How technology will impact the future of healthcare recruitment.

The face of healthcare is changing rapidly, and it’s no surprise that technology will have an impact on healthcare recruitment. If you want to stay competitive in one of today’s most competitive healthcare markets, it is important to be on the cutting edge.

We’ll be discussing the most important ways that technology is shaping the future for medical recruiting. From time-saving tools and artificial intelligence to what we can expect in the coming years. To fully grasp the potential implications of new technologies in healthcare, we must first address another issue.

Healthcare Staffing Crisis

The healthcare industry is not facing a shortage of staff; Forbes and CNBC call it a crisis.

The American Nurses Association predicts that registered nurses will have more jobs than any other profession by 2022, with an estimated 100,000 open positions per year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 1.2 million nursing jobs available by 2022. The demand for doctors is growing faster than the supply. There will be a shortage of 122,000 physicians in 2032.

Simply put, the staffing problem in the medical field won’t be solved soon. You can also count on a higher-than-average demand for pharmacy techs and physical therapists as well as administrative support staff to make this the most competitive job market in America.

This means your healthcare recruitment efforts need to be more focused than ever. Investing in technology in recruitment will allow you to keep up with the rapid growth of the industry, find top talent in a competitive landscape, and save your time which is proving to be more valuable than ever.

Six Ways Technology Will Impact Healthcare Recruitment’s Future

healthcare recruitment

Here are six ways that recruiting technology can help you improve your staffing approach, from sourcing top talent to retaining them.

1. The candidate pool is more diverse than ever thanks to Recruiting Technology

We can use tech tools to remove geographic barriers when sourcing and screening candidates for technical and clinical healthcare jobs.

Video conferencing and VoIP services allow you to conduct interviews anywhere in the world or from different parts of the country. The quality of these calls is often better than regular phone calls. Skype is our favorite international calling service and allows for video conferencing without the need for a download.

Screen recording and playback can be used digitally to help you review and narrow down candidates. This feature is available on most video conferencing platforms.

These and other virtual interviewing apps can help you reduce your travel expenses for both your hiring team as well as the candidates you are considering.

2. Search engines can be used to our advantage by using recruiting technology

While we cover many different recruiting strategies, both modern and traditional, search engine optimization is one of the most overlooked. While you can advertise on social media and attend job fairs, if you don’t use SEO you are missing out on thousands of potential candidates searching for the exact positions you want. It is also low-cost.

Technology can be used to create more relevant job descriptions and help you rank higher in search results. Crazy Egg is an example of such a tool. It will optimize your job listings, create a search-friendly careers page and improve your website URLs to search engines. You can also gain backlinks from relevant job listing websites.

Yoast is a free tool that optimizes job listing components such as titles and descriptions. Yoast will provide real-time suggestions to make your job listing stand out in search results.

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3. The ability to predict the best candidates for a job can be achieved by using Recruiting Technology

Artificial intelligence is a promising technology sector for both healthcare recruitment and business. Gartner reports that 37% of all companies now use AI. This number has increased by 270% over the past four years.

Machine Learning allows applicant tracking systems to match candidate skills to job requirements. This saves time especially for roles that have a lot of applicants. This allows hiring staff to focus on more important tasks such as conducting interviews, building relationships and having conversations about references.

Emerging platforms now have unprecedented data points that can be used to predict culture fit. This has been the X factor that separates a great candidate from a great one. AI can be used to eliminate bias in the hiring process and intelligent Chatbots can instantly answer candidate questions. This opens up a new realm of possibilities for healthcare recruitment.

4. Automating repetitive tasks with technology in recruitment can help us save time.

It doesn’t matter how optimized your hiring process is, there will always be parts that are repetitive or mundane. They must be done. Technology can automate repetitive tasks such as scheduling interviews, coordinating skill assessments, sending status updates letters, and collecting candidate feedback.

Apart from saving you and your staff time each week, using recruitment automation tools can help reduce your time to interview, hire, and cost per hire.

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5. The overall candidate experience can be improved by using recruiting technology

Poor application processes are no excuse anymore. Yet, we still see companies using clunky, redundant and slow online applications systems. Technology can streamline your application process and improve data collection.

Smooth application processes are a key factor in attracting and keeping the best employees. A Career Builder survey found that 78% of potential candidates believe the interview experience with a company shows how they treat their employees.

Your candidate experience may not be as positive as you think. Only 47% said that employers were able to communicate clearly and set expectations during the hiring process. This can be improved by technology, such as the automation of status updates (as we have mentioned)

In a highly competitive market for healthcare recruiters, your candidate experience can be a key component of your employer brand. It can either make or break your chances of landing a high-demand candidate.

6. Your existing workforce can be optimized by using technology for recruiting

We’ve talked about technology as a tool to attract and win new talent. However, in a world with a shortage of staff, it’s just as important to keep and maximize the existing talent. Technology can be used to analyze your current workforce’s efficiency and find resource leaks. This will help reduce the impact of staffing shortages until vacant positions are filled.

Tableau, a healthcare analytics app, allows you to analyze the time that your staff spends on different tasks and how it translates into revenue. This analysis can help you identify opportunities to increase staff efficiency and improve cash flow.

Optimizing your current workforce means making sure your employees are happy so they stay with you for the long-term. Technology that fosters employee satisfaction includes apps that allow for collaboration, employee appreciation programs and continuing education resources.

Harness the Latest Recruitment Technology

Although it can be difficult to adopt new technology, it is essential if you are going to attract the best healthcare staff. Let an expert guide you. 4 Corner Resources is committed to staying at the forefront of technology in staffing. They provide access to exclusive applications that can help companies like yours find, attract, and hire the best professionals in the healthcare industry.

Our focus is on healthcare recruitment, including filling claims specialists, customer service representatives, medical coders and pharmacy technicians. Our nationwide network includes thousands of healthcare professionals, from entry-level to senior-level. We have the right solution for you, whether you need to recruit for a difficult-to-fill position, provide contract to hire services during periods of rapid growth or offer temporary staffing services to fill seasonal gaps. Our payrolling services are also available to streamline your benefits and payroll operations.

Learn why Brisklogic Resources has been trusted with staffing for over 15 years by the most prominent names in healthcare. Contact us to speak with a healthcare staffing expert.



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