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How React Js is Defining the Customer Experience?

What is React Js?

React JS is in essence an JavaScript library that is maintained and developed by Facebook. According to the person who developed React JS, Jordan Walke, React is an efficient, declarative and flexible open-source JavaScript library to create easy, quick and scalable front-ends for web-based applications.

Since its inception it has taken over the development industry in the front-end to the forefront.

The most recent survey conducted by Stack Overflow also found the fact that React was the best adored web framework and Angular placed 9th on the same list.

Today, there are more than 220,000 active websites running React. In addition, major companies such as Apple, Netflix, Paypal and many more have also begun to use React JS in their software productions.

With the number of companies that use React JS including some of the most renowned brands across the globe, React must be offering an array of benefits, surely?

Of course, it is.

The best to ask would be…

What are the most significant advantages that come with React JS that encourage so many companies and brands to utilize React JS?

React Js has many advantages for front-end development

React JS is a powerful framework. React JS offers tons of advantages. Let’s look at the main advantages from React JS to understand why it is different from different front-end frameworks.


The React is a framework that allows developers to use specific parts of their applications on both the client-side and server-side, which in turn increases efficiency of the developing process.

In simple terms, various developers can write separate sections and the changes they make will not affect the program’s logic.


As compared to other frontend frameworks in comparison to other frontend frameworks, React code is much easier to maintain and adaptable due to the modular nature of its structure. This can save enormous amounts of time and costs for companies.


React JS was created to deliver high performance with speed with a focus on. The framework’s core provides an online DOM program as well as server-side rendering, making complicated applications run very fast.

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The deployment of React is relatively simple to do if you’ve got an understanding of JavaScript.

Indeed, a skilled JavaScript developer can learn the fundamentals that are part of React. React framework in the span of a couple of hours.

Mobile app development

If you believed that React is intended for web development only it is more incorrect! Facebook has recently upgraded the framework for creating native mobile applications to both Android and iOS platforms.

Now you are aware of the main advantages of React, and you know the key benefits of the React framework we can move on and review the best reasons to choose React the JS framework to build your next venture.

10 reasons why react Js is the best option for your project

If you’ve already been informed about React but aren’t confident about whether you should utilize React in your project and if it’s a good idea, then this article can be of help.

Below , we will discuss the top seven reasons React JS can be the most suitable framework for your project.

It’s simple to master

In comparison to other popular front-end frameworks, such as Angular and Vue are much simpler to master.

It’s actually one of the primary reasons React became so popular in a short time. It assists businesses in quickly constructing their plans.

The more difficult it is to master the specific technology or framework and framework, the longer it takes to start the process of development. We, as human humans, are prone to stay clear of things which are difficult to master.

However, as React is a framework that is simple to learn and to get started companies and large brands are more inclined to making use of React.

It aids in creating rich user interfaces.

The design in the interface for users within the application plays a crucial part. If the interface for users is poorly designed, it reduces the chance for an application to be successful.

If an app is user-friendly, it is more likely that your users will want to use your application.

So, creating user-friendly interfaces is a necessity in order for an application to last and grow.

It’s good to know that React allows the creation of quality, robust user interfaces using its declarative elements, which leads us to the next topic.

It lets you write Customer components

React includes JSX which is an optional syntax extension that lets you make your own Customer components.

They mainly support HTML quotation marks and provide rendering all sub components an enjoyable user experience for the developers.

Although there have been a lot of discussions about JSX, it’s already been utilized for creating Customer components, creating high-volume applications, and for converting HTML mock ups to React Element trees.

It uplifts developers’ productivity

Regular updates can lead to issues when an application has complicated logic, and any one change in one component could have a profound impact on other components.

To combat this issue, Facebook has amplified React by introducing the feature of component re-usability.

Re-usability of components within React basically lets developers reuse the identical digital objects.

The process is also simple! For instance, developers start by adding basic components like buttons or text fields as well as check boxes and transfer them to wrapper components that will eventually be moved to the main component.

This method is essentially better for development and maintenance of code since every component in React has its internal logic that is simple to alter and in turn, improves the effectiveness of developing applications.

It provides rapid rendering

If you’re creating a complicated application that is high-load It is imperative to determine the structure of your app from the beginning because it will affect its performance.

In simpler terms it is that it is clear that the DOM model is a tree-structured model. Therefore, even a small change on a more advanced layer could have a huge impact on users’ interfaces of the application. To combat this, Facebook has introduced a virtual DOM feature.

Virtual DOM as its name implies is the representation of DOM that lets you test every change in the DOM first , in order to determine the risk associated with each modification.

This strategy assists in maintaining the app’s performance and provides a superior user experience.

It is SEO-friendly

In any online company Search engine optimization is the way to go to make it successful.

As per Moz The lower the load time of a page and the quicker the speed of rendering the higher the application will be on Google.

Because of the speed of rendering speed, React as compared to other frameworks, dramatically reduces page load times which is a huge help to businesses to get the first position on the Google Search Engine Result Page.

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It includes useful tools for developers.

The process of learning new technologies and applying them in real-world projects can be fun and productive However, only if they’re utilized in a way that is appropriate.

Facebook is aware of this and that’s why they’ve introduced the needed React development tools and Chrome dev tools into the React JS framework.

The React tools assist developers in identifying parents and children of components, examine hierarchies of component hierarchy and examine the state of components’ current status and props.

Strong community Support for the community

Similar to Angular, React also has a strong community-based support, which is among the primary reasons to use React JS in your project.

Everyday, a huge amount of individual React developers are working on creating React, an improved frontend framework. Presently, React JS has attained the number of stars of 136,079 in Github and has 1,331 regular contributors.

In addition, experts are frequently posting gratuitous React videos via Youtube and writing comprehensive React tutorial articles and blogs online. For example, a basic “free React tutorial” search on Google yields 13,00,00,000 results.

In addition, React experts are also frequently solving problems on QA websites like Stack Overflow and Quora, so if you find yourself stuck using React it is possible to find solutions that are reliable and provided by experts.

It provides better stability to code

React uses downward flow of data so that it is sure the structure of the parent doesn’t be affected by any changes in the child structure.

Therefore, when a developer modifies an object, he just needs to alter its state and make the appropriate changes. In this way, only a specific component will be changed.

The structure and flow of data, in turn, result in more stability to the code and enhance the operation of applications.

It is employed by a variety of Fortune 500 companies.

Still, you aren’t sure whether to make use of React instead?

Take a look at some of the most inspiring instances that illustrate the benefits of React solutions. Many businesses, including certain Fortune 500 companies, have decided to use React JS for their websites and mobile applications.

Airbnb, Tesla, Tencent QQ as well as Walmart have been among the most popular companies that created mobile apps using React Native. React Native framework.

The web-based framework React On the other hand is currently used by some of the most renowned companies like Netflix, Paypal, NASA, BBC, Lyft, and New York Times to name only a handful of.

The issue is, if the majority of prosperous or Fortune 500 companies are using React and React Native, then React should be a really useful front-end and mobile application design framework.

How does React Js identify the Customer Experience?

There are several ways that React Js identify the Customer Experience which we mention below:

React js in social networking web-based applications:

Social networking apps have been the most popular use-case for Reactjs ever since it was first utilized to build Facebook. If you’re planning to develop an app for social networking and you are looking for the reasons why you should select Reactjs as your first choice for the next development.

There is a fact that all social network applications have to load pages in response to specific user requests. But, every page on the majority of social networking apps is constructed as an SPA with Reactjs. This means that users enjoy top-quality experience when using apps such as Facebook or Twitter.

Additionally, the core of social media applications is instant notifications. If you create an online social network app using Reactjs which is a web socket, you can automate the communication between the client and server via web socket. This accelerates the process of data flow tremendously and the app can be able to send real-time notifications and interactions with ease.

Reactjs is a good choice for eCommerce web-based applications:

eCommerce applications require a wealth of functions and a smooth user interface for them to succeed. React-based eCommerce applications are gradually gaining popularity. The main reason for this is the extensive UI components built into the Reactjs library.

The reality is that eCommerce websites can become quite large, and therefore you should be wary of creating each component independent of one another. This gives you the option of integrating third-party tools into different components in your React-based eCommerce application.

The code reuse feature that is provided by Reactjs can be of immense help when creating large-scale eCommerce web-based applications. This not only helps in saving time during development but also helps reduce maintenance costs in the future.

Furthermore, Reactjs also enables you to use effective state management. This in turn will result in improved performance and better memory usage in eCommerce web-based applications.

Utilize Reactjs to build Single-Page Apps (SPAs)

Another popular use-case Reactjs can be used to build interactive single-page apps.

Before you can begin thinking about the appropriate frameworks and tools to build your web app You must decide whether you’d prefer to develop it as a multi-page app or one-page application. The issue of single-page applications vs multi-page applications is only resolved by being aware of the difference between one-page or multi-page apps.

When you’ve decided to create a single-page web application, it is possible to seek advice from any top web development company. The most common advice you’ll get from the majority of them is to utilize the Reactjs API to build similar purposes.

In the first place, React-router can be an ideal tool for creating the most efficient single-page navigation experience. Furthermore, Reactjs developers can create and display complex views by rendering them on servers by using React.

Other uses of Reactjs

One of the main applications of Reactjs is cross platform app development. It is true that you cannot use the same code for developing a mobile app as you use for web app development. But using React Native, you can utilize the same framework to build web apps as well as developing mobile apps. If you’re planning on creating a mobile app following your primary website, selecting Reactjs to be your front-end technologies is extremely beneficial.

Reactjs also includes excellent tools to assist with developing progressive web apps. Additionally, it’s extremely simple to transform a traditional web application using Reactjs into a web-based progressive app.

 Summing up..

We’ve now finished this blog. We hope now you are aware of the reasons React JS is a great frontend framework.

Like Angular, React is also a top-quality framework that should be given your full focus.

Be aware that creating an efficient React JS App requires you to find the most reliable React JS development firm.

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