How Much Does it Cost to Develop an IoT Application in 2022?

The two main problems for companies who are considering IoT are the costs of the initial software development (or “integration”) and the ongoing costs after devices are deployed. When key stakeholders debate the ever-present build vs . buy issue, those who prefer building tend to overestimate both.

What exactly goes into Iot development and maintenance of your product? What kinds of timelines and budgets are you required to prepare for if you decide to build your own software instead of selecting one of the existing platforms? We’ll explain it to you in this short review.



The software that’s downloaded and runs within the physical device. It is a low-level controller of the device’s unique algorithm. Networks and connectivity are components of the development of firmware and are vital to every IoT implementation.

Experience required in embedded programming: C, C++

If you’re working in electronics, the development of firmware is the most important component of software and it is extremely advantageous to have an engineer team on the project. Firmware development is split into two components writing code that implements the business logic and manages the device’s electrical circuit, and code to manage the data connectivity and transfer to and from the cloud.

Also, you will require equipment to run tests on the firmware. You can rely on a QA expert or rely on your engineers. A crucial aspect to take into consideration is integrating firmware updates over the air (OTA as well as FOTA) at the beginning. This can help to alleviate a variety of problems but also cause a lot of problems in the event of a poor implementation.

FOTA technology lets manufacturers remotely install and install the latest software roll out patches and bug fixes or even update features and services once the device is deployed at the site of work at home, office, or. FOTA is a recurring cost typically for one side, the Cloud side. This functionality is usually provided with IoT platforms.

Like all software development, from an overall perspective, anticipate fixing bugs as well as releasing new versions. dealing issues with memory leaks, giving technical support, and so on. The most significant ongoing costs you’ll have to bear are human resources needed to accomplish each of these tasks.

When your business has sufficient data for analysis an additional piece of information could become vital: optimized ML models that be used within the gadget. To develop such models it is necessary to hire an experienced data scientist who has embedded tech expertise.


Cloud HTML0is the service that is accessible to users at-will through the Internet via the cloud computing server of a provider. The IoT servers serve a variety of purposes including monitoring, administration collecting data, analysis.

Expertise is required for backend development based on a selection of technologies massive data processing DevOps (maintenance and assistance).

You could build your own server application , or make use of services such as AWS, Azure and build on top of those. If you choose to create an own server backend then you’ll require highly skilled engineers who have knowledge of the software you have chosen, as well as an assistance team to support the system after it has been it is in use.

Make sure you have at the very least the number of DevOps engineer to watch the system while it is in production.


In addition to salary, include cloud-based hosting services, domain name rental, SSL/TLS certificates purchased along with updates and storage and backups.

Depending on whether you decide to build your own backend, or stick to a pre-built system the cost of your initial investment will differ. But, operating the cloud server will have recurring costs. They will only increase as your company grows.


When the device is connected, in the present you will require an interface for users to communicate with your device, or service. to configure it, manage and monitor remotely, monitor processes and more. It could be a touch control, mobile application as well as a web-based app as well as a voice-based app (e.g., Amazon Alexa ability) or any other.

Utilizing connected devices that are deployed generally requires two different applications that are designed for customers and apps designed for internal use by companies (device management and analytics, device health tracking the flow of data).

Data Maintenance and Management costs

In this case we must split the maintenance and hosting costs. The cost of hosting is cheaper over the long term and reduces the risk of multiple issues in comparison to having a team manage an individual cloud.

Timeline and Budget

I’ve worked in software development for more than 20 years and doubt that any top-quality software can be created in less than nine months. Add in a buffer of time to fix bugs as well as requirements and document writing and you’ll get twelve months of time – an actual timeframe. If you are not convinced with me, I’d love to hear your opinions on the comment section.

Building IoT Software

As you can see, creating the custom IoT application from scratch isn’t an inexpensive endeavor, particularly with a team that is based within the USA. If you have the necessary people and you have a proven ROI calculation of your IoT investment – then go for it and build it in-house. However, if you’re an OEM that is focused on their core products and are concerned about reducing costs and the time it takes to market, you’re probably better off using a reliable IoT platform. These folks have spent the last few years (and typically millions) creating the software you need , and testing it with real-world clients in real-world environments, along with all the valuable lessons which come with it.

The IoT Application fundamental elements include:

  • The kind of app that you’re planning to create.

  • The features through which the app will be loaded.

  • How complex is the app’s functionality?

  • The types of technology used.

  • There are a variety of connections to the device.

  • Location.

Estimate the costs of developing IoT applications in different areas

The estimated cost of IoT app development is:

  • Media: starting at $10,000

  • Monitoring of the environment : from $10,000

  • Management of infrastructure : from $25,000

  • Production : from $50,000

  • Management of energy : from $27,000

  • Health and medical system : from $30,000

  • Automation of homes and buildings : from $50,000

  • The cost of transportation : from $25,000

Are you ready to build your own IoT Application?

Beginning an IoT business with IoT Application requires only eight steps using Brisklogic :

  1. Find a problem you would like to solve using your solution

  2. Select the best IoT platform

  3. Select the right hardware

  4. Build an MVP

  5. Test market acceptance and win the approval of stakeholders

  6. Design an IoT solution

  7. Advertise your IoT product

  8. Offer support and maintenance



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