How do Get Funding For Real Estate Startups?

With the advent of the internet and modern technology innovative Real Estate Startups  are thriving to alter the traditional norms and offer something new and unique. It is widely known in the world of real estate that this market is more of a central part of a country. India the real estate industry has received an immense amount of attention from all across the globe from builders and investors. There are numerous startup real estate business plans that are also thriving across the nation; there are many budding entrepreneurs looking to challenge the established notions that are prevalent in the residential real estate business of India to change the norm.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional company or a start-up, finance is the foundation on which the business is built and grows. There are many potential entrepreneurs who can’t realize their ambitions to rule this world and become renowned business leaders due to the lack of financial resources. Therefore, it is essential for every start-up to obtain financing or fundraising to grow which will bring better outcomes for the individual and for the economy of the country.

Let’s take a glance at how funding can benefit real estate start-ups to succeed:

Financial Goals: 

Funding always assists you in achieving the financial objectives of your company. The business must take consider various aspects such as speed services, digital marketing and customer support transportation, web developers and other aspects that require sufficient funds.

Maintain a Top-Quality Competition in the Market:

Without financial support, it can be impossible to sustain the company’s standard and quality in this competitive business.

Eliminates all Obstacles:

The majority of business owners or entrepreneurs would like to operate their business in a way that is free of any obstacles. But, it’s absurd to think that your company will never be hampered in its path to the top. The funding process helps clear the way to the ultimate glory for your company without a second thought.

Are you looking for additional funding to launch your real estate investing business?

Conventional mortgages are no longer in and venture capital, private capital and crowdfunding are on the rise. How can you increase your chances of being able to take a trip to scoop the top investment properties, and grow your real estate investing business?

What exactly are the people who have this cash looking for when they decide whom to finance?

5 Tips for Getting Funded for Real Estate Startups


1. Get Good at Pitching

It doesn’t matter what the quality of your products and services are if you don’t convey that message with an effective pitch that conveys the energy of your business, shows that you know what you’re doing, and responds to prospective investors’ questions. Learn to practice your pitch and increase your sales and public speaking abilities.

2. Go Where the Money is

It’s true that your chances of getting certain kinds of funding such as venture capital might be higher according to your location. For instance, 40% of VC money is destined for Silicon Valley. But, those who have the money are advocating a range of other locations as the next hot startup area, which includes New York, South Florida and even Grand Rapids, MI. Thanks to websites such as Angel List and a plethora of crowdfunding platforms, you do not have to leave your couch to start a business. the cash today.

3. Take it High-Tech

Even though your residential investment business doesn’t need to be technologically advanced for it to be profitable and successful or to be able to raise capital, there’s no doubt that technology is more fun and is bound to motivate more people who are currently financing startups to think about putting their money with your business.

4. Management Team

The ability to have a competent management team is an important factor for investors. If you’re seeking investment in capital, investors would like to be sure that you do not just have an idea, but you have the expertise to execute it and effectively manage their money. It can be a difficult task for some investors who are new to the market. 

But, by adding established name names to your management team, or even proving that you’re employing an effective system that has proven to be profitable for other investors, you could be successful.

5. Early Adopters

Contrary to popular opinion and the way banks operate, it is not necessary to meet the aforementioned volume or revenue threshold to be eligible for the money. In fact, you don’t need to be able to make a dime in any way. But, investors who are interested in investing seek out early adopters to ensure that it’s something that they are attracted to and to observe the initial reactions being received.

How do you get the money in the end for real estate startups?


Perhaps you are wondering what you can do to get financing to start your real estate business. 

There are a variety of options to choose from where you could come up with a solution to help you with funding:

Lodha Group: 

Lodha group is among the most well-known real estate developers in India and has recently launched a start-up fund facility in the real estate sector in India. Lodha group has pledged to use every available resource at all stages of start-ups in order to accelerate the company’s growth and achieve the desired fame. Lodha group is not just a provider of angel financing and Venture capital or VC with an initial investment of 50 crores, but will also provide the best business opportunities and contacts in the industry.

Develop Hospitality Portfolios:

There are a few real estate companies that are skilled in creating portfolios of hospitality to identify the company, financing and offering various real estate deals to help you build a more prosperous future. These organizations or firms can help you raise funds from a variety of sources to fund your startup plans only if your concepts are in line with the values of the company and ethical standards.


This is an innovative way to obtain money for start-ups. Crowdfunding is an approach that is similar to borrowing money or raising funds via an effort by many people including family members, friends, customers as well as individual investors. Being an entrepreneur you’ll have to post your ideas for business and goals through a crowdfunding website and include the exact amount of funds you need along with your motives. This way, everyone on the internet is able to contribute money however they like. Crowdfunding is not just a way to raise funds for your business but it also helps create a digital marketing strategy that could be a boon for your company. Of the various crowdfunding sites available within India Wishberry, Ketto, Fundlined and Catapooolt are among the most popular.

It is a straightforward process that involves raising funds through the internet and in various parts from a wide range of investors. Traditionally, when you wanted to raise funds to start a business it is necessary to research and plan thoroughly and then pitch your ideas to a limited number of wealthy individuals. This would include banking institutions, banks and venture capitalists. Thanks to crowdfunding it is now possible to promote your business online together with the amount you need. This way, everyone online, which includes family members, friends, customers as well as individual investors can make contributions at any time they’d like. This will not only help you raise funds for your startup but also serves as a marketing strategy for the digital age for all people.

Angel Investments:

Angel investment funds actually assisted many famous companies to grow, such as Google, Yahoo and a few others. Angel investors are more similar to investors who want to invest in new businesses to help or encourage them to develop using surplus capital or cash. Along with helping the fund, they are also able to advise or review your business plan on your behalf Sometimes they even operate as a team too. Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels, Hyderabad Angels deserve an acknowledgement in this regard in India.

Angel investors are typically wealthy people who are always searching for opportunities to use their capital assets to make a difference. In exchange for their financial investment, they want the right to own equity or convertible debt for the company. Angel investments raise funds and will meet the requirements for a real estate venture that varies between locations. This kind of finance is ideal for real estate ventures due to the flexibility it gives as well as the wide variety of financing options for commercial and residential projects.


Also known as self-funding, it is a different method to get funding to develop startups that are in the Real Estate sector. Bootstrapping can be a great idea. investing yourself or your money. You could even ask your friends or family members to invest the funds – to ease the formalities and requirements for loan funds. It is best to make use of or take action with your savings rather than looking funds elsewhere. However, this will be more efficient in the case of smaller needs in terms of finances.

Bank Loans Through Money: 

Banks are always available to assist you with their numerous loan options for homes or businesses. They generally offer capital loans or funding. If you’re looking for financing options, you may have already shared the business plan and plans with the bank , ranging with valuation information and ending with all reports that are related to the venture. In India, you can avail numerous business loan options from top banks such as Axis, ICICI, HDFC, Bank of Baroda and several others.

Banks are the most common method of getting the funds needed to establish an enterprise. Although both public sector and private banks provide funding for start-ups, the criteria for advancing loans is very strict. This is due to the high percentage of non-performing assets that are found in India. But, you are able to seek capital loans by submitting all your business concepts and future plans, along with the details regarding the valuation of your project to the bank. A loan can be approved upon the bank’s satisfaction with the model of the business as well as the potential for profit-making and growth of the company.

VC Funding: 

Businesses that are highly potentialized can easily obtain VC (also known as Venture Capitals) which are professionally managed funds. Along with financial support, Venture capitals also provide mentoring, knowledge and expertise as well as evaluate the company’s performance. Nexus Venture Partners, Kalaari Capital, Canaan, Sequoia Capital, and Helion ventures – all of them should be included when it comes to Indian VC funding.

International Conferences: 

International conferences could occasionally be a good means of raising money for the upcoming startup. It is possible to meet your ideal investor who would be intrigued by your business concepts and is ready to invest capital into your business to support and assist in the growth of your business.

Programs for Government Funds: 

Also within 2014-15’s Union Budget of 2014-15, the government of India was able to launch 10.000 crores in start-up funding to aid the emerging business tycoons in the country.

Venture Capital:

Venture capital is capital that is put into a company at its infancy stage. It is a huge opportunity to grow. Venture capitalists usually contribute through the equity market or other equity-related instruments and sell their shares after the business has settled to a profitable operation. They are managed professionally which also offers the benefits of mentorship and experience. The idea of raising money via venture capital is an excellent option in high-risk industries like the real estate industry, which requires significant investment during the construction or implementation phase. 

Venture capital financing can help lower the risk associated with real property as an asset class by providing a diverse investment portfolio. Some of the most reputable venture capital companies within India are Kalaari Capital Nexus Venture, Matrix Partners as well as Helion Ventures.


In the real world, each estate is real that exists on earth, and in the same skies. If you’re trying to reach the mountain, but are still thinking about how to get over the financial hurdles you have to are encountered and you are worried about it, then stop here and visit Brisk Logic. There are fantastic solutions to fund your goals that can aid you in getting over every bump along the way. There is nothing stopping you from getting what you really want.


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