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How Important is Big Data for Digital Transformation?

We’re seeing how digital transformation projects can open up new markets, provide new opportunities, and lay the groundwork for innovation. Many companies have embarked on transformational projects to better their operations by reinventing technology, business models, and procedures. Using information from the organisation to give effective insight is one of the most essential aspects of enhancing business results through Big Data and Digital transformation.


What is the role of Big Data Analytics in Digital Transformation?


The deluge of data (in massive volumes, varieties, and speeds) has necessitated the complete digitalization of business processes. Big Data Analytics can be used to harness the “potential” in your data, which can be used to improve and speed up decision-making for both operational and corporate objectives. The ability to have the correct data at the right time enables more efficient, data-driven planning, which could have a significant impact on the overall organisation and operational efficiency.


What can Big Data do to assist you in achieving your business objectives?


Although the concept of data providing value to companies is universally acknowledged, the technique of making the most effective use of data is still under debate. Businesses demand accurate data in order to make fact-based decisions, make more intelligent decisions, and execute faster.


Companies that use every kind of Big Data, including structured machine, unstructured online and mobile improve customer service, operations and go-to market as part of their business strategies. Through the integration of external and internal data sources analytical models can be created that can help you visualize the best way to reach the enterprise-wide business goals that are strategic to the company. The integration of Big Data Analytics in business models yields real-time data that allows the company to take their business to the next level.


Here are some common advantages for businesses from Big Data


Effective Insights: 


With improved data analytics, you can gain actionable insights. This can help drive higher-quality business choices, more effective campaigns, and more revenues.


Holistic view of the organization Integrating Big Data solutions with Enterprise systems can provide a complete perspective of the company. These integrations require new methods and tools for seamless implementation.


With analytics, businesses can create a competitive advantage with smarter predictions that are made based on the study of data from the past. Analytics and Big Data Analytics and Big Data can be effectively used to give a rational analysis of the trends of the past and business results that can be used to create an outline for future decisions.


Better Customer Experience: 


You can better comprehend your customer’s journey using Big Data. The use of Big Data analytics can help boost customer engagement and enhance customer satisfaction by providing knowing the most important elements that directly influence the purchase or sign-up decisions.


In which areas Big Data is making a huge difference in the business world Examples of use cases


With the emergence of massive amounts of data from multiple sources, including digital channels, social media and IoT devices, companies are getting lost in a sea of data. Businesses have begun to leverage the power of Big Data Consulting at a faster speed however, how do they translate the data into value for business?


Here are a few examples of how Big Data has brought in unprecedented changes:

big data has brought in unprecedented changes


Improvement in Performance Management:


Data from companies that are priceless can be used to answer predetermined queries and multi-faceted analysis to manage performance. With Big Data Analytics, predictive analysis of the needs of customers can be conducted to assess the ability of an organization to satisfy demand. Deliveries and forecasts are also possible by using a mathematical analysis of the patterns of supply and demand.


Helping to Improve Customer Value By conducting a thorough Big Data and Digital transformation identification of potential cross selling opportunities can be discovered from the current profiling of clients. This allows the company to focus on areas where they can have the greatest possibility to extend their presence in their customer base and establish deeper lasting connections.


Targeted Marketing using Social Analytics:


Utilizing the social analysis, promotion or campaign’s presence on social media platforms can be tracked. Surveys, polls and votes and the general social media activity can aid in identifying potential interests and the steps the marketing department should consider to improve future marketing campaigns and promotions.

Create new revenue streams:

Data insights from the database of customers can be used to carve out new business opportunities. A thorough understanding of the base of customers will help you identify opportunities to bring in more customers as well as new business ventures.

The epidemic has certainly accelerated technological transformation in organisations across the world. As researchers at Harvard University, “India is fast-tracking in”the Fourth Industrial Revolution’. with more than half a billion Internet users, India is one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets for consumers who are digital. However, the acceptance of the most current and relevant technologies isn’t the same for all firms.

Data is considered to be the most valuable asset, and could be an important factor in the performance of an organisation. However, this will only be accomplished when companies can efficiently utilize data created by them. And here is where Data Analytics can be a game-changer.Analytics is changing the way businesses are done, giving way for novel business models and revenue streams.

Big Data and Analytics:

The phrase “Big Data” is often used, but what exactly is the meaning behind it? According to Gartner, “Big Data is high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making”.

Big Data and Digital transformation is an intricate process that primarily seeks to discover different kinds of data that are not known or are buried. The data-driven insights can not only be useful for driving automatization and digitization of workflows but also play a crucial part in the process of making decisions. This is the basis of most initiatives to transform digitally.

Understanding the needs of current and prospective customers:

The power for Big Data is not limited to big companies, but could be an enormous help for startups and smaller companies to gain a better knowledge of their customers and potential customers. It will sift through an enormous amount of data and provide relevant data to attract new customers and improve relationships with current customers. In addition to providing insight into the customer it will also assist to determine the primary drivers behind purchasing behavior, allowing you to better target potential customers and help nurture leads throughout your sales channel.

Enhancing customer satisfaction: 

Customer experience is improved by using Big Data and Digital transformation tools to let companies be able to understand their customers better and actively increase loyalty, rather than simply responding to requests from customers or orders. Analytics can be used to understand customer behaviour. Analytics could also be utilized to discover the reasons for customers’ behaviour even if they haven’t provided the information in a clear and concise manner. This AI-powered tool utilizes the analysis of behavior to discover what is driving people to interact and the implications. This can help reduce the gaps and inconsistencies between the marketing strategy and make more customized campaigns that improve communication.

Plan better and predict :

The use of predictive Analytics can be described as the method of acquiring relevant Big Data and Digital transformation it into actionable information. It provides insights into target areas, customers, industries and sectors. It helps analysts make more precise predictions, and also help organizations develop plans for improved business results. It incorporates a variety of statistical techniques , such as predictive modeling, data mining and machine learning to study historical and current facts to forecast the future, or other unexpected events. As businesses look for ways to be more efficient and profitable using predictive analytics, it can be a powerful option to take to the next level.

Value to business from Big Data: 

Successful enterprises do not just want to collect and manage big data or other data assets that are emerging as a cost center. Instead, they reap economic value from the new data, mainly through reporting and analytics. Data lakes can be an important source of big data for analytics. Hadoop has emerged as the preferred (but not the sole) platform for data lakes and big data since users anticipate the lowest cost of hardware and software as well as massive scale.

Big Data and Digital transformation solutions aid businesses in formulating more effective strategies that are formulated using information and logic. Through providing insight into potential clients and customers as well as their habits can help companies make strategic and effective adjustments which reduce costs and increase outcomes.


On their way to transformation, Brisk Logic rethink their present data models and examine every part of their operations for potential development prospects. Businesses can become “data focused” through Big Data Consulting and Analytics, allowing them to optimise their present operations and improve their financial performance.



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