How Digital Marketing to be Fully Automated By AI?

When we speak to marketers about how Digital Marketing and AI will revolutionize the field Many are curious about whether AI will make their jobs easier or render them obsolete.

The answer isn’t easy the way we’ve discovered it over many years of experimenting with AI and speaking with experts.

Certain marketing jobs could disappear due to AI. Some jobs in marketing are enhanced through AI. Additionally, new jobs will be created thanks to AI.

This isn’t likely to happen in a single day However, it might be more likely than you thought.

It means that there are actual employment concerns that marketers need to be aware of now if they wish to be relevant and effective in the future.

Is it possible for AI to take over Marketing?

Digital Marketing and AI is the art of making machines more intelligent so that they can augment and enhance human abilities.

Many technologies are thought to be AI as well as being at different stages of maturity. They include deep learning, machine learning as well as natural language generation (NLG) and neural process of language (NLP) as well as image recognition.

Artificial intelligence systems that are truly intelligent can learn to improve their performance in the task at hand.

Humans design the system. set it up with a goal and it adjusts itself to reach the goal by improving and again while it completes tasks based on information from previous efforts.

The process is much more rapid than human trials and errors and also at a larger scale. This provides AI with the possibility of growing rapidly in a short amount of time.

Marketing automation in the digital age is constantly evolving, and marketers can automatize more aspects of their jobs than they ever have before. But how far will automation take us? Is digital marketing going to be completely automated?

Let’s take a look at the current status of automation for digital marketing and the technology challenging the limits and how far it can take us in the future.

What is Digital Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has the same role as automation in other areas of your company, optimizing your processes and streamlining them to analyze data, launch campaigns, and so on. In essence, automation involves employing robots and software to perform tasks that can be handled by humans but do not have to be. They are usually simple repeatable tasks that usually include data entry or similar tasks.

This can save a lot of time and energy and allows marketers to concentrate upon projects which require an attentive eye. In addition to increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. certain marketers even experienced an increase of 80% in leads after the implementation of automated software.

Marketing Automation Components

In the world of marketing, automation could be employed in many ways, from routines and workflows to data analytics.

Here are some examples of companies making use of marketing automation today:


Digital marketing is about collecting, organizing and analyzing customer information, and the majority of this task is done through automation. Through automation, marketers can make use of MarTech tools for analyzing data to divide prospects and customers into the appropriate groups. This helps marketers design specific, data-driven marketing campaigns.

Campaign Delivery

In terms of marketing campaigns, automation can aid in these, too. When you are nurturing leads through marketing campaigns, you must personalize your messages to provide relevant and valuable information at the right moment.

Automation lets you select the best recipients, create an appropriate email, and then analyze how well your emails are performing by providing statistics on open rates, click-through rates and more.

Workflow Automation

The creation of workflows is an essential aspect of automation in marketing that aids in all aspects of digital marketing, from lead nurturing to customer retention.

Social Media Management

One of the biggest advantages of marketing automation is the capability to assist you in scheduling social media posts ahead of time review the posts’ performance and help plan posts for the future.

What can’t be Automated in Marketing?

Things that can’t be automated in the field of Digital Marketing and AI are usually the things that you would not prefer to automate in the first place. Writing, art designing, and marketing strategies are all best left to human hands as they require human intelligence and critical thinking skills which cannot be automated.

How can we be sure you’re on the cutting edge of Marketing Automation?

The forefront of marketing automation is changing as newer technology becomes accessible.

Marketing professionals are only getting started with machine learning as well as Digital Marketing and AI for analytics to aid in the creation of strategies and marketing campaigns.

While we’re still some way from fully-automated marketing The latest technologies are automating more processes than ever.

It is especially prevalent in this data gathering space in which automated systems are providing marketers with the ability to collect detailed information about every aspect of a potential client’s journey on their website.

Information as simple as the reason users decide to shut down a pop-up window is being gathered and arranged to aid marketers in identifying patterns and responding to them that were previously unnoticed or not be documented.

What Will Marketing Automation Look Like in the Future?

Marketing automation’s future is advancing rapidly as new automation is designed to replace a variety of processes, and utilize more modern technology.

Machine training and AI are becoming essential and aid in the analysis of data to assist marketers in creating more effective campaigns.

In the future, this AI might be able to anticipate the future of trends to create campaigns based on ad-hoc forecasts derived from data. However, it’s still a ways away from becoming a reality.

Service roles for customers are being automated. Everybody is familiar with the automated telephone lines that you’ve probably contacted previously however, this has been extended to a new level with the help of things such as website chatbots, which welcome your customers and assist them to locate what they’re looking for.

The future of technology used in marketing automation is constantly evolving and improving yet many companies are struggling to catch up to current standards by constantly searching for more software to be added to their technology stack. A mere 51% of businesses currently employ some form of marketing automation. Even less are fully automated, and making use of this technology as efficiently as is possible.

Is AI capable of taking over digital marketing?

  • A lot of the tasks in marketing nowadays can be automated with AI.
  • Systems such as Automated Insights can be used to build large-scale narratives based on data. A program like Phrase can write better subject lines for emails than humans.
  • Pavel simplifies the reporting process in Google Analytics as well as Google itself is launching the tool to provide information immediately. You can ask it, and it responds.
  • Any job that is comprised mostly of repetitive tasks, such as the ones mentioned above could be automated using AI.
  • Jobs that require human beings to look through massive data sets are also in danger.
  • Artificial intelligence technology excels at surfacing insight or recommendations, as well as predictions from massive data sets. These machines are far superior to human beings.
  • In any event, each of the Digital Marketing and AI tools could cause certain marketing functions to become obsolete. These capabilities are also integrated into existing CRM and marketing automation systems.
  • HubSpot is now introducing prescriptive lead scores as well as AI-powered content suggestions on its website.
  • Salesforce is working to integrate the Einstein AI system into its entire product line.

What impact AI will have on the Marketing Profession is very Dependent on the Function.

  • HubSpot updated an employment study that examined the possibility of AI automation of jobs in the marketing industry and other sectors.
  • On the other hand, telemarketers could be at risk; they’re at a high risk of losing their jobs if their job could be automated. Salespeople who sell advertising also are more than a 50 per cent likelihood of losing their job to AI.
  • Marketing managers, however, have a slim chance that they will be automatized. Their roles might become more productive and enjoyable due to AI’s capability to automate specific tasks that divert attention from the actual driving factors.
  • It’s our opinion that we agree with the conclusion However, we remain cautious about AI’s capacity to self-improve exponentially. A good self-learning AI application can quickly change the terrain beneath the marketing of many who believe that their job isn’t something that can be automated.
  • Brisk Logic recommend that all marketers start to adapt in anticipation of a real AI disruption.

How do you deal with the effects of Artificial intelligence (AI) or Automation on Digital Marketing ?

Indeed, the Digital Marketing and AI market are still young however, it is growing quickly. There’s been a 4.6X increase in the number of deals for AI startups over the past 5 years as more money is poured into this space.

This speed makes it difficult to know the skills in marketing that will be the most useful shortly. 

There are, however, some approaches for marketers in any job to secure their positions.

1. Conduct Active Artificial Intelligence Experiments:

Numerous AI tools are simple to get started with now, and many companies offer demos or free trials. Explore the tools that appeal to you. The more you play around with them the more you’ll know about the capabilities available in the market.

There are also ways to improve your efforts using AI. This adds value to your business, while also providing you with an expert level of protection.

A small example of how this might be done in the real world One way to do this is to use Pavia for automatizing your Google Analytics reports, and then use the time you’ve gained to add more insights to the report that is specific to your company. The end product will offer concrete data and insight in a way that only a human-machine team could. 

2. Make use of the Most up-to-date AI resources.

AI is just beginning to develop. It’s the ideal moment to study some of the basic ideas. This isn’t just for entertainment Understanding the theories of AI technology will help you to recognize how AI can affect your work.

The better you can discern AI apps, the easier you will find it easier to get the advantage of it when your company begins to embrace it.

3. Become an AI champion for your organization.

The best method to secure the future of your professional career path is to take on the charge towards AI transformation in your workplace.

The potential rewards could be great If you choose the appropriate AI implementations can boost the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing. You can lead the revolution and be the first to know when AI starts to change the way we think about marketing in the way we think of it.

The most effective way to begin to promote AI is by identifying practical applications that make use of these technologies.

Bottom Line

Marketing automation is rapidly becoming an integral element of digital marketing. It simplifies processes and allows more efficient use of the information to aid in making informed choices about campaigns and strategies.

If you’re not using automation in its marketing then you’re missing an enormous opportunity for lead generation that your competitors are already benefiting from.


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