoto said. AeroEdge utilizes Yellowfin analytics to detect patterns that can lead to manufacturing problems and resolve these issues 80% quicker that in turn decreases the time to produce.

“Yellowfin has played a key part in helping AeroEdge to fulfill the requirements of their large contract with an French aerospace engine manufacturer” explained Yugo Hayashi, the Managing Director for East Asia at Yellowfin. “Yellowfin’s advanced analytics capabilities are revolutionizing how we think about the BI market and helping companies to maximize their massive volumes of data. They’re now getting informed of patterns within their information that would not have discovered with human power by themselves.”

Although Yellowfin’s technology is a key component in AeroEdge’s success, AeroEdge however, other companies could learn from the success and start focusing on the most important elements that will improve the bottom line. The key is to utilize technology that provides meaningful analysis that is able to be done at the pace of business. For instance, AeroEdge is looking to expand upon its success in data analytics.

AeroEdge now a fully Data-Driven Business

“AeroEdge today is a driven by data and has an energizing and healthy culture of data among its employees. The company is currently looking into predictive hayashi 

The company has the ability to analyze massive quantities of data from equipment, operators measurements, and the arrival dates of materials in real-time and generates an inventory of items that are incompatible that are not compatible with Aeroedge’s Aeroedge process of production.

Yuta Uchiyama, the manager for AeroEdge’s IT Strategy Department at AeroEdge said: “We are now considering the use of data-driven analytics to predict compatibility.” AeroEdge is looking to make the most of their massive amounts of data, hoping to detect patterns automatically in the data that they would not have discovered with human resources by themselves.

“The primary substance is the titanium alloy. However, a slight difference in the proportion of oxygen and aluminum alters the efficiency of the process. We are currently looking at ways to decrease the ratio of incompatibility to future. If analytics such as YellowFin Signals can aid in analyzing these issues of incompatibility I am convinced that it will result in further reductions in the processing time for manufacturing and enhance the quality of the product,” Uchiyama said.

Six reasons to utilize Power BI as an Enterprise Intelligence Solution

With a wide range of customers and constantly changing needs, keeping up by using the standard approach to business is a major challenge. Business is run by data, and the efficiency of business relies largely on the way you utilize the information. Because of its unparalleled features, Power BI has become an essential tool for any organization. Easy to set up row-level protection measures, speedy and precise visualization, and analysis of data derived from numerous sources are just some of the features that put Power BI ahead of its rivals.

1. Usability ease

With an easy-to-use user interface Power BI gives you the ability to choose the report’s attributes. There is no prior knowledge of any programming languages is needed because the program itself is intelligent enough to provide you the highest quality report and visual element. The QA feature of Power BI replies to your questions in a highly visually appealing way. The responses in the form of numbers and graphs help make your analysis and forecast more precise. An easy user interface, simple choice of attributes, and the simple drag and drop feature in Power BI make data visualization easier to handle.

2. Facilitating collaboration

Business requires the involvement of multi-disciplinary staff in order to accomplish business goals. Power BI supports a collaborative approach to provide an unparalleled user experience. One user can work with another user to create dashboards, visualizations and other reports within “app” workspaces. They can also share them with a wider public. The ability to interact helps reduce the issues that users may encounter during report creation.

3. Cloud intelligence and analytics: Integrating analytics

Microsoft provides Power BI services on cloud. The data security patches that are available on cloud services keep data secure from malicious intrusion. Typically, Power BI Desktop is used to create the report as well as Power BI Service is used to distribute the report to users legally authorized to access the report.

4. The ability of predictive analytics to be used

The solution based on prediction transforms your business’s future by enhancing the current business environment. The power of data modeling Power BI analyzes likely “what-if” situations and then proposes the most appropriate solution to your business. The algorithms that analyze statistical data look at historical data to produce most reliable and futuristic outcomes for your enterprise. It is the Power BI reports facilitating the optimization of seasonal studies are highly sought-after. This is the reason that many companies search for reports that are useful and based on use-cases.

5. A tool that is based on a customer-centric approach

The power that is the Power BI tool has removed any unnecessary dependence on IT personnel. The Power BI tool is simple and centrally located, easy to use, and simple to use. Making data-driven decisions for your business can be a daunting difficulties. Only a reliable business intelligence software can detect the situation and provide an utter transformation with the inbuilt intelligence. The dashboard offers reports, charts, and graphs that are personal and customer-focused. It is possible to manage the shifting dimensions of your information in the most efficient way with Power BI.

6. Monitoring your database environment effectively

It is possible to use the Azure Activity Log Analytics capabilities that are part of Power BI generate a report using the log information for the past ninety days. The analysis of the patterns not just uncovers the problems that have took place during those days, but also determines the likelihood of an outage occurring and maintenance issues in the near future. A third essential component is Power BI System Center Configuration Manager checks the performance of the server in the cloud environment . It also creates visual reports of the security against malware of the whole system.

In the age that is characterized by digitalization and intelligence data plays an important part in shaping the present and future of the business. To make sure that everything is in place it is imperative to utilize an instrument that serves the needs of the business and delivers an optimal return on investment for the company. Power BI is a great tool. Power BI has been successful with respect to all parameters which are used as competitive differentiation. It’s not only about getting insight, but it’s about getting actionable and useful information. Creating a superior data visualization using Power BI makes the path of digital transformation easier. Even the best Gartner Magic Quadrant has recognized the capabilities to power BI in the implementation of BI solutions. The speedy services offered by Microsoft have made Power BI achieve the top position among all other tools for reporting. The choice of the Power BI tool over others will be a smart business choice.



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