How IoT and Big data are Accelerating the Supply Chain Industry

IoT and Big Data are getting one of those innovations that are being joined into our everyday lives as the number of devices associated with the web is expanding at a quick pace. Physical devices  associated with the web, IoT devices, share an immense measure of information. The impact of Big Data on Supply Chain Management adds value, offers new opportunities and accelerates the existing supply chain practices. According to a survey, which was conducted among the employees of MNC’s of U.S, Asia and Europe resulted that the demand management, data science in supply chain and in IoT affect the Supply Chain Industry.

Big Data analytics techniques have the capacity to deal with huge volumes of information produced by IoT devices. IoT conveys the information gathered from different sensors and the huge information analytics tools can be utilized to store and make the bits of knowledge from this data.

How Big Data is impacting Supply Chain Management?

The impact of Big Data in Supply Chain Management is limited by two significant difficulties. To begin with, there is an absence of abilities. The supply chain managers who have the expert skill of their profession do not know about the data analysis techniques utilized by data researchers. Thus, they frequently come up short on the vision to perceive what may be conceivable with Big Data analytics. Second (and maybe more fundamentally), most organizations come up short on an organized procedure to investigate, assess and catch big data openings in their supply chains.

Big Data Analytics is portraying an important role in improving supply chain management. It focuses on strategy, operational levels, and strategic levels. Big Data is having an effect on all production network exercises. It ranges from improving conveyance times to distinguishing approaches to diminish the communication gap among manufacturers and suppliers. Analytics Reports empower the decision-makers to accomplish operational proficiency and screen execution to improve profitability. Supply Chain Analytics techniques expand information-driven choices to decrease costs and improve service levels.

brisklogic iot and big data

Let’s take a look at the benefit realized utilizing big data to optimize the supply chain:

Effect of Consumer behavior

Driving telecom organizations are effectively putting resources into Big Data Analytics to examine the utilization patterns and habits of their users. The data assembled from the analytics report empowers organizations to hold their subscribers and increment income fundamentally.

Improved Inventory Management

Enormous box retailers and top online stores with a sizable stock need to defeat a few difficulties. Big Data Analytics empowers operation managers to get a moment-by-minute diagram of tasks and recognize bottlenecks that hinder the supply chain process.

Real-time Supply Chain Execution

The benefit realized utilizing big data to optimize the supply chain is thereal-time execution of the supply chain. By using the big data in the supply chain it has helped the operation managers to monitor the real time of execution of the supply chain.

Accurate Planning and Scheduling

There is a pain for the supply chain managers to do the accurate forecast and scheduling of the events. Big data in logistics and supply chain helps the managers to plan accurately and schedule the events accordingly.

IoT and Big Data in Supply Chain Management

According to research conducted by Transparency Market Research, “the global supply chain and logistics market are set to exceed $15 trillion by 2023.” The impact of Big Data on supply chain management is immense. The supply chain management process is complex in nature. It requires point by point communication on each and every level. It embeds the monitoring and control of the product flow starting from the procurement of the raw materials to the disbursement of the final product to the consumer.

While the product gets distributed to various locations, its monitoring and controlling becomes complex. To solve this  issue the data science in the supply chain has been utilized.

“IoT is on the rise towards restructuring the entire process by which supply chains operate.”

IoT empowered sensor devices that give a contribution to supply chain analytics dashboards present open doors for the supply chain managers to have better access to continuous information and change the present obsolete production network structures and make the supply chains of things to come that are hyper-connected, imaginative, straightforward and savvy.

Applications of Big Data in Supply Chain Management

Improvement in Traceability

Product Traceability is vital to effective supply chain operations. The benefit realized utilizing big data to optimize the supply chain is to the Supply Chain supervisors. They can without much of a stretch can trace an item by utilizing bar code scanners and appending radio frequency identification devices to specific items. Big data analytics empowers organizations to assemble precise item data so administrators can keep steady over their circulation cycle. For example, it will be simple for F&B administrators to know when nourishment waste is probably going to happen.

Improved traceability guarantees the tracking of merchandise from creation to retail. Improved traceability empowers organizations to all the more likely facilitate with production network partners to streamline conveyance.

Improved Demand Planning

Big data in Supply Chain is valuable when organizations apply the assembled data about items to foresee the necessities of clients. With exact estimating and supply chain analytics techniques, organizations can improve benefit, anticipate client requests, and lessen store network squander. Organizations are currently utilizing huge information to anticipate clients’ inclinations, while all the while representing outside elements in the marketplace.

Better Relationship Management

Big data in logistics and supply chain empower organizations to give better client support and improve relationships no matter how you look at it. At the point when supply chain managers approach the right client data at each stage, there is a more prominent possibility of satisfying requests. Big data analytics also empowers organizations to fix gives that emerge in the distribution process.


Big data analytics empowers organizations to lessen costs, settle on quicker choices and grow new items to meet the client’s evolving necessities. Big data analytics is giving supplier networks more noteworthy data clarity, accuracy, and bits of knowledge, prompting increasingly contextual intelligence shared across supply chains. Improve your business by utilizing big data to optimize supply chains. Our development team gives efficient supply chain management solutions that empower organizations to robotize and streamline their supply chain processes. At Brisk Logic ( ), we provide end-to-end solutions including development, implementation, and management of big data solutions.


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