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How to Create an Impressive Startup Landing Page?

A compelling and highly-converting landing page may sound easy however every marketer is that it isn’t easy this is. Brisk Logic has found that the majority of the traffic is directed to one of the highest 10 per cents of landing pages.

Now you’ve introduced the idea that your business is a new venture and you’re now facing an even greater chance of failure working against you. We all know that 90 per cent of all businesses fail. But take a deep breath now! We’re going to make every effort to make sure it’s not your situation.

The problem is that there are plenty of boring complicated, confusing, and messy landing pages for startups available and if you conduct your research and add some TLC to your landing page, then you won’t get caught in this trap.

To make sure you’re part of that tiny percentage of success ensure you include these eight essential elements on your startup landing page!

1. A visual hook

With all the content available there, it’s crucial to think of creating a compelling visual hook. If it’s an interactive experience, background auto-play video, or an eye-catching photo that draws the eye in, this is essential since it’s the first opportunity to stop visitors from wandering off from your website.

The company that is e-commerce has done a great job on the landing page. Not only is the landing page attractive and well-designed from a copy perspective, but, it also has an engaging and clear visual hook.

What I like the most about the landing pages is how the visual hook has perfectly matched the text, making it a lot of fun and appealing to potential customers.

For a start-up, you have the first and probably only chance to draw in new customers and keep them coming back. So, make sure you create a strong visual hook that will get the new visitors engaged.

2. A simple, motivating message

It’s not enough to depend on stunning images to attract new customers. For every business, there must be a supporting message to explain who you’re, the things you offer and how it will benefit me and the reason I should be interested.

When you are a new company answering the questions of who, where, when, where, how and why questions are important to make sure that your prospective visitors are aware of your company and its product or service.

This will not only aid in keeping people who are truly interested as well, but it will also assist your clients.

To do this, you need to create copy that is not only written clearly and simply but also has some type of compelling/motivational feel to it to inspire your visitors to take action.

Look at the example of the startup Baby list, a startup. Based on the tiny quantity of content on the page, I can comprehend exactly what it does even though I’m not in the demographic that they are targeting I think the message is extremely useful and motivating for those who visit the site.

If you are a startup this is a crucial aspect to get right. Keep in mind that your business will likely be a major issue for new customers. You don’t have the advantage of being widely known therefore it is essential to be specific about the things you do and why visitors need to be aware of your business to retain their interest.

3. A powerful appeal

This is something that many landing pages fail to do which can be to their disadvantage. Utilizing the power of human emotion to increase conversions is the most effective and efficient method you can employ, so long as you do it correctly.

“Studies have shown that consumers depend on their emotions, not information in making brand-related decisions. the emotions that accompany advertisements are more important to an individual’s desire to purchase than the content of the ad,”.

Then why not pull the emotional chords of your site’s visitors with your Startup Landing Page for your initial page?

This is a particularly powerful aspect to consider for new marketing since your company is new to the market. Utilizing the power of human emotion to boost conversions is better than sticking with the same old, boring method. Choose the emotion you wish to convey and create an engaging page around it.

Boxgreen, an organic snack delivery service located in Singapore is doing it exceptionally well. The company has chosen to focus on the goal of generosity to establish its branding. Take a look:

Through the “One Box One Meal” campaign, Boxgreen shows new leads that they are not only will benefit from receiving an individual healthy food box and meal, but they’re also going to assist people who are in need. What’s more thoughtful than this? You’re not crying, I’m crying!

4. Sweet, short and sensual copy

We’ve all come across pages that are stuffed with text about whatever because nobody browsing the internet wants to read it! If you’re in the purchasing or even conversion perspective, then you’re probably not interested in reading an entire novel. This is the reason keeping your message brief simple, clear, and legible is vital for Startup Landing Page success.

Your homepage for your startup isn’t an ordinary Startup Landing Page. Therefore, figuring out how you can showcase your most important selling points with the smallest amount of text is crucial.


Because visitors aren’t aware of who you are. So if you overload them with jargon and they’re bound to leave.

 I’d never heard of this business before seeing the Startup Landing Page, however, I knew the meaning behind the offers and the benefits it provides in just reading six words. It’s that simple! Find an approach to communicate effectively and efficiently to ensure that your startup website incorporates this crucial feature.

5. Signals of trust

One of the factors I consider when deciding whether to be able to convert customers is testimonials from previous customers and the notable companies that work with them.

Like many other people, I want to read the signs of trust before doing business with a business.

In the beginning, you may not have many testimonials from customers or brands with big names to show off… growing problems, isn’t it?

Don’t worry too much there are other methods to establish your brand’s credibility for customers.

Even if you’ve only got extremely small social media followers, launch campaigns that get people sharing and talking about your brand! It could require a modest amount of money (like making the form of a “prize” to persuade people to join) However, this type of validation could be an essential element for conversion on your Startup Landing Page.

6. An “How It Works” section

We discussed why providing important information in the shortest amount of words possible is crucial to Startup Landing Page‘s success. Another excellent way to elaborate on the scope of your service or product is to include the “how the product works” section.

This kind of content usually is located just fold (after the initial headline along with your CTA) However, it must be brief and concise in terms of text and should include a lot of pertinent visuals.

This is crucial when it comes to Startup Landing Pages for startups since it is true that the majority of users are not familiar with your company’s name.

To make them feel more engaged in your brand, you’ll require a bit more detail, however in a visually appealing and entertaining method to increase their interest.

I am in love with the flow chart image. It is not just a great source of important information that is easy to understand as well, but it also contains relevant photos, making it simple for anyone new to grasp the concept of business.

7. A consistent design for the brand

The idea of having a Startup Landing Page that has pictures of people reclining on the beach sipping the daiquiri is a good idea when you’re at the front of the line in the restaurant industry or the hotel industry. However, if you’re working in software it doesn’t seem to make sense.

There’s nothing more frustrating than landing on a website for a company that is incompatible with its branding. This is why making sure that your page’s style is in line with your brand’s image is important. This is a matter of colours, fonts as well as imagery and voice.

Your customers need to be aware of the person you are at each contact point so that your name is remembered by them. This is particularly crucial on Startup Landing Pages in which the brand is not known to the person visiting the page.

Check out this great illustration from Much Chat. While it might have been amusing to see an image of someone dancing in a nightclub, it could have been confusing. Thus, the startup decided to use an image for their website’s Startup Landing Page that communicates the service they’re selling: a chat platform.

8. A fascinating special deal

One way to make people want to know more about your business is to give some freebies or offer a discount. It’s not a secret that everyone enjoys the idea of a bargain! Startups can take advantage of this technique to increase results much quicker for their websites since it’s hard for users to resist when they’re getting an amazing bargain.

A great way to convince people to sign up immediately is to offer the opportunity to win something as a reward for providing their email address.

Tuckernuck an early-stage retailer of clothing has done this well by displaying a pop-up on their website Startup Landing Page, offering the chance to win a Barbour jacket for free.

Utilize these elements for an effective Startup Landing Page.

Marketing a startup is not an easy task, however, by incorporating a few (or the majority) of these elements in your Startup Landing Page, you’ll have your startup set up for conversion quick!


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