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How to Create an eCommerce App Without Coding?

Here, you’ll discover the top mobile application builders that you can use to create an eCommerce app or other app with no writing code.

These platforms are useful because users spend the majority of their time using mobile apps. In addition, 56 percent of traffic is mobile. If you want to be successful in digital marketing, then you must be mobile. And you’ll need at least one or more applications.

The past was investing months and thousands of dollars to develop and release even the most basic applications. But, over the last few   years the landscape has dramatically changed.

You can now create your own application for next to nothing regardless of whether it’s a stunningly beautiful rich game, a feature-packed one or an eCommerce application. All you have to do is to use an app builder which allows you to build an application without or extremely minimal code.

What is an E-Commerce App?

Up until a while ago when e-commerce was a major business, they mostly did business on websites. In recent years applications for mobile phones have become obvious to anyone involved in business. A mobile application for e-commerce makes its way into an intimate, vital aspect of our lives, our smartphones.

E-commerce app is a mobile app which allows app creators to offer their services or products for sale to the app’s users.

The e-commerce app could be the sole way owners of the app are catering to their customers, or it could be a supplement to an established brick and mortar shop. In the end, the e-commerce applications have enabled businesses to break down geographic barriers and grow their customers.

There are numerous reports of a rise in smartphone usage each year and even with everything coming to a slow-down due to the COVID-19 epidemic, smartphone usage appears to be rising. 

Making an eCommerce application for your company in this situation can boost your revenues not only in 2022, but in the decades to come. 

Below are some of the many benefits that an eCommerce app can bring for your business:

Benefits of eCommerce app:


1. Customer loyalty is increased:

Earning the trust of your customers and building solid relationships with them can be time-consuming and a tedious process. Mobile apps will not only give you the opportunity to build your relationships with customers but also prove to be a great way to offer benefits to your customers as well as boost loyalty to your customers. With a mobile application, you can even give your customers a reward and continuously get feedback about your services and products.

2. Apps are speedier:

Mobile apps tend to be faster than mobile sites. In addition to speed, Mobile apps can be useful in quickly letting users know of new deals, products and other offers. Mobile apps save data in the local memory of the phone and are based on frameworks which increase their speed and increase their speed by five times than mobile websites.

3. Apps can provide personalised content:

One of the most amazing benefits of having a mobile app for your business’s eCommerce is the fact that they help you offer content to customers in accordance with their interests and preferences and thereby increasing engagement of users to a higher degree. In addition, by providing customised content it can make your users’ experience more enjoyable and assist your customers in the best way.

4. Apps have higher engagement:​

With a mobile application, you can offer a more immersive user experience, enhance conversations with customers, and improve the engagement of users to a greater degree. A mobile application provides an immersive two-way experience that allows users to interact with one another, improving communication and boosting retention levels.

5. Apps assist with marketing and promotions:

Another advantage for mobile applications is they allow you to increase your reach to expand beyond your local limits in a brief amount of time and at minimal cost of marketing. When you publish your mobile app to online stores like Apple App Store and Google Play Store You can boost your visibility and attract customers from across the world.

6. Apps can make use of the features of the device:

Mobile apps are able to use the features of the native device, like cameras that scan barcodes and QR code, GPS for connecting to maps and maps, etc. The mobile app’s capability can save users time by triggering and performing actions that result in a change in how the user interacts with their device and the mobile app.

7. Apps facilitate communication:

The main benefit of using an eCommerce business application is that it lets customers communicate with you easily anytime, anyplace, on any device. With chat, call and one-touch options customers do not have to think about everything. They can immediately contact you to get answers to any questions or concerns.

To help you choose the right platform to meet your specific niche and goals, we’ve put together Google App Maker (low-code development), Google App Maker (low-code development):the top and most powerful No-Code app builders which can be used for a variety of reasons.

Let’s begin with…

How to Create an eCommerce App Without Coding:



1. Bubble:

Develop apps with a Drag and Drop Interface and no coding.

One of the  first app  builders  that we’ll  look  at  is Bubble,  an  easy-to-use and  flexible application which doesn’t require programming. The bubble has a backend that’s packed with features and options. Take a look at the image below:

In terms of function, You get a drag-and-drop interface, an enormous number of modules, and an array of choices for customising each button, form, and action.

There are 250 Integrations between apps, APIs and other services ranging from Amazon or Amazon Products as well as NBA Data to Zapier. This means that you are able to easily connect your app to any other service that you utilise.

On the aesthetic side of things to consider, Bubble is extremely powerful because of its drag- and-drop interface. It is possible to build your app however you’d like it to be as well. And since Bubble is multi-platform, you are able to create an app that looks great with both Android and iOS.

Another benefit has to be that Bubble has a demonstrated track record of helping its users create successful applications. Kollecto helped its creator, Tara Reed, a millionaire and also helped her get $100,000 in financing.

This means that Bubble can assist in the creation of applications that are ready to use and can compete in the marketplace and have a distinct benefit.

The only thing Bubble does not excel at is the creation of specialised apps, e.g. for online galleries, eCommerce app or gaming. If you are planning to create an app for gaming then you might want to look at something like…

2. GameSalad (Gaming):

Develop cross-platform gaming applications without programming

As the name implies, GameSalad is a game creator. It doesn’t require any programming, or even a minimum of effort in terms of programming, and will help you create games that are almost identical to popular games that have been released previously.

  • In comparison  to  other  applications  on  our  list, GameSalad’s interface  is  easy, however, the service offers a variety of advantages. Specifically.
  • GameSalad is compatible with both Mac as well as Windows which means that anybody can access it.
  • The applications are cross-platform, which means you can simultaneously publish applications to the Android store as well as the Apple store.
  • GameSalad utilises Lua as its Lua programming language within its back-end. It gives users all the capabilities without the knowledge of programming.
  •  In the end, it is the most effective game maker available and we’ve used it by experts to create mock-ups and demos.
  • Another extremely specialised application which is this time designed to make back-ends This one can be found here…

3. Treeline (Back-end):

Create an Enterprise-level Back-End that isn’t needed for programming.

Generally speaking, front-end app builders have been in existence for a long time. They’re not new to the market. What if we told you it was possible to create an enterprise back-end in just a few hours or days without coding?

It would be incredible, wouldn’t it?


That’s exactly the way that Treeline assists you in doing. It’s basically a huge database of reusable, replicable and time-tested modules that can be compiled to accomplish things similar to…

Integrate with Your Stripe and Braintree API to charge customers

  • Integrate to Instagram, YouTube or Facebook to track video views and other data
  • Send mail and HTTP requests
  • Integrate with JavaScript code

Plus much more!

The most appealing aspect of? Treeline’s code Treeline has been thoroughly test-driven. This means that you are not at risk of creating poorly written or unprofessional code which slows your service or creates problems in the future. Each module is efficient and stylish.

Once you’re done then you’ll be able to export node.js code that is compatible with any web hosting service you’re currently using.

4. BuildFire (Multi-purpose):

Create a restaurant app with no need for programming.

BuildFire lets you create applications for all types of companies, from religious groups (i.e. churches)   to   in-house   applications.   It’s   particularly   helpful   for   educational,   hotel,   and restaurant companies. It achieves this by providing you with a variety of templates that you can modify in a matter of minutes and then allowing you to modify the templates easily. 

The best aspect of BuildFire is it’s extremely simple to use. From choosing a template, and changing it, to launching your app everything is easy to use because of its ease.

The disadvantage of BuildFire is it’s somewhat limited in the advanced features. It’s able to do lots but it’s not able to transfer, for instance, your store’s information on a site, connect with your e-commerce system or assist to build an online back-end.

Not to be left out Let’s take an in-depth look at the most famous name in the field of app development: Google.

5. Google App Maker (low-code development):

Make a low-code app using Google App Maker.

Google’s brand new app maker is built on the same code Google employed to create its own 300 plus applications. It’s currently only accessible for G Suite Business customers here.

Based on what we know currently, it appears that the app maker will be a bit more difficult to use than those above. It’s low-code, rather than zero-code. However, it is able to offer advanced features such as point-and-click data modelling that will provide a programming option for developers who are serious about their work.

There you are! By using this checklist, you’ll have all the tools needed to create apps for your company quickly and efficiently.

Start your e-commerce app without coding with Brisk Logic:

At Brisk Logic, our mobile success is our priority. In less than 4 weeks we’ll create and launch a PWA or native app that is reflective of your brand’s image and makes your customers the first priority.

The addition of an app as an additional revenue stream isn’t the kind of ‘launch and let them discover my venture. We continue to work when others have stopped.

Our team of app marketing experts will make the results of your app their top priority. Utilising the best techniques, templates, support from our experts and monthly calls to market your app, you’ll see the most effective app’s performance within a matter of minutes!



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