How to build a Minimum Viable Product?


For those who are thinking about mobile development, MVP (minimum viable product) is a term you ought to acquaint yourself with decently fast. Not exclusively will a Minimum Viable Product help with approving your thoughts for a mobile product, however it will also give guidance towards which application highlights you ought to incorporate to make progress.

So what does this mean? A Minimum Viable Product is tied in with testing your thought and finding what will work to appropriately focus on your customer. This article will help you understand about Minimum Viable Product, and how to build a minimum viable product.


Origination of an MVP

“Startup success can be engineered by following the process, which means it can be learned, which means it can be taught.”

  • Eric Ries

In 2011, the Lean Startup by Eric Ries changed the historical backdrop by new implementations and Minimum Viable Product was one of them. They provided a scientific approach to create and manage the startups and get the desired product in the consumer’s hands.

The Lean Startup strategy shows you how to drive a startup, when to turn, and when to endure and grow a business with the most extreme speeding up. It is a principled way to deal with new item improvement. It is an approach to new product development.

Thinking about building a new product, worried? No need to worry. Let’s see How the Minimum Viable Product can help through this.

What is MVP?

brisklogic MVp

MVP is known as Minimum Viable Product. It is all about the new version of a product with only those functionalities and features that your consumer wants to have and demonstrates your product properly.

“Minimum Viable Product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.”

  • Eric Ries

In mobile app development, an Minimum Viable Product is an improvement strategy where you develop just the core functionalities to take care of a particular issue and fulfill early adopters. Basically, a Minimum Viable Product is the essential model of your product that will satisfy the essential objective you need to accomplish.

Importance of “V” in an MVP

In MVP, V means Viable. It is all about conveying a value proposition to customers. Guaranteeing the viability of the product is one of the key qualities of MVP software development. What an item does is considerably more significant than how it does it. 60% of the usefulness of the normal item isn’t utilized in any way. This usefulness is pointless and is a misuse of development assets. A viable product fulfills client needs by performing one main function.

On the off chance that your product isn’t viable, your group’s development efforts are futile. For the effective formation of a  minimum viable product, you need early insider feedback to comprehensively characterize it, progressing feedback to appropriately shape it, and devices like A/B testing to keep it flourishing.

Purpose of an MVP

The main purpose of an MVP is to resolve the customers issue. It helps the users in launching their product at a fast pace with their idea and vision to build the product.

MVP approach permits the user to collect the feedback of the customer and develop the product accordingly.

The MVP Software Development helps to find the equilibrium between the needs of the customers and the features the actual product offers. In a nutshell, the purpose of an MVP is to:

  • Test the product Viability
  • Cost effective when developing a product
  • Fast delivery of the product while resolving customers issues at one go.

Benefits of MVP

In today’s tech savvy era, competition is very high. Development of a new product that to be cost effective and should be ready on time is a challenge. MVP approach helps you to build a product on time and within a budget. Let’s have a glimpse of couple of more benefits:

Focus on Value Proposition

An MVP software development allows the users to focus on the main idea of the development of the product. It allows the user to have only those features that the customer requires. Having minimal features will reduce the cost of mobile development. The MVP approach focuses on the value proposition to the customers.

Early Testing Stage

Another advantage of an MVP software development is that it lets you test the entire idea of your project. In the event that you dispatch the application with a huge amount of features, it’ll be a lot harder to change it for a particular audience later on.

Relationship Building with Customers

First users may give you the required input on the ideal changes or additions.This will improve your product and helps to create a healthy relationship with customers.

Provides Feedback

MVP Approach permits to discover shortcomings quickly and improve it. It will guarantee you that all the capacities work appropriately before going further.

Cost Efficiency

As the product improvement cycles are iterative, there is no compelling reason to scan for an enormous measure of cash on the double. After some time you can put away your own cash if from the outset you utilized another person’s cash.

Types of MVP

There are certain types of MVP that help you to gather the feedback from the consumers before launching the product in the market. They are as follows:

Piecemeal MVP

It is a modest method for acquainting an application with users. A working demo of your product, a piecemeal MVP is worked from off-the-rack instruments and a touch of advancement. When assembling, these tools execute the item’s essential usefulness.

Concierge MVP

It causes you to test your thought utilizing human-fueled assistance. At the end of the day, robotized parts are supplanted by people. Each client gets white-glove treatment. Hence, you interface with clients and find out about how they react to your thoughts.

Wizard of Oz MVP

It focuses on making the feeling that what the client is utilizing is the final product. Be that as it may, in all actuality, it’s still a work in progress.

Landing Page MVP

It is utilized to give a portrayal of an item or service and incorporates a one of a kind incentive. Typically, one of a kind incentive is a rundown of the item’s favorable circumstances. Your landing page MVP ought to incorporate the name of your item or service, a portrayal of what it’s for and its worth, and a clarification of how it’s not the same as options available.

Email MVP

It includes physically making a single email with an offer and sending it to a whole rundown of contacts to check whether there’s a positive reaction.

How to build Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Despite the fact that an MVP has fewer features, you need everything to make strides before the turn of events. In this way, how about we discover all the subtleties of the MVP development process.


Market Research

Market Research is the principal purpose of any project. On the off chance that you would prefer not to wind up broke, it’s better to analyze. Ensure that your item will be intriguing for users. There are a lot of stages that conduct paid overviews, such as SwagBucks, OnePoll, Toluna, etc. Utilize their services to get a nitty-gritty picture of your customer.

Get a Clear Idea

What worth does your product offer to its users? How might it advantage them? For what reason would they purchase your product? These are significant inquiries to remember to assist better in communicating your thoughts.

You ought to also be clear about the basic estimations of your product. As MVP infers, acquainting value propositions with the individuals, the first outline them and assemble your MVP dependent on that.

Define the Designing Process and the Flow

Designing Process is an important feature in MVP software development.

Design the application as it were, which is advantageous for users. You have to take a gander at the application from the users’ point of view, beginning from opening the application to the last procedure, for example, making a buy or delivery. Moreover, the user flow is a significant perspective as it guarantees you don’t miss anything while at the same time keeping the future item and its client fulfillment at the top of the priority list.

Listing the Features

List all the features that you want to have in the product before you start building a minimum viable product (MVP). When you have the list of the features you want to have in your product, you have to prioritize them. After that, you have to categorize all the features according to high priority, medium priority, and low priority. After organizing the features of the product, define the scope of the product according to the first version of the product.

Build and launch your MVP

After all the features are settled, you can start the development of your MVP. Building an MVP doesn’t give you the option to dispatch an awful item. It needs to fulfill users’ needs and financial specialists, or it’ll be a disappointment from the primary minutes. All things considered, it must be terse, simple to utilize, and coordinate client needs.

Analyzing the Feedback

Subsequent to gathering user reactions, you should make a conclusion dependent on them. User feedback can help you a ton. Early users will be both your analyzers and thought generators. They will offer you features to include straightaway and discover bugs.


MVP Examples

Now, Let’s have some minimum viable product examples. These businesses are well known examples of utilizing and MVP approach. These are as follows:


Living in a spacious loft, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky made some hard memories paying their rent. They had an idea for giving convenience to those coming to San Francisco. They propelled a  simple website, posted a couple of photographs of their place, and got three visitors. Today, the startup has $2.6 billion in yearly income.


In 1990, Jeff Bezos made a rundown of items that could be sold online at that point. His absolute first rundown included 20 classes. Afterward, he chose just five: books, CDs, recordings, PC equipment, and software. He propelled a  simple website with a list of books. When a user requested a book, Bezos got it from a wholesaler and transported it. Throughout the years, the site scaled and developed. Today, Amazon offers a lot more items and is one of the world’s biggest retailers.


The mainstream social network began as Thefacebook. The thought for the MVP was to associate understudies in a similar class or school. Thefacebook lets clients present messages on sheets. Every single other element was included after the accomplishment of the MVP.


At first, the MVP was centered around photograph channels as it were. Users could take pictures, apply one of the recommended channels, and spare their photographs in a collection on their devices. Users enjoyed the application. It has since been refreshed to incorporate recordings, geolocation, labeling, hashtags, and mix with other informal organizations.

What comes after Minimum Viable Product?

There are a few ways to deal with the real image of things to come accomplishment of your product, here are the most widely recognized, compelling, and demonstrated MVP approaches to quantify the achievement of an MVP:


Traffic is a valuable measurement to foresee achievement. Another approach to follow achievement is by communicating with potential customers. You can begin by posting the issues you expect a customer is confronting or may confront, and ask them what they think.


It empowers you to gauge the present estimation of the item as well as the future worth. Commitment assists with improving the client experience dependent on input.

No. of Active Users

Download and dispatch rates are not by any means the only things used to gauge the achievement of an MVP. You have to examine users’ conduct, and normally check the evaluations of dynamic clients.

Client Acquisition Cost

You should realize the amount it expenses to get a paying client. This encourages you to stay refreshed on whether your advertising endeavors are successful, or changes should be made.CAC = Money spent on footing channel/Number of clients gained through the channel.

Churn Rate

It shows the level or level of individuals who have uninstalled or quit utilizing your application. Churn = Number of a stir every week or month/Number of clients toward the start of the week or month.


At this point, you are prepared to set out upon your first MVP Development venture. Recollect it need not be great! Simply follow the portrayed advances and methodologies to assemble an MVP for your product.

MVP is a methodology that enables you to find a great deal about your users with the assistance of a working product, without overspending significant time and assets. All you need is to design your business theory, recognize the primary MVP features, and know your intended interest group.

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