ERP Implementation

How does ERP Implementation work?

ERP implementation

As we’ve covered at length in our article, “The ERP Implementation Life Cycle–What is It?,” an ERP implementation is the eight-step process of “installing your chosen ERP software, moving your business data over to the new system, configuring your user information and customized processes, and training your employees to use the software.” And the second stage of any ERP implementation is “System Selection.” During System Selection, you and your team will take several critical planning actions, one of which will be determining the nature of the project. The type of the project will then define what your ERP implementation procedure will look like because every project is different from the others.

What kind of implementation plan is it?

The Cloud ERP implementation procedure can be classified into three different types.

  • Express ERP software can be used out-of-the-box (OOB). The customer is one entity that does not require complicated processes and no additional solutions are required.
  • Standard: ERP implementations are intended for any entity that:
  1. Use one currency and one language.
  2. It is not necessary to make any modifications or add-ons.
  • Advanced ERP implementations are intended for either single or multiple entities with different locations, currencies, and languages. The business processes and integrations vary from simple to complex. A complex rollout requires multiple stages (e.g. template rollouts or pilot rollouts, etc.).

Suppose you’ve selected Brisk Logic Cloud ERP and you have chosen Brisk Logic Cloud ERP. In that case, you will be associated with a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Partner who has a strong understanding of your field and is local to your company. The partner you choose will be accountable for identifying the ERP and the type of implementation you need and will help you navigate every step of the process.

Two Layers of Support

We understand that ERP implementations are fluid and specific to every company. The advice that was successful for one project will not work on the next. 

Brisk Logic has assembled the most reliable group of VAR partners within the ERP sector, and we assist these partners in providing the highest quality service to you. During your implementation process, you’ll be able to get assistance through the VAR partner. However, you and your partner will also have access to a dedicated support team from Brisk Logic. When issues or problems arise when problems arise, you can contact the Brisk Logic Support team will respond to your calls take care to treat the issue like their own pain, and remain with you until the issue is solved.

However, it does raise another issue. How can we as VARs and we support our customers throughout each phase of the ERP process?

We have got our own 8 stages which are in the same direction as yours.

What are the stages of support for your ERP implementation?

We’re serious when we declare the following: Brisk Logic along with its VAR partner partners is there to assist you in implementing and making use of your new cloud-based ERP system to its maximum advantage. Our dedication to this is among the reasons we’ve been named No. 1 . in satisfaction with our customers. To ensure this level of service We and our partners follow the eight steps.

ERP Implementation

  • Discover:

 We’ll assist you to identify your needs along with your goals, vision, along with the scope of your project. In this phase, we’ll ensure that you’re comfortable and prepared to begin the remaining aspects of your ERP deployment process.

  • Plan and Monitor: 

We’ll devise a plan to help you finish the ERP project with success. At this point and throughout the remainder of the implementation, we’ll be able to measure progress and make adjustments when necessary to steer your direction towards the success you’ve been hoping for.

  • Analyze: 

This stage is similar to the Discover stage, however, it’s at a higher scale. We’ll collect more details about your needs in the ERP system, and then look at your business’s requirements to enable you to customize the system to your best benefit.

  • Build :

The Build step is the next stage following the step Plan and Monitor. This is where we’ll finish each of the steps that we outlined in our strategy for the completion of our ERP project.

  • Stabilize:

 At this moment, we ensure you’re sure that the ERP solution you choose to use meets your needs and is now ready to go Live. We’ll also talk to you about how you’d like to proceed with Go Live–in a Big Bang, Phased, or Parallel

  • Go live:

means that we’ll launch the ERP solution by the procedure you’ve picked.

  • Post-Go Live:

 Our team will continue offering support for technical issues and add-on features, as well as customizations and updates, maintenance security, and much more throughout the time you’re using your Brisk Logic system.

ERP implementations help pave the way for future success

Your business expands and evolves; because markets are changing; people move, come, and increase, and technology presents new opportunities and challenges the ERP system you use and the way you use it will evolve. That’s an integral part of the concept of Digital Transformation. It’s a continuous process that changes businesses over and over repeatedly. Implementing ERP is an essential initial step to maintaining an edge in the market and achieving economic success in the digital age.

To give a great illustration of this, think about Power Storage Solutions an organization that provides installation, maintenance, and service of DC-powered backup solutions. Power Storage Solutions implemented the Brisk Logic Financial Management, and Brisk Logic Customer Relationship Management along with the Brisk Logic Intercompany Accounting modules, which went live and changed their business within just 60 days.

Co-owner of the business, Derrick Elledge, says: “In 60 days we went from being zero in Brisk Logic to creating a $24 million enterprise with 20,000 parts and five thousand customers. Sales orders project inventory, payables, receivables and finally, we launched] on December 1st. 

To fully comprehend the way ERP functions, one needs to be aware of what ERP advantages are that an Organization can reap by implementing using an ERP system.

ERP Implementation

ERP Systems Reduce Operating Cost

  1.  ERP system can help cut down on the main costs associated with marketing expenses, inventory maintenance production costs, and warehouse management, among others.
  2. ERP systems integrate all business processes in one place. This helps to align numbers across departments. I.e. sales and production, purchasing and accounting, finance and HR. With the aid of the use of an ERP system, every one of the departments is equipped with real-time, accurate figures that aid in making every business-related decision.

Instant Data Access

  1. After you have the ERP system set up according to the business process you are using it is not necessary to work for hours to gather essential information. The data is accessible in a matter of minutes.
  2. This can save time for the upper management and decision-makers of the business.

Business Process Efficiency

  1. It is easy to grasp the business goals and goals. It is difficult to establish the right business processes to meet these objectives and goals.
  2. With the aid of ERP systems, it is possible to effortlessly implement business processes that are complex to the company.

Automation of Data Collections

  1. The decision-makers in the company rely on the information and data of the business’s results and inputs. The data helps make important business decisions. With the aid of ERP software, information collection are automated.

Improved Capacity for Customer Service

  1. ERP systems boost customer service by allowing interaction with the client in real-time.

How can Brisk Logic help you?

If you’re interested in implementing an advanced, scalable, and advanced cloud-based ERP system that is backed by two levels of support that are created to aid you in your success and growth. Contact us for any inquiries or to schedule a demonstration.


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