How IT Staff Augmentation Can Improve Your Business?

Finding new talent to hire is an exhausting and difficult task. The result is also unpredictable.


It’s the reason why many companies keep the process of hiring and firing employees. This is not only time-consuming but also reduces the value of a business. It is therefore recommended to consult with consultants and employ people who have demonstrated skills and knowledge.

Here’s a crucial point.

Employing developers for the long term is an investment. Although some companies have a dedicated team of developers, other companies keep hiring developers as and when they need them.


Whatever option you pick using local developers can be costly and especially in countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Here is where the model for staff augmentation appears!

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Enhancing staff is a common business approach, in which you can recruit developers from another company in a country that has an affordable price of living.


The company employs this strategy to increase the size of the internal workforce and meet IT demands.

You already have staff at your local office, but you are looking to expand or scale it.


Your team is creating an item that requires a specialized set of abilities to complete your project and the business needs.


The developers you plan to engage aren’t located near you.

Here are the top problems with hiring;

The model of Staff Augmentation is extremely beneficial in the IT business since an extremely specialized team for large-scale projects is usually needed.


If companies do not need to recruit developers or sustain them, they prefer to concentrate on the primary objectives of their business.

Common Challenges

The process of hiring is costly.


There are a variety of expenses associated with a hiring procedure.


When you employ the approach of staff augmentation it is possible to pay developers for the work they do. Furthermore, it completely eliminates recruitment, training, and other costs that are related to software or hardware requirements.


In essence, it is possible for your offshore experts to begin working immediately!

7 Ways IT Staff Augmentation Can Boost Your Business


The outsourcing of technical expertise has many advantages as well as disadvantages.


Speedier execution times and access to a global talent pool, the ability to scale in the event of need, cost-efficiency, and collaboration with highly-trained developers are only some of the benefits.


Privacy and security issues as well as governance issues and other concerns are just a few of the drawbacks.

1. Easier Access to Talent

You’ll be able to access an international talent pool.


In the past, companies relied on people who could be found in their local marketplace. In the end, due to the lack of skilled workers, it was often necessary to overstate their requirements when recruiting new employees.


This has changed due to outsourcing services. Employers from all over the world are able to benefit from outsourcing. They can find workers from any country so long as they are in line with their needs.


In markets and economies that are experiencing a rapid speed of digital transformation such as Saudi Arabia, finding qualified professionals with deep knowledge can be a real challenge. It is also costly and has limited the capacity of companies operating in Saudi Arabia to deliver on time.


Accessing the worldwide or regional databases of experts with a high level of expertise in the field of software development is an important competitive advantage for these businesses.

2. Superior Collaboration

According to a study conducted by Salesforce that insufficient collaboration or communication issues are among the main reasons for failing initiatives, according to more than 90 percent of employees as well as C-suite executives.


In an additional study, 70% of teams that failed did not have a good relationship with team members.


In contrast to freelancers, experts that are recruited through the IT staff enhancement firms will be an ideal fit for your company’s culture since they have been educated in soft skills and communication tools, as well as reports, and are assessed to be friendly and willing to be active contributors.

3. Smarter Project Management

Expertise in the field of hiring, both technical and digital who are proficient in using the most important tools to manage projects.


Distributed teams of software developers utilize various tools for managing projects to increase transparency and performance of projects as well as identify areas of weakness and swiftly address issues.


Employing a team of specialists or a group by enhancing staff means that you’ll be hiring experts that are familiar with working with the most popular tools for managing projects on the market.


The latest AI-powered project management software can manage schedules, reminders, and follow-ups without human intervention. This allows staff to save time for other tasks by ensuring that no detail is missed.


These advanced technologies work in conjunction with Slack or JIRA to improve workflow efficiency.


PMs (project managers) are required to spend over half of their time doing administrative tasks. AI-powered bots are able to take on tasks that are less important, repetitive manual tasks that allow PMs to concentrate on the essential processes of their management duties.

4. Flexibility to Adapt

IT Staff Augmentation can help businesses reduce time and costs by removing the requirement to interview, recruit and employ the right person. Additionally, just like recruiting and firing a worker, termination of a job requires an enormous amount of resources.


IT Staff Augmentation outsourcing can be arranged through customized software development businesses on a short-term and permanent basis. This means that clients needn’t worry about recruiting and finding employees as the vendor handles everything.


Teams that are distributed, on other hand, allow for flexibility in the process of development.


Agile projects are widely acknowledged for their ability to allow businesses to adapt to changes during development more quickly than traditional models for software development and we strive at Brisk Logic to provide talent who are certified or experienced in Agile-based project management.




According to a survey conducted, projects that are Agile are more likely to be successful:


When dealing with employees outsourced the two sides need to reach a consensus to solve work-related problems.


In contrast to freelancers, staff augment will ensure that you have analysts, project managers as well as designers, and software engineers who have the right expertise working with teams in-house. This can simplify the management of your workflow.

5. Save Hiring Costs

Any outsourcing arrangement assists the client and company in reducing costs on a variety of levels. The first is that it removes the need for the team that is distributed to pay for taxes and vacation days, as well as paternity and maternity leaves and sick leave.


In addition, you reduce the cost of hiring and legal costs. If you work with a provider of staff augmentation with an all-inclusive service it is guaranteed that you’ll receive all the services mentioned above.


In terms of remuneration, an employed Ukrainian software developer could cost between three and 4 times the amount of an American or two times more than an American or Jordanian.


The reason for this is that their wages are already covered by all benefits, taxes, and other costs like offices, workspace, and other property.


The ability to hire from a vast and international digital talent pool gives you a major advantage which is the ability to hire targeted talent at a cost that is managed.

6. Save Training Costs

New technologies are disrupting markets all the time and your customers are embracing”the “new normal” faster than ever before.


Digital transformation isn’t only a once-in-a-lifetime event. The main challenge for businesses in this area is the need to build an IT structure and business plan that lets them keep pace with the ever-changing market demands.


This is a requirement for having access to professionals and experts in the latest technologies that are essential to your company’s growth and success of your business. Training classes and certifications can be expensive which limits the capacity of many companies to embrace the latest technology and capabilities.


The outsourcing of your software for hiring and recruitment staff augmentation services such as Brisk Logic will save you money because it allows you to employ top professionals who are knowledgeable about the latest technologies such as AI machine learning natural language processing deep learning VR and Augmented Reality.


IT Staff Augmentation gives you the ability to access these technologies immediately with a cost that is managed without having to spend time and money on the training of employees that are difficult to keep.

7. Continuous Scalability

Businesses with their own software, hardware servers, servers along with other IT assets are accountable for everything.


If a company has to increase or decrease its size it must pay monthly payments, repair and maintain equipment, manage documents, and then acquire or eliminate new equipment. Customers who use an outsourcing company for software development typically don’t fulfill the responsibilities because they’re distracted by other work.


We are Brisk Logical we provide accredited DevOps as well as Cloud experts to help startups as well as enterprises to scale and control their IT infrastructure.

Surprising Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Model


1. Reduces the Recruitment Time

Organizing and planning an event for recruitment is a time-consuming task. From the creation of the job Description (JD) and updating the JD on various job sites.


The process of shortlisting to interviewing requires lots of time, effort, and energy. If something goes wrong during the process of hiring the company must start over.


When it is to the IT Staff Augmentation Model, the job of recruiting developers falls to the sole responsibility of the agency that hires staff. It’s an hour for the team responsible for IT Staff Augmentation.

2. Efficient Staff Management

In comparison to managed services and outsourcing IT staff augmentation services offer greater control over the team’s workflow. Additionally the ability to take action quickly.

3. Focus on Talent and not Vendors

If you are looking for top-quality software developers, ensure that you look at the knowledge of the company’s experience in this field.


Find the expertise you need and then narrow your choices. Consider that you are looking to create an application for mobile phones with Flutter.


Therefore, you must look at the firms for IT Staff Augmentation that can assist you to recruit mobile developers who have hands-on experience in the creation of Flutter applications.


The service that staffs offers you the chance to work with the top and most talented people, with no commitments to long-term contracts. You can employ a single developer or team The choice is yours.

4. Quality on a Budget

In fact, paying full-time wages to your internal team can be expensive, particularly for new businesses. It is essential to offer other bonuses and allowances at times to keep your employees satisfied. This is not an issue when you choose an IT Staff Augmentation.


You can save money by hiring a qualified developer with the capability to create the same high-quality work, and for a fraction of the costs over the course of time.

5. Access to a Talented Pool of Experts

The business only chooses what skills are required to be used and the staff augmentation company only takes a short time to provide the necessary specialists.


Staff augmentation provides access to the global database which is a dedicated group made up of developers for software, which allows them to collaborate with experts from all over the world.


Simple to understand, an IT staff augmentation is the best way to create an IT team of remote developers from a different country to meet your company’s goals.


Companies are able to leverage internal and external resources, search for loopholes and then fill in the gaps if they exist with staff augmenting.


The staffing solution provides access to professional staff while decreasing the amount of training and development experts required to increase the resource as part of the plan.

6. Reduction of the Operational Cost

The staffing and recruitment services of IT Staff Augmentation reduce the cost that is incurred by full-time IT recruitment and reduce the cost of operations. The hiring is made on a project-based basis, while not paying full-time salaries during times when the project isn’t taking place.


The business must provide benefits to employees who are full-time such as insurance and other perks. All of this is removed in the event that employees go to outsourcing. This reduces the total operational cost.

7. Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability

It is much easier to scale up and down when you use the model of IT staff augmentation. It adds another degree of flexibility and scalability to the equation. It is always a good idea to increase the staff by adding new personnel according to the needs rather than enlisting full-time workers and then cutting them off.

Hire Brisk Logic Certified Software Engineers with Brisk Logic

These tips should help you find the perfect partner to collaborate with. As you might have guessed improving your business capabilities through the use of employees from third parties and service providers could be useful. 

This allows you to:

  • You can save time and money.
  • Gain access to the latest expertise in product and project management
  • Effectively communicate 
  • Utilize the latest technologies
  • Find and recruit talent more easily
  • Manage and scale resources as needed

Brisk Logic has more than 14 years of experience within the IT outsourcing sector and has earned a name for its design-driven digital product development.

From the discovery of products to the development of products.


We offer a broad variety of services that are part of a comprehensive package that includes post-launch support such as DevOps as well as Cloud Managed Services.


For more information about our offerings and to set up a meeting for a consultation, please contact one of our representatives on this site at this link. We will ensure a smooth and productive collaboration that yields the desired results on time and on budget.


Firms have a wealth of benefits, including lower operating costs and fewer legal obligations as well as paperwork. It offers greater flexibility.


Augmentation solves a variety of issues, giving the business a stable and constant capacity workforce. Augmentation reduces the time, cost, and energy spent on recruiting. Any company that is looking to grow ought to seriously consider this method of hiring.


If you have the right developers employed through the model of staff augmentation it is possible to get a fresh perception of how things perform. The effectiveness and discipline they bring to the table will motivate staff members in-house to enhance their performance.


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