Big Data and Digital Marketing

How Big Data impacts on Digital Marketing Strategies?

Big Data:

Big data can help an organization to better understand its customers. It allows a service company to make use of data in a more creative and reliable way in the design of a product to prospective customers. As the world grows digital, companies have an abundance of data. Big data reveals all of the important data which can help businesses reap benefits.

Big data refers to the collection of any kind of information including insights. It comprises all information in massive quantities and is utilized by marketing to monitor their sales and customers. It’s too huge and complex to be handled by a variety of management tools, including traditional tools for managing data.

Big data can also be an array that includes data analysis. They could be of the user’s actions or of a variety of other predictive analyses.

It’s created when various organizations gather information in large quantities, and then integrate the information. All data is analysed and processed before it is referred to by the term big data. It has various aspects and features. 

Big data comes with four major attributes. They are namely, 

  • Velocity 
  • Quantity
  •  Variety
  •  Veracity

Let’s go over each of these features more in depth.


The speed of data is how fast information is created and stored.

The duration of all the processes , including analysis, generation and integration is calculated and the duration is then regarded as the speed of large data. It also includes the duration that all the information or data is used.


The quantity or volume of data is generated by the user, and also using machines.

If a machine is performing it, it’s an automated process. However, when it’s being performed by users and they are doing it, then the situation is different. It’s a collection of various kinds of actions which includes huge amounts as well as all financial transactions.

The majority of big data produced is in petabytes or Terabytes.


Big data in its various forms comprises two distinct things. One is the kind of data. The second is the sources of the data. There are three kinds of data:

  • Structured data
  • Unstructured data
  • Semi-structured and structured data

The three kinds of data form part of large data, and they all contribute to it. When it comes to the sources of data there are a myriad of sources as social media have expanded to include a variety of apps and websites. Thus, there are numerous sources of data that could be collected. These include email, apps such as Instagram and Facebook, various websites, phones, as well as other devices linked to IoT. The information that makes up big data is collected from wearable devices as well as other sources of social media. All of the data gathered from these sources comprise the big data and form the foundation of all data.


It explains the quality of data as well as the accuracy of information.

Big data, its accuracy and the uncertainty of the data that is composed of huge data are based on this characteristic. It reveals how reliable the information and the source are.

Big Data and Digital Marketing

Big data plays an important role in digital marketing because it aids marketers as well as businesses to understand the business’s insights. It offers all the essential details about their highs and lows, as well as customer behaviour toward their company.


Every business that is engaged in digital marketing takes an attention to the huge data and studies it. Digital marketing helps increase sales and also to draw customers to the maximum extent possible. It aids marketers to increase their traffic by generating new strategies and strategies to attract customers. It is impossible without the aid of massive data.

Digital marketing and Big Data are closely linked to each due to their respective goals. Big data is a tool for increasing traffic by targeting most relevant people. It can also help in planning campaigns that target the right group of people so that they will be a part of the long-term. This is also the case for digital marketing. The principal goal in digital marketing is to boost sales and customers through the use of new strategies and strategies for marketing. Both are interconnected because of their purpose mostly to attract as many people as they can. 

The Role of Big Data in Digital Marketing

Management of enterprise and the management of large data is going to result in more precise and sophisticated strategic marketing strategies. Digital marketers will be able to gain better insight and provide transparency to an organization.

Big Data plays a key role in digital marketing strategy. It’s a huge amount of data that is analysed computationally in order to make conclusions and demonstrate the company’s constant exploration. It has changed the method that businesses assess their customer’s behaviour throughout the globe.

In addition to studying trends from the past as well as predicting the future customer behaviour and open up possibilities for enterprises. Marketers are always focused on predictive analytics because it offers significant insight into the customer base that helps them keep track of the flow of demand. It also helps decide how they can reach out to their customers through the information from their database to achieve precision in forecasting demand as well as optimal utilization of fleets and maximising benefits.

The Effects Of Big Data on Digital Marketing

As per Research and Markets, “the market for global cognitive computing is expected to reach $12.5 billion by 2019.”

Personalized Targeting

According to research by the researchers, one of the most significant benefits that big data can bring to the realm of the digital marketing world is that marketers noticed an improvement in their spending and were able to boost the process of developing products. In addition to the capability to interact with customers on a huge size, big data can be utilized to create individualized campaigns aimed at individuals. marketers can spot patterns in customer behaviour that helps to connect with audiences on an individual basis. Thus, understanding its potential and how to incorporate it into your operations of organizations has enabled them to figure out ways to create an effective branding strategy to sustain their business.

In fact, all websites that sell online utilize big data to gather data from their simple online registration form , which gives them an in-depth understanding of the shopping habits of their customers. This is a marketing strategy that aims to offer customized content as well as a personal experience for customers by analyzing their online browsing habits and shopping history.

Enhance Equipped to The Goal

Big data is extremely powerful when combined in conjunction with internal research and data and it’s equally crucial for companies to examine different sources, including third-party companies with analytics. Human factors also play significant roles in integrating big data and insights from external sources, such as directly speaking with people, conducting feedback, surveys and surveys from the public. This can improve the research process and helps to ensure the research’s quality to meet the objectives.

After the marketer is able to gain an accurate and comprehensive knowledge of the behavior of their customers, they can think about how they can make the most of information and data available and incorporate the information into their digital marketing strategies.

The Sales Chart Uplift

Big data has streamlined all sales activities and has helped marketers create an efficient algorithmic marketing strategy for their businesses. The model is self-directing data and advanced analysis to create a suitable and beneficial customer-business relationship.

This strategy helps marketers design campaigns to reach the appropriate people by using behavior match analytics. It also allows digital marketing executives to recognize the best time to advertise and other methods of reaching their potential as well as existing customers. Alongside each customer’s specific interactions are saved in the backend of the business. This information can be used to target customers by analyzing the purchase history and can also increase sales prospects using a upsell or cross-sell strategies.

 For instance, online retailers make use of large data to implement a successful pricing strategy. In addition, based on customer behaviour, they suggest similar products that they might like and purchase them.

The Future of Digital Marketing With Big Data

Big data has revolutionized the way companies spend their money and generate revenues. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) report, “total revenues from big data and business analytics are expected to increase by $122 billion from 2015 and $187 billion by 2019. Businesses that are investing in data analytics and gain the ability to rapidly analyse large-scale data and get actionable data can gain more than $430 billion of productivity advantages over their competition.”

Enterprises are expected to see a lot of investments in big data over the next year. While the amount of money invested may vary from one enterprise to the next however, investments in big data will yield a greater return on investments (ROI).

Industries in the manufacturing industry can expect an increase of up to 50% in the development of products and cost of assembly.

Big data has opened up possibilities for companies to utilize data to measure the benefits, customer’s and their activities around the globe. According to the NewVantage Partners Big Data Executive Survey 48.4 percent of corporate executives believe that their company has seen “measurable results” from their Big Data investments.

The issue now for digital marketing professionals is the best way they can incorporate this potential in their performance strategies to gain a deeper understanding and improve their effectiveness.







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