How AI Used in Education Startups-2022?

Two fundamental conditions are required for Education Startups to be able to enter the market and transform education through the use of AI.

First, a strong educational system that encourages new ideas and brings about change in emerging fields.

The second is the advancement of AI technology within your region, including the availability and support of AI talent, as well as favorable government policies that allow for the integration of AI in the education field.

Let’s take a look at the top AI Education Startups and the key to their success in order to get an idea of market needs and opportunities.

Analytics Insight presents the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence for Education Start-Ups.

The education sector has been hit hard by the sudden emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. In India, students are not sure when their classes will resume. Due to the emergence and increase in cases of the corona, almost all educational institutions have been closed since March 2020. Education is one of India’s most vital sectors. India’s future depends on intelligent and smart youth. 

There is an explosion of educational start-ups focusing on the integration of Artificial Intelligence in education. Students need to be able to continue their education at home effectively and efficiently. Artificial Intelligence models allow them to learn in multiple interactive ways from home. Education Startups are also helping rural students who do not have the necessary facilities to reach their goals.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Artificial Intelligence Education Startups.


Top 10 Artificial Intelligence for Education Start-ups 


Eupheus is a company that aims to bring 21st-century learning solutions from the international market to India for youth. The use of Artificial Intelligence, it offers a chance to prepare for life ahead. Students benefit from the technology-driven tools that are integrated into the curriculum, which ranges from Pre-K through 12th grade. 

It helps students gain access to quality education all through their academic careers and professional lives. Eupheus received Series A funding of US$4.3million in 2020. Eupheus also offers curriculum e-books and materials, assessments, projects, as well as tools made from Artificial Intelligence algorithms. You can choose from English, Mathematics, EVS and many other subjects. These subjects are associated with central and state educational boards.


Practically is a Hyderabad-based startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to bring the learning experience into a real-world setting. Self-learning apps are available to help students achieve an A in class and better understand the concepts. The edtech startup believes that students can have a real-world experience from six to twelve years old while engaging in interactive classes. The start-up has more than 3.5 million students and over 18,000 teachers. For its immersive video content, more than 200 schools across India have endorsed this start-up. The students can continue their education in Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality at any time and any place.


Mindler is a counselling service that assists students in making career decisions. It is well-known that the most important thing to improve the standard of living is the start of a career. It is important to do all the calculations and research necessary to make informed decisions. To kickstart students’ careers, the edtech startup uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with strategic human intervention. The company aims to reduce bias in career decisions by using cutting-edge technology and research. It offers career counselling for students from 8 through graduation.

Counting Well

Counting well is a popular edtech startup based in Bengaluru. It offers master’s maths at home in just 20 minutes per day to all interested students. The company offers fun and engaging learning maths classes for students in grades 6-8. It also provides a personalized learning path that guides them through each step. Students can get personalized AI-based mathematics workout plans to improve their understanding and use less screen time. Artificial Intelligence algorithms enhance learning because they help to determine the right skill level.

Jungroo Learning

JungrooLearning aims to meet the learning needs of every student who is interested in learning more. The company is a B2B SAAS startup that helps educators to understand each learner’s journey using an Artificial Intelligence-based personalized adaptive education platform. The reinforcement learning in AI is used to power the personalization engine. It also allows for faster diagnosis of master’s levels, monitoring of learners, and many other benefits. It was also awarded the Millennium Alliance Grant under Education. Jungroo Learning has Rs. 1 million.

Real Learning

Real Learning is a project that aims to overcome stressful evaluation cycles by implementing Artificial Intelligence for teachers in India. Artificial Intelligence allows for digitally checking handwritten answer sheets, and provides promising insights for students as well as teachers. The evaluation insight allows for concept-level analysis, cognitive ability assessment, and personalized performance reports. real learning has the distinction of having analyzed more than 1 million answers and saved over 3000 man-hours. It attempts to disrupt assessments by digitization, automation and analytics. For reducing operational and bookkeeping hassles, sophisticated image recognition and AI techniques can be used to automate the evaluation.


Embibe is another startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide personalized recommendations and free learning content. This motto allows multiple students to get the highest score possible by improving their attempt strategies and managing their time. The program offers classes for students in grades 8-10 with national-level exams like JEE Main and NEET, AIIMS, JEE Advanced and JEE Advanced. Research is focused on content intelligence, mentor intelligence, and student intelligence in the context of Artificial Intelligence implementation in education.

StemROBO Technologies

StemROBO Technology is a company that provides integrated, end-to-end services to educators in the United States. It uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance education. It is a platform that allows students to learn and innovate using Robotics, IoT and other disruptive technologies. Through unique DIY kits that are patented and innovative, it has more than 5 lakh students and teachers in K-12. It also offers world-class content. Students are exposed to AI concepts in real life through the curriculum.


Avishkaar is a platform that aims to create a new generation of innovators in Robotics, and other cutting-edge technologies. It offers a platform for students to learn about the latest skills, including coding, robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT and many others. The kits and courses are used by approximately 1 lakh students. More than 1500 schools in India have been registered with Avishkaar. Interactive courses are available for students aged 5 to 15. Tinkering Labs have been established in over 700 schools, each with its own equipment and solutions. Monthly engagement activities include six subjects, training support, events, and comps.


Robokart has begun to receive supplementary training at multiple educational institutions to teach students Robotics, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. More than 1000 Indian educational institutions have adopted the program, with more than 15,000 students. There are four courses available for students in grades 1-8, with three choices for coding. It teaches children how to design games, logic thinking, app creation, website building, coding languages, and problem-solving skills.

What is AI used for in Education Startups?

 Here are 5 top ideas to consider as in Education Startups.


Artificial Intelligence is key to online education that delivers superior learning outcomes and high cost-efficiency.

These are the AI-powered tools that successful EdTech companies use to reach these goals.

1. Learning is customized based on current knowledge.

The system recommends that students enter the Learning Mode when they are new to it. This knowledge check consists of a series of questions.

AI is based on the fact that each student’s answers to these questions are the outcome.

Students who consistently give correct answers can move on to more difficult questions. If a student gives a wrong answer, their AI algorithm will shift them to the correct answer.

A knowledge check is designed to evaluate the knowledge level of students and to adjust their curriculum to address their knowledge gaps.

Effectively close the knowledge gap with a personalized learning path

The AI-based learning program suggests topics that students are most likely to learn based on the results of the knowledge check.

2. Learning is similar to the initial check

The system will move a student further if they answer correctly. If a student does not answer correctly, the AI-enabled program gives a hint. This allows the student to revise the material or watch a brief instructional video.

The AI-based knowledge test will automatically assess a student after they have studied the entire topic. It will determine if they are proficient in the topic or need to continue learning.

3. Chatbots and virtual assistants can be used as tutors

Chatbot-style learning can be described as a conversation in which an AI-enabled chatbot, virtual assistant, imitates human teachers in all key activities.

  • Students are asked to answer questions related to the topic.
  • They will be tutored with specific hints and tips.
  • Support available on-demand in times of struggle
  • Formative assessment available immediately
  • Guide students to mastery of their topic.

4. Predictive analytics for identifying and addressing gaps quickly

AI algorithms analyze the data of students during learning and identify patterns in performance.

The data are then compared to a benchmark that is based upon a predetermined curriculum.

The system uses the analysis results to predict the future performance of students.

AI predictive analytics allows teachers to quickly identify students who need their support or intervention. You can also address the growing problem earlier in your learning cycle.

5. Automate repetitive admin tasks by automating grading and assessment

The AI software must first learn from all available data to automatically grade assignments. The software collects metrics from papers graded manually by teachers to help with grading assignments.

These data allow the AI engine to reproduce the human grading process.

AI can learn continuously, so the process is constantly improving and iterating. The software keeps the manual grading data for the purpose of updating its own grading metrics.

AI Software for Education Startups


Teachers are less likely to do routine tasks

AI algorithms can automate the assessment, grading and grouping of students, as well as reports and analytics on students’ performance. This frees teachers to mentor struggling students and enhances in-person relationships.

Learning at your own pace

AI software adapts the learning process for each student’s level, learning speed, and goals. AI software can also identify weaknesses in students and recommend courses that will help them fill them. Students get the best out of their education because it is highly personal.

High engagement rates

AI personalizes each course to meet the needs of each student, addressing their individual strengths and weaknesses. AI-based learning flows at a pace that is comfortable for each student. Education becomes more relevant and to the point, which leads to greater student engagement.

Every student deserves mentorship and tutoring

Chatbots and AI virtual assistants can help students learn and improve without the need for a teacher. AI tutors offer a fast and convenient one-on-one learning environment. An AI-powered chatbot can answer questions in 2.7 seconds.

Elimination of trial and error intimidation

Learning is a process of trial and error. Many students are afraid of failing. AI software for education offers a better solution. This allows students to learn in an environment that is not dominated by judgement, and AI tutors can provide solutions.

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